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  1. I never knew this would cause a debate. I'll be checking in and keeping an eye on this.
  2. I havent seen any updates since I've gone in. From what I can gather from the unofficial announcements and few images I have found is that its exactly the same as the meets version (fantasy) its price point 59.99usd. That's all the info I have found. I do recommend buying the magic or fairy on while you wait since places like target sell at a lower price point and folks will be reselling the moment they announce. All the variants are fun but if you do decide to wait it should be for sale at varying retailers. If I can get a list I'll post it here. TL;DR Price point that I saw on it is officially $59.99 USD There will be select retailers carrying. So far gamestop may be one. Exactly the same as its original; the fantasy meets. Just an english translation. It's due late July
  3. That moment bandai puts the WonderGarden ON on preorder Im putting a deposit down on both.  Gotta have both shells even though there is literally no difference LOL

    1. Purimatchi!


      I for sure will get both! As long as they release anything color In English I will plan to collect all shell designs! I really want to support BanDai and make sure they know that this was a good decision! I haven't heard much with the success of how the On is doing though. Do you know if it is doing well? I mean obviously well enough for them not to scrap the Fantasy idea being translated and released here. 

  4. I notice no one really talking about the Hello Kitty Nano that's rumored to be a NA release. Not much is known but it was leaked and information is coming in slowly but its timed to be released in the fall as well. It has 2 colors and is due this October for release. Hopefully we will see more info during the next bandai news letter or during a announcement on their social media! Original source! https://tamatown.com/tamagotchi-x-hello-kitty/
  5. From what I understand it will. Be late July when its released, so about the same time as the previous ON launch. Yes! This for sure was the same one! However there was no images but the description was TURQUOISE and LAVENDER, which is the same as the other 2 fantasy meets! But where I work doesn't always get up to date info, and the fact there was no preorder date was concerning so it may be a upcoming announcement soon or a delay. I'll keep yall posted since I dont get many shifts due to COVID-19
  6. So I found a tidbit of info where I worked searching items. I was surprised to see this with a sku and everything however it wasn't for sale or preorder, so I'm wondering if there will be a announcement soon. From what I saw it's only 2 colors which was lavender and turquoise. EDIT: So I believed it had a placement release date but I dont want to say too much since I'm not sure if its accurate.
  7. Not much has changed though. Mainly it being enforced, Ive been watching the topic for a long while now, but from the looks of it they're going to do their best as a company to put some grey area for most content creators, its mainly for those mill channels that pump out a video everyday geared towards kids.
  8. This one is a tough because I love OG pixar due to how fluid their animations are and how thought out they are (the world, story, etc.) plus of the experience in the field, but illumination has something going for them right now as they're whimsical and fresh. Although what makes me lean back to Pixar in the end is the experience and I could actually see Disney grabbing those rights pretty fast.
  9. My favorite method is taking the screenshots of the app's family tree and stitching them together and saving them as a large image. The app is useful, if you dont have access then take a picture of the tama itself and crop the image to just be the family tree.
  10. Im pretty shocked myself, they stop aging in the app so it allows her to basically be frozen in time. I had to refer to the logs when she was born. Im going to see how long she will stay with me or if ya know.. A handsome pumpkin rolls along I will give her the marriage she has waited for!
  11. What ever you do when the baby is born.. DONT CHANGE THE TIME. Just never change it. The first stage takes 45minutes- an hour to evolve. I did that at 2 am in the morning and I didn't go to be til 4. wait until it reaches the next stage. Its not damaging but man I wish I had remember that tidbit before I adjusted the clock. edit: I forgot to mention get a silicon case and some cheap universal screen savers for it. You can buy a hand sanitizer case from walmart with a backing on it to prevent heavy scratches to the body and grunge build up as well as 96 c universal phone screen savers, they're cheap and easy to cut to fit the screen. It gives it longivitiy.
  12. Your log is so darn fun to read, I dare ask your secret to larger pictures- i feel like folks who read mine have to stare really hard. Please keep updating in the future!!!
