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  1. Just chilling getting ready to pay off my preorders tomorrow for the wondergarden.

  2. Someone on FB got it early for review. Pretty nuts. If he posts anything I'll relink it
  3. I wouldn't worry too much, I figured they'd cut some, considering they do know their audience imports, so why not give a lite version to English regions and still get sales from their Fantasy meets? I could be wrong though.
  4. Hey guys its official! They're up for preorder! We can get a good view if the specs here!! I havent done a full analysis on this but from what I'm reading, they renamed the lands and may be missing the land Arabian nights, since the images don't show it. Either way more retailers should be launching soon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085M6SP95/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_nfz4EbGFC8H1K
  5. Nooo! 😭 hopefully things will get better so you can get one.
  6. I highly doubt they're removing more like renaming the lands. Alot of it was changed name wise but had the same features if compare the last models. If anything they may remove things that culturally wont make sense to other regions of the world. Which would be a shame. From the looks of it we're just getting a different shell. By tommorrow we should know more since that'll be the announcement. Real question: whose preording?
  7. WOW! Thank yall so much for keeping up! ^-^ so who's preordering it?
  8. I never knew this would cause a debate. I'll be checking in and keeping an eye on this.
  9. I havent seen any updates since I've gone in. From what I can gather from the unofficial announcements and few images I have found is that its exactly the same as the meets version (fantasy) its price point 59.99usd. That's all the info I have found. I do recommend buying the magic or fairy on while you wait since places like target sell at a lower price point and folks will be reselling the moment they announce. All the variants are fun but if you do decide to wait it should be for sale at varying retailers. If I can get a list I'll post it here. TL;DR Price point that I saw on it is officially $59.99 USD There will be select retailers carrying. So far gamestop may be one. Exactly the same as its original; the fantasy meets. Just an english translation. It's due late July
  10. That moment bandai puts the WonderGarden ON on preorder Im putting a deposit down on both.  Gotta have both shells even though there is literally no difference LOL

    1. Purimatchi!


      I for sure will get both! As long as they release anything color In English I will plan to collect all shell designs! I really want to support BanDai and make sure they know that this was a good decision! I haven't heard much with the success of how the On is doing though. Do you know if it is doing well? I mean obviously well enough for them not to scrap the Fantasy idea being translated and released here. 

  11. I notice no one really talking about the Hello Kitty Nano that's rumored to be a NA release. Not much is known but it was leaked and information is coming in slowly but its timed to be released in the fall as well. It has 2 colors and is due this October for release. Hopefully we will see more info during the next bandai news letter or during a announcement on their social media! Original source! https://tamatown.com/tamagotchi-x-hello-kitty/
  12. From what I understand it will. Be late July when its released, so about the same time as the previous ON launch. Yes! This for sure was the same one! However there was no images but the description was TURQUOISE and LAVENDER, which is the same as the other 2 fantasy meets! But where I work doesn't always get up to date info, and the fact there was no preorder date was concerning so it may be a upcoming announcement soon or a delay. I'll keep yall posted since I dont get many shifts due to COVID-19
  13. So I found a tidbit of info where I worked searching items. I was surprised to see this with a sku and everything however it wasn't for sale or preorder, so I'm wondering if there will be a announcement soon. From what I saw it's only 2 colors which was lavender and turquoise. EDIT: So I believed it had a placement release date but I dont want to say too much since I'm not sure if its accurate.
  14. Not much has changed though. Mainly it being enforced, Ive been watching the topic for a long while now, but from the looks of it they're going to do their best as a company to put some grey area for most content creators, its mainly for those mill channels that pump out a video everyday geared towards kids.