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    T A M G O T C H I, guitar, love, music, Po, and cute stuff :))

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    Music Star v6 :)
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    Kikitchi :D
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    A tama character named Ayichi (an adowable Kikitchi) with full hearts and zero stress. Thanks Meerkatztchi_090 for giving the Music Star to me :))

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  1. Hey...yeah you. Do you have a music star ? Because you're gonna wanna see this http://musicstargen.site40.net/itemgen.php

    1. paislypuppy


      dude, my anti virus software is telling me that this page is unsafe. I think imma stay away.

    2. Maddoxsmommy11


      I don't understand how you work it? I tried it but idk...Where do I put the codes in????

    3. '/={3


      its not bad, it rocks!

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