  13. Hey guys- Happy New Years! Now that the holidays are technically over and we are into a new year are you ready for your big update? Yeah I am too. So I plan on making some content based off my current tamas and want to invite you all in on the fun! I’ll be making status updates elsewhere so this can purely be about my little angels. So let's hop to it! Floratchi 18y/O (actual age: 58 days) Floratchi being the eldest is still alive, after being frozen in time multiple days she's living the good life, she hangs out with Kayotchi's descendents and often dreams at night, although she's pushing her age, and has gone through (in her life) 3 sets of batteries. She has seen 2 sets of kids and is seriously one old pumpkin. I'll be depressed if she passes, but I'm hoping I can find a cute partner for her before then. I think she deserves a happy ending. Or you know.. maybe next Halloween? Kaiyotchi Famliy So again, a lot happened especially in the sanrio line: Kaiyotchi grew up to be rather er.. unique. He became a lonely boy and had a hard time finding a wife he tried for Ms. Hello Kitty and got rejected, then a twin star angel, rejected so I threw him on the app he met a sweet little girl who accepted his proposal And then: Jellyitchi is born. Mind you that was not her name, after Kaiyo I stopped making them since the Sanrio meets actually makes it easier by mixing the parents names for you! Plus it saved me time typing on the keyboard. I was worried she would be cursed with her grandparents genes and it would be a long process But sure enough.. she went from ugly duckling to the most adorable little jellyfish! She got the best of both worlds and I just could not let her go to save my life, but as always I reminded myself of the mission- to get a full breed sanrio character. I had been aiming for our cute little Twin Stars but rejection after rejection after rejection I ran out of money. So back on the app looking for some mixed sanrio decendents and threw a million proposals after finding the one. And so… BonBontchi was born. A cute little boy, I honestly did not think I would get the body so quickly. But I forgot who his grandpa was. So while I adored BonBon with all my love, and so did Floratchi, we knew it was time for another partner, and after he reached 10 days, I found him the perfect partner, and if my luck keeps rolling these next set of twins are going to amazing. Meet Basil and Sage the cutest little boys, since I am aiming for those cinnamon genes, I may get them sooner than expected, but honestly I could be content when these guys grow up. These two are by far the cutest twins I have had! They ended up being fraternal thanks to color differences but it wont matter since I am aiming for full cinnamon child. I will hold on to them for awhile but not as long as my sweet little Flora. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now Christmas is a thing, right? Of course it is, and we all know what happens, yeah a surprise. Meet our newest friend, Fairytchi, that will be the family name until our second generation is born. FAIRYTCHI Fairy came into my shopping basket literally Christmas eve. Like just, fell in it, and yeah, merry Christmas to me. I hadn’t planned on bringing her home, I honestly preferred green but for whatever reason, both my Walmart and Target carry only Purple and Pink, not out of stock, just solely carry purple.. And pink.. So I gave in. Fairytchi born on December 26th is a girl! She sadly was thrown into the app until today due to working. So far she is a kid, and I won’t lie, I keep getting lazier and lazier. Main goal- don’t kill them. Get them past gen 1. Fairytchi may be the least cared for at the moment (loved but not getting much attention) Hopefully her and her daughter Faeitchi will grow up just fine. I dont have pictures of Fae since for whatever reason the pictures I have been taking on my phone have not been saving, so I will work on getting more, as well as cleaning out alot of older photos. How is everyone's new year going? Are you guys ready for some serious clean up around the house? Or are you all enjoying the new year on your tamas? I'd love to hear from yall! Happy New Years to everyone! And sorry about the late reply!
  14. They dropped to 49.99 where i was for the holidays, couldn't keep them in stock, and it didnt help it was always low stock (they'd send like 4 of each color) to most of the stores. I cant find green or blue though in my town, only pink and purple.... They sell though, made a mom made when I grabbed on off the shelf LOL.
