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    T A M G O T C H I, guitar, love, music, Po, and cute stuff :))

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    Music Star v6 :)
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    Kikitchi :D
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    A tama character named Ayichi (an adowable Kikitchi) with full hearts and zero stress. Thanks Meerkatztchi_090 for giving the Music Star to me :))

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  1. I'm just saying. It ruins the purpose of the friend button on here. I mean, They're not really you're friends if the only interaction you really have with them is clicking the "Add me as a friend " button on they're profile.

  2. Awww your profile pic is so cute!!

  3. don't matter, just making friends. or if you don't want, fine. nothing personal there, lol.

  4. Thanks for the friend add :D

  5. No need for that. I don't bite, just kick a**. so yeah, I make friends with everyone, and you're not an exception. Unless you don't wanna be. It's just a click away anyway...

  6. Agh. Bugs. Screw them. Are 'Dirty' Kitchen is INFESTED with the crappy critters. Caterpillars, mice, roaches, and there's even some mushrooms on the corners of the walls! That's why we have another kitchen which is 10000% better than that junk. Ick. Just thinking of it makes me wanna get a shower and a tetanus shot. And some vaccines, too.
  7. As for me, I learned it the hard way. I'm not really 15, and here's how I handled it. I was always a people-pleaser and try to get along with everyone, though to those like the preps, bullies and snobs I'll just pretend. I try to be sarcastic and only try something that would make a name for myself as long as I like it. DON'T try to attempt to do something bad or be pressured. EVER. At all circumstances. I tried to be a good sport and make others happy, and kept the bad things to myself. It may hurt, but don't get revenge. Unless you have a pretty good plan that gets you out of trouble . Oh, and my last advice? BE YOUR B E S T S E L F. Well yeah, that's me. Pretty average. I have some flaws that you shouldn't be influenced with, so don't try them :].
  8. I'm gonna download this Tamagotchi game in my iTouch...could be fun ! :)

    1. '/={3


      round the world? DONT. IT SUUUCKS

    2. Yattatchi14
    3. MametchiBoyz


      starting : fun

      few minutes later : hmmmm...

      few hours later : sigh...

      next day : nah...

  9. Hey...yeah you. Do you have a music star ? Because you're gonna wanna see this http://musicstargen.site40.net/itemgen.php

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Maddoxsmommy11


      I love it!! Now that I figured out what to do...lol

    3. GoldenStrings13


      I know that! All ya do is put ur username. everything in the username is in lowercase. the username from ur tama, that is. then you see how ur tama codes in the pc option in tama is seperated from the top and bottom? eg: 1234


      something lyk that in ur login code in tamagotchi. then in the item list u choose a number and choose which category that item belongs to. good luck!

    4. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      It doesn't work at all for me :<

      I type in everything it tells me to, but when I click "submit",It says "Item password" and "your logout code is", and the rest of the screen is blank :?

  10. I just finished painting the Music Star pink ! :"> It looks real good, not to mention the surface. I really needed a steady hand to avoid rough parts. And, luckily, it paid off pretty well. :)

  11. change the background huh...well all you do is go to your profile>>edit profile(above profile)>>profile tab (because there are 4 tabs: settings, forum, profile and chat)>>profile customization>> then click choose file, choose a photo and tile it if you want, save your changes and your done! tnx for the compliment btw :>

  12. Your avatar is cute :3 I have a question, how do you customize the background of your profile?

  13. Phew! Term Exams are finally finished. I'll be spending time dozing off and tricking out the Music Star... :DDD