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    My interests include japanese fashion, cute things, outer space, and animal crossing!

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    tamagotchi p's, tamago, tamagotchi v4.5, tamagotchi v3, tamagotchi v6, tamachi, fake dinkie dino
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  1. So I was super into tamagotchis when I was in high school :< I checked tama talk and tama facebook groups all the time and I did hatches with friends and a bunch of fun stuff. But now I'm 19 and I have to do adult stuff like work and college and I haven't found time to play with any of my tamagotchis for a long time. I still have my collection in a pretty pink box and looking at it always makes me super sad. How do you guys balance adulting and your tamagotchis?
  2. i havent been on here in so long >o

    1. Rukitchi


      hey I remember you :D

  3. I've seen a lot of people talking about this on tamagotchi facebook groups Here's the aliexpress listing It's just like a color tama but....different o.O Have any of you bought this? How is it?
  4. pink and white angel purple tamagotchi ocean white and pink "symphony" music star and the pink glittery music star pink and purple id l purple, pink, and clear p1 v3 ribbons, bubbles, and twilight stars tamagotchi plus akai pink, yellow, and white white morino rainbow, pink with flowers, lacey purple, and black with bows tamagotchi nano v1 light blue and light pink
  5. when you watch all of the tamagotchi anime in japanese and you don't understand japanese
  6. Finally got to pro debut on my music star nwn ♥♥

  7. Traded some odd pets for a music star and it came today! C: Along with a pack of 10 batteries~ So happy

  8. buying a tamagotchi plus guts tomorrow from a girl on facebook c: so excited! Also my friend gave me a tamagotchi v4 and I'm so happy ;3; I kinda don't like the color though..

    1. Shyruni


      Nice! Getting a v4 for free is pretty sweet!

  9. Since it's summer time, I switch the am and pm on my p's and set it to 5 hours ahead. Like for instance it's 12:30 am right now, it's 5:30 pm on my P's uwu I do this because I am very nocturnal and feel like caring for it the at night the most. Plus I usually don't go to bed until 5am and wake up at 1-3pm ;w; During school I usually changed the time so that it slept and set it to normal time when I got home, but sometimes I took it to school and took care of it between classes/lunch. I'm probably gonna do the same when I start college in the fall nwn ♥
  10. I'm looking for tamagotchi animes with english subs, specifically Tamagotchi! or Tamagochi yume kira dream, and I can't find any anywhere!!!! Has no one subbed them at all?
  11. Steven universe is the new adventure time. uwu it's so great. I love it.
  12. Any tamagotchi owners that listen to vaporwave music?
  13. Found some batteries for my P's nwn it's so much fun to run it again

    1. Meg&Dia


      ahh that reminds me i need to get some batteries!! thanks ww