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  1. Hey guys! So here is another update on my P's. To start with, the boy I had in my last post left me, but after I got his tamatomo (phew) so I got a new egg and got the new ones tamatomo. Here's the evidence.. And he just got married and had a baby girl. I also wanted to show my tamatomo notebook! Basically I've written the characters from my pierces (even though I don't have the circus pierce I intend on buying it early 2016 so I added it in advance...) and from the actual p's itself and I'll tick them off as I go. It's going well so far! And that is it for now. See you soon guys... bye!
  2. It has been a very long time since I wrote on here.. I'm sorry! Life wise, I've been settling into A-Levels. I'm doing religious studies, film studies, english & psychology and omg it's a pain! I've only been running my p's and I did a complete reset. So I'll give you guys a tour of what's been going on and who I have now! So, I've got 4 tamatomos, and I am on the 4th generation, working on getting the 5th tamatomo. I had to get a new egg after the 1st tamatomo because I left the poor girl at home with no food or happiness, whoops!! Not making that mistake again. So here are my 4 girls: And now I have a boy, he evolved while I was at school! I'll try to update this as regularly as I can. Also, please excuse the messy faceplate, I know it needs sorting, and I'm using my melody land p's heart because for some reason it's better moulded than the dream coffret one? Strange.. Bye!
  3. Oops! I keep forgetting about this. So hi!

  4. Omg guys I am so so so so so sorry! I mean, most of you probably didn't notice my absence but I've been addicted lately to more creative things, I've been obsessing over my filofax and have been making stickers and inserts and dividers for it and I had a battery crisis. So the 4u was on pause for a couple of days after my adult got her tamatomo because I was very tired and felt a bit ill and all that lovely stuff, I was also out with my friends a fair bit. Then I went to unpause and boom.. battery low, I tried swapping them and nope they were dead, tried another set and died within a day. I've not used my 4u for a long time. So darling mother got me some more batteries and I've finally put them in! I'm just gonna run the 4u since I start sixth form in a week. (For anyone interested I got my GCSE results. 2 A's, 3 B's, 5 C's and 1 D.. Not too bad!) So here's all the stuff you need to know: I got melodytchi and her post adult form and her tamatomo. I just now got her married: And now she's had a baby boy: And I got a label maker and put my name on all my tamas... And that is it for now. Bye!
  5. Oops I forgot about tamatalk... I've barely even been using my 4u as I've had no batteries since about a week after I got it

  6. Hey guys! So good news and bad news. Bad news being... I've run out of batteries so both my P's and IDL are dead and I can't run them! Good news.. MY 4U CAME!!!!! So at least I have one tama running! Phew! So I opened it and have started running it and so far I really like it. Here's me setting it up: As you can see, I got a girl! Here is the evolution & the new faceplate on it: The faceplate looks better than expected! And here is everything I got in the post/mail. The sweets (candy) and tissues were with the 4u, how sweet! I just got some washi tape and to do list stickers for my planner. And that's everything for now. BYE!!!!!!!
  7. I need to get some batteries soon. P's is dead, ID L is dead. On the bright side, my 4u arrived!

  8. Hey guys, long time no speak. I've been busy lately with other stuff and my tamas have been on pause and at the moment I've only got my ID L running because my P's is eating too many batteries too quickly. So I'm still on the same generation of tama in the previous post as she's been paused. She is Shigurehimetchi, aged 6, 7th gen and got her tamatomo aged 5 as I messed up with timing due to her being paused. And now it's time for me to take her to go get married. She's had a baby....... GIRL!!! Oh yeah, my faceplate for my 4u arrived yesterday but no tama itself yet, I'm hoping it comes today! If it does ill run it and log that too, but I'll also edit this post or make a new one for once the baby is a child, it depends on whether the 4u arrives or not honestly... Bye guys!
  9. my P's is eating batteries so quickly. Same brand as always but they usually take 4 weeks to die but now it's 1-2! My ID L is using the same brand and is fine..

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    2. L raKC d

      L raKC d

      My brightness was on second to lowest. Oh well, I'm gonna take a break from it until I get more batteries as now I've run out completely!

    3. tamaphoenix


      There seems to be some glitch with the batteries for the P's. What I do is, when the battery low indicator comes on, I take out the batteries, swop them around (i.e., put the left battery on the right and the right battery on the left), and that seems to work. I've been running my P's on the same pair of batteries for the past month!

    4. KawaiiAwesome:3


      Mine take about two and a half weeks

  10. I had a parcel due yesterday & it didn't arrive and my whole road by the looks of it hasn't had post either... what is up with royal mail seriously!?

  11. Hey guys! So I got both boys married off and they both had baby girls. I'm currently having a little problem with my P's, I'm using the same brand of batteries that I always do & the P's seems to be eating them up faster than usual. Usually I'd be changing the batteries every 4-5 weeks, and now it's every 2-3 weeks which is very annoying. We're gonna get some more expensive batteries soon to test whether it's the P's or the batteries are just dodgy. Anyway, my ID L is now a teen, but my P's is now behind due to the battery change and is still a child. Here are the wedding pics: And here they are at the moment: I'm hoping to turn the P's into Neotchi so she can then either become Yumemitchi or Warutsutchi. I'm hoping to turn the ID L into either Shigurehimetchi or Makiko. And that is it for now. I'm really excited for when the 4u arrives, it was dispatched on the 24th (last friday) but the faceplate hasn't been dispatched yet but hopefully will by the end of this week. My estimate is that the 4u will arrive at some point next week & the faceplate will arrive a week after that. Bye guys!
  12. Is anyone logging their 4u+? And does anyone have an unboxing/review video up or are planning on doing one?

  13. Hey guys, so my boys finally got their tama tomos and I'm so happy. Here are both boys: and on my P's I unlocked a new location.. The dream beach. This is unlocked after 10 unique tamatomos (not including pierce tamas apparently). Here is the beach It has a game on it where you keep pressing the A button as much as possible to fill up a tiny bar, which then makes you and this other character race, and if you win and get the flag you get rewarded with gotchi points. Yay! And that is it for now. I will post tomorrow as the boys will be getting married off, I'm so hoping for at least one girl! Preferably on the ID L. *Edit* Here are the pictures of the 4u and the faceplate I ordered. For anyone wondering, the 4u was £29.50 (about $46 USD) and the faceplate was £4.66 (around $7-8 USD) Bye!