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  1. What would you recommend for a pet?

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    2. Dorkfish04


      NOT a rabbit, people say they're easy work and low matinance, but if you want it to LIVE and be PROPERLY taken care of, they're more work than a cat!!!! *owns 3 bunnies* trust me, they have little that can go wrong, but anything that can go wrong WILL. and they're expensive!

    3. Dorkfish04


      not saying they're bad pets, just saying they're tons of work, people don't usually expect them to be hard work but they are.

    4. GoldenStrings13


      ^^ yea ikr i was supposed to buy one back then but no, thats EXACTLTY wat they sorta said @purpurn yeah okay ((: @Joshnemo i already have one xD @Cyanide k. :DD

  2. S A R C A S M - Natural defense against s t - p i d.

  3. I am starting to get bored with the Platinum and am dying to get Black and White. I need R O M S ! And also, I need a POKEMON TEAM FOR PLATINUM! Although it's pretty useless with action replay ;D Just an errant thought though, WHAT'S THE BEST POKEMON TEAM FOR THE VERSION?
  4. LOL So you watch Ned's Declassified School Survival GUide thing? I used to...but we don't have nick anymore... -.- is that still on nick?

  5. Hey guys! Rebel has finally got the guts to come back and talk to us! REBEL: Hey guys! Rebel here and I just came from our concert! Sorry it took so long for the update! I was having double thoughts. ME: Oh, please. So yeah, what's new? REBEL: Oh, well, after a few more practices, we had a second audition, and passed! It was pretty cool. And, Daniel asked me out! ME: Really... >.> REBEL: Yes! Oh, and Thu said she's already in a relationship or something like that. Doesn't matter though, she is just playing drums. ME: REBEL! She is still in charge of the beat, ya know. REBEL: Beat, schmeat. I'm gonna go on a date with Daniel. Bye for now! ME: -.- UGH. SO HERE ARE HER STATS: AGE: 4 WEIGHT: 87 LBS HUNGER: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ HAPPINESS: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ STRESS: 00 TONE: 999 RHYTHM: 999 ORIGINAL: 999 GOTCHI POINTS: 5 526 700 BYE!
  6. eBay...or Amazon???

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    2. GoldenStrings13


      so...which has better quality? and yeah i did notice how people sell overpriced stuff on amazon...and they say ebay sells for a lower price cuz of its quality...but is it really? so far the votes go to ebay... :)

    3. TamaBoy3000


      I say Amazon because on Ebay stuff is more offen faked, like you but a tamagotchi and you get a package with small pebles in it. Thats why on Ebay check if it has a reterning thing if not, it could be fake, or even if it does have it. Im not sayin that Amazon is pperfect, but it does even have some fakes but Amazon has about 2.7 % are fake and on Ebay about 4.9% is fake. Or Amazon= 19% fake and Ebay= 33% fake. But they do both have good stuff.

    4. GoldenStrings13
  7. Even if you are a hundred years old and you STILL play Tamagotchi, you still feel like a kid. ((:

  8. GUYS! Rebel turned into an Onputchi! -.- I thought I just kept a heart empty sometimes and just forget the poop for a few minutes! Sucks. I'm a horrible guardian T.T Anyways, not time for self pity, I turned her into a Dazzilitchi ^^ Her band mates are now a Kunoitchi and Chantotchi. First audition was an epic fail. -.- So here are her stats... AGE: 2 WEIGHT: 40 HUNGER: ❤ ❤ ❤ HAPPINESS: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ STRESS: 18 TONE: 804 RHYTHM: 797 ORIGINAL: 838 GOTCHI POINTS: 25 150 That's all for now...she is still shy...
  9. All right! New game! Be nice, people! HERE'S THE IDEA: You try to make some kind of superpower and attack another member with it and defeat that person. Any power is okay but don't get to gory! EX: MEMBER 1: INITIATING FART BEAM! MEMBER 2: MELTING MOTHBALLS! So there are like 2 different races: The WhatNows and The WhoWahs. Here's the form: Username: Power(s): Health Points (eg: 100/100, 353/353 BTW highest is 1000): Race: THAT'S IT AND YOU'RE DONE!!!
  10. Sorry for the late update, guys. Something went wrong...anyways, I just wanted to tell you Rebel just turned into a Ichigotchi! It was pretty shocking...probably because it took me so long to clean her poop and she usually gets 1 heart missing...-.-. Anyways, she said she's shy and said something about being grown up already. Ahh...Rebel, you've grown... . Oh, and remember the Kuribotchi?He became Rebel's band mate and is currently a Kikitchi, Daniel! In Rebel's band, Mint, Daniel plays the guitar. The other is a Ringotchi, Thu. Weird name, right? She sort of likes Daniel too. Tough to be the only guy in band, huh? Anyway, check out her stats! AGE: 1 WEIGHT: 29 LBS HAPPINESS: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ HUNGER: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ STRESS: 00 TONE: 651 RHYTHM: 659 ORIGINAL: 671 MONEY: 27, 920 (THANKS TO HER DAD!) THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. I need to go to the mall. Gonna repair my old guitar. -.- BYE!
  11. BABY BY JUSTIN WHATEVS IS PLAYED WAAAY TO MUCH. Same with Rebecca Black's 'Friday'. Sucks bro. Sucks. I really hate KPOP because the guys look like gays and I dunno why people actually have crushes on them. You know those like 2NE1 and that dang Hot Issue ticks me off. Too overplayed, to whiny, too everything. ICK. There! I said it! Sorry to those who like those people, but they just aren't my type.
  12. Hey guys! Just a quick update! Rebel's about to sign in with some great news! REBEL: HEY EVWYONE! SO PUMPED UP WYT NOW!!!! EEEK! DADDY JUST CAME IN! HE GAVE US 15 100 GOTCHI POINTS! WEE! WE NOT SO POOR ANYMORE! I WOVE YOU DADDY YOU ARE SO AWESOME LIKE ME! ME: Er-hem. REBEL: Oh, sowy. I was just excited. ME: Well, at least now you've seen you're dad. He'll be visiting us every once in a while. REBEL: Do you think I'll be as awesome as him when I grow up? ME: Hold your horses, Rebel. You're still a toddler...ah, I miss those days. When you're only problem was tying your shoe laces and learning left from right... REBEL: I don't HAVE shoe laces. ME: Right. So anything else? REBEL: Can we see that Kuribotchi again? He's sooo cute! ME: REBEL: WELL IT'S TRUE! ME: Fine. Well that's all for now guys. That Kuribotchi's got a ladylove. I''ll be going to TamaSchool to get there. See ya!