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  1. I counted how many tama I have.. 13 tamas in my collection and I'm running 6 of them.. I wonder will all of them survive 😓😂

    1. Berks


      good luck! it'll at least be fun haha

    2. Eggiweg


      The tamagotchi hunger games

    3. milkgotchi


      I tried running three the other week and lasted only a couple days before I went crazy. Its the beeping for me but obviously if you turn the beeping off it's possible to miss care alerts. So... back to one. Good luck haha

  2. Okay so here's the gist- the tamagotchi is called Extellachi- a servant tamagotchi based off the games characters, that you can raise. Its similar to the demon slayer one but it has multiple variations- so like the pacman. Theres only one shell and one way to get it. The celebration box. It's a japan exclusive so getting it's going to be a pain. And more so- limited. I'm posting news articles here and the link to the website. As of right now there is no release date but keep your eyes peeled and goodluck! Crunchyroll Siliconera Tamagotchi wiki Website
  3. I must be crazy, but awhile back I was following a japanese twitter thread, it was super hard to read and follow but what caught my attention was it was going to be bundled with a tamagotchi. An offical tamagotchi based off the female character of the game. Long story short I lost the thread and the screenshots. Since it was all in japanese I'm not sure what game it belongs to, and to add insult to injury, the FB post I saved to it was gone too. I'm on a serious hunt for it. To clarify it wasnt demon slayer or neo evangelion series. I was sure it was granblue or a fantasy game.. anyways figured I'd try asking here since I'll be hunting to see if it still exists, and if I find it I'd love to pull yall in on the post too. EDIT: I FOUND THE LINK. it's from Fate/estella. I'll make a proper post about it soon.
  4. Hey guys! Sorry for no updates in a long while, after this Pandemic hit... well I just stopped with my tamas for awhile and decided to work as hard as I can to get money to make it through. However I did not neglect them. All are alive and well, they need new batteries but they're still the same as before. Currently we have 3 new friends, 2 wondergardens, and a v4.5! So as of right now, no major updates but a group photo of all the little wonders and of course the 4.5. Once they get situated I'll post a big ol post!
  5. I'm back. Working on some major projects but I missed y'all. 

    1. Eggiweg


      Welcome back, missed your status updates :)

  6. Just chilling getting ready to pay off my preorders tomorrow for the wondergarden.

  7. Someone on FB got it early for review. Pretty nuts. If he posts anything I'll relink it
  8. I wouldn't worry too much, I figured they'd cut some, considering they do know their audience imports, so why not give a lite version to English regions and still get sales from their Fantasy meets? I could be wrong though.
  9. Hey guys its official! They're up for preorder! We can get a good view if the specs here!! I havent done a full analysis on this but from what I'm reading, they renamed the lands and may be missing the land Arabian nights, since the images don't show it. Either way more retailers should be launching soon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085M6SP95/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_nfz4EbGFC8H1K
  10. Nooo! 😭 hopefully things will get better so you can get one.
  11. I highly doubt they're removing more like renaming the lands. Alot of it was changed name wise but had the same features if compare the last models. If anything they may remove things that culturally wont make sense to other regions of the world. Which would be a shame. From the looks of it we're just getting a different shell. By tommorrow we should know more since that'll be the announcement. Real question: whose preording?
  12. WOW! Thank yall so much for keeping up! ^-^ so who's preordering it?
  13. I never knew this would cause a debate. I'll be checking in and keeping an eye on this.
  14. I havent seen any updates since I've gone in. From what I can gather from the unofficial announcements and few images I have found is that its exactly the same as the meets version (fantasy) its price point 59.99usd. That's all the info I have found. I do recommend buying the magic or fairy on while you wait since places like target sell at a lower price point and folks will be reselling the moment they announce. All the variants are fun but if you do decide to wait it should be for sale at varying retailers. If I can get a list I'll post it here. TL;DR Price point that I saw on it is officially $59.99 USD There will be select retailers carrying. So far gamestop may be one. Exactly the same as its original; the fantasy meets. Just an english translation. It's due late July