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  1. Hello.............. it's been a WHILE.

    1. tamaninjacat


      Hey, welcome back! A lot has changed since you were gone. ^_^

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      HI WELCOME BACK, ^^that's definitely true btw

  2. *Is mourning* Hope you come back soon ;(

    1. Tamacass
    2. Tamacass


      woah what is this i left a message over two years ago (that i regret doing) and i see this, welcome back if ur visiting!!

  3. Hey guys, sorry for not updating for a couple days. I was actually going out and doing things with my life (which is unusual wow). Anyways, Onion has evolved into a kuchipatchi. I got dem luscious lips gurl mm Okay let's pretend that's not creepy at all yep For those that were curious, Squishy turned into a squishy little tomato. Onion ate it. Squishy was desquishous. He was de what? Desquishous. It's the new term for delicious. I have never heard of that. I'll put it in the dictionary. It's not that simple to put a word in a dictionary Onion- *takes Sharpie and writes desquishous in dictonary* Oh really? *facepalm* Anyways, later I took Onion to the diner where he got a dumpling which gave him his first happy symbol. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOD MMM I CAN JUST TASTE IT DUMPLINGS ARE BAE HUHSOAHODU He also did a bit of gardening in the rain. This morning when he woke up, Onion's house (and himself) were all dirty! YUCK EW So, I took him to the store to purchase some cleaning products and we did a bit of cleaning. Cleaning is boring booo Anyways, that's all for this post! We'll see you all next time! <3 BYEYEE DON'T FORGET TO START USING THE WORD DESQUISHOUS ALL DA TIMMEEEE
  4. I ate doritos for lunch imma kewl kid

    1. tamastar133


      U got dat swag gurlllll B)

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      Oh wow such swag BD

  5. Hey everyone! Onion evolved into a kaubotchi! (the cowboy dude) As you can see, he's adorable. <3 I AM NOT ADORABLE. I AM A CREATURE OF THE NIIIGHT oh Just kiddin! But I am a rootin tootin cowboy!! Yeah okay that's better then a creature of the night. But what if I'm... A COWBOY OF THE NIGHT Why did I just imagine a cowboy in pajamas? Noodle why I have no explanation. MORE PICTURES GO OKAY Anyways, Onion and I decided to head to Tama Depa and get some seeds. He went ahead and planted it. As you can see, it's cloudy outside. Bluh. Hey, I'll trade you weather! It's like always sunny. ;-; Except for that time a couple weeks ago when it was pouring rain If that was possible I totally would. And it has been planted! We'll have to check back tomorrow to see what it grows into. That plant has a name. Oh okay? Its name is Squishy. Cool. NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND SQUISHY IS LOVE SQUISHY IS LIFE Alrightyyy MYYY SQUIIISHYYY TUNE IN TOMORROW TO LEARN THE FATE OF SQUISHY
  6. HEEEEY GUYYYS Yes, surprisingly I am not dead. Yay for that. It's been forever since I regularly updated on this log, and I hope to change that! Today I got out of school early because I am now on October Break! (Which is a week off of school) So I thought, might as well start up my iDL! In case you forgot, this is my iDL. Not exactly perfect condition (remember that time I almost dropped it into a stream hahaha) but I still love it! I believe come January I'll have had it for 2 years. So anyways, I popped in some batteries (which a was such a struggle, iDL's covers are IMPOSSIBLE to get off. and on for that matter) and did a complete reset so I can try to get all the characters again and items and all that jazz. I was greeted with a cute little jingle and this (yay English!) screen. After that, I entered all my information and.. a little egg popped up! After what seemed like hours of waiting.. It hatched into an adorable baby boy named... *drumroll* Onion! Seriously? Why am I an onion! What even is an Onion!? I'M HAVING A MIDLIFE CRISIS AND I'VE ONLY BEEN ALIVE FOR LIKE 30 MINUTES Hush child. All will be revealed. Probably. PROBABLY WHAT DO YOU MEAN PROB- *duct tapes Onion's mouth* MMMPHHHD! Ahem. Anyways, here's a little close up of Onion: Adorable. Currently he is still in his baby stage (I forgot how needy baby tamas were) and should be evolving in a little bit. So, Onion, anything to say to all our lovely viewers at home? MMMMPHHH! Oh right, duct tape, sorry! *untapes Onion* I WOULD LIKE TO SAY NOODLE IS HORRIBLE AND CRUEL AND- SHHHSHSHHSHSH I'LL UPDATE YOU GUYS WHEN ONION EVOLVES
  7. Hey everyone, so sorry for not posting or being active for so long. It's just that I've had school and a lot of other things going on in my life lately, and I haven't really had the time or enthusiasm to keep running a tamagotchi. I felt really bad that I haven't been active so I just wanted to come on a get some stuff out here. I am not shutting this log down completely, nor am I done with tamas. I just don't have time because of school to start one up. So here's what I'm planning: I have an October Break from school in about mid- October for a week. I'm thinking that I will start up my iDL again that week and keep it going as long as I can. I'll also do a complete reset of that iDL since it has been so long since I played with it and want to kind of re-experience it, you know? So I will be coming back to this log in October. I'll also try to hang around Tamatalk a little more as well. I've missed you guys! So that's pretty much all I have to say. I want to thank you all for your support of this crazy and inconsistent log and I love you so much! See you guys back on this log in October! ~ Noodle
  8. Hey guys, sorry for not updating in so long. There's just been a lot of stuff going on and I start school tomorrow which is insane, so I'm just letting you guys know that this log won't be updated as much anymore just because school is going to be a lot more hectic then it was when I first started this log. I'll still be running tamas and updating at least on the weekends or when I can, and I still love you guys and I thank you so so much for supporting this crazy little log. Clem is still here because pausing lol. She did get married and had a girl, Carley. Mommy I don't like pausing! I know honey, neither do I. It's all that mean human Noodle's fault! Mean Noodle wwaaahh I'm sorry let's see what I was doing... hmm I got my braces off, got a retainer, went back to school shopping, talking to friends,... No you're just lazy. You haven't even organized any of your school supplies yet. Okay I'm lazy with that but- No! No buts. Tee hee... butts Carley!! Sorry mom.. not sorry DO YOU THINK I CAN'T READ YOUR SIZE 8 TEXT MISSY uh THAT'S IT YOUNG LADY GO IN THE BLENDER AND THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE The blender?!! Yeah, that's where tamagotchis send their kids for punishment. Isn't that dangerous? Not if it's not on. Well yeah, but the blades and stuff are still there. Hmm.. well, a kid once cut his nose off, but then again, he didn't even have a nose. Wait what. CARLEY!! What did I just say! You were talking about some kid without a nose. No before that. You said blenders aren't dangerous if they're not on. BEFORE THAT You said blenders are where tamagotchis send their kids for punishment. DON'T GET SMART WITH ME I'm just telling the truth.. THAT'S IT *drop-kicks Carley into blender* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nice family you've got here. Yeah I know. *pulls out tPhone and goes on TamaGram* Oh look there's some leftover smoothie in here! Um.. yeah we're just gonna end this post! Thank you so much for reading and sticking with me even though this log isn't the most updated one around. Bye everyone!