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    T A M G O T C H I, guitar, love, music, Po, and cute stuff :))

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    Music Star v6 :)
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    Kikitchi :D
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    A tama character named Ayichi (an adowable Kikitchi) with full hearts and zero stress. Thanks Meerkatztchi_090 for giving the Music Star to me :))

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  1. Hey...yeah you. Do you have a music star ? Because you're gonna wanna see this http://musicstargen.site40.net/itemgen.php

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    2. Maddoxsmommy11


      I love it!! Now that I figured out what to do...lol

    3. GoldenStrings13


      I know that! All ya do is put ur username. everything in the username is in lowercase. the username from ur tama, that is. then you see how ur tama codes in the pc option in tama is seperated from the top and bottom? eg: 1234


      something lyk that in ur login code in tamagotchi. then in the item list u choose a number and choose which category that item belongs to. good luck!

    4. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      It doesn't work at all for me :<

      I type in everything it tells me to, but when I click "submit",It says "Item password" and "your logout code is", and the rest of the screen is blank :?