  15. I survived the holidays, time to post and take care of my Tamas lol..

  16. I highly doubt they can ban anyone who has married a corrupted character- by that point half the population would be banned, it only takes one tama to mess it all up since if they do the egg trick then everyone they shared their genes with would be banned. Bandai knows better than to do such a rash tacit, more than likely they will target select models i.e the ONS and Ssome since they cannot have access to these stations. There is only so much information they can see. So I wouldn't worry too much. More than likely if you have meets genes nothing will happen. On the news of glitching I don't use my meets on my tamas currently but I know for a fact uploading backgrounds wrong can make your tama disappear temporarily. When you do mix genes occasionally it will cause a reset since the data is not from an actual device, I would need to test with a tama myself but I assume its actually anti-piracy or its own software protection. I am not sure how intelligent the software is however it seems to be forced only when marrying. Of course I should say its rare and only from heavy use. If you use it to marry every single time, or heavily change the backgrounds thats typically what causes it to corrupt. As long as it is in moderation the app is safe to use! Hopefully I had some answers for you.
  17. I haven't worked with tama shells but with gameboy advance shells, and from what I have noticed is normal acrylics will not cut it, and you typically need higher grades of model paints. From what I personally worked with and had to do is pretty harsh for the soft shells of p1's so only do some of the tips if you're willing to risk possible failure. Scratch it up- it needs something to bind to. Most of the tama paints are factory grade so most hobby paints won't cut it. You need something to act as an adhesive. I like using 2000 grit or 1500 grit sand paper for delicate projects. Sand down the surface area you are working with and make sure its even. I recommend watching Youtube tutorials about prepping paint surfaces similar to your tama for the best results. After its sanded you can begin painting. For fine details like text use paints such as enamel based. There isn't much you can do about them peeling off eventually but they do the job pretty well. There a number of brands now, and I haven't tested them myself since I typically use spray paints. Large surfaces= Krylon plastic spray paint. So I like Krylon alot. it takes care of large surfaces. They have specialty cans of it that work really well if you sand up the surfaces. They also have acrylic spray to create a nice finish to protect your hard work. UV RESIN- this is a theory but since it works on my polymer clay charms and other plastic based charms. So in theory it should act as a really good sealant. Especially if you can get your hands on the super good non fading one.(Some uv resins yellow over time) Those are some tips I have. Some are over kill and I haven't had time to experiment as of late, but since my angel gotchi is doing this too I may give it a shot to save it for the sake of science.
  18. Hello hello! It's been 2 days holy cow! Okay not much to update here besides a few major events. Of course I will break this up into two halves so if you only want Sanrio updates, that'll be closer to the bottom. Cinnamon and Mint So my boys actually came out freaking cute. Like.. DEADLY ADORABLE despite still being cursed with those Mame traits. I was pretty sure I wouldn't marry em off until November ended. I even started letting Cinnamon and Mint play with the sanrio tama. They became BFF'S, and I almost married them to each other, but I didn't want that at the time. (I don't regret it one bit) They would visit the Sanrio a few times and then had Sanrio visit them to unlock nearly all the places. In between visits I noticed that they would send mail to each other. After they evolved I really loved them I didn't want their cuteness to fade, but in fear of them ending up like Rui and Yuzue as well as the fact I am running out of time to get spooky genes. So I go on the hunt, the first night is a failure, but I am okay with that. I ended up heading to bed with the boys next to me. The second day I begin early searching for the perfect wife for Cinnamon. Again not many pumpkins available, most were also boys so I was disappointed. About an hour after getting rejected I met this little weather charm tama (I found out her name was kirayukitchi) a meets station exclusive body frame.She was too cute to pass! And thus Cinnamon was married. A few minutes later Flora was born, I gave her the name in hopes she'll be as pretty as her mom, and still get some of dad's genes too. Of course I forgot sound again so she's have an ugly toddler stage but no worries she'll turn out fine. She's going to be a pretty girl I feel it. Sanriotchi So for the sake of saying Nifumji is the adult she became I'll give her the nickname Sanriotchi as she is the first of the family tree. I plan on getting some sweet sweet genes from one of the three which would be ms hello kitty herself, Kiki or Lala the twins. Not sure yet but all the available options are adorable! I do wish Chococat was available since he is my all time sanrio favorite. I even managed to snag a buildabear a year ago from the thrift shop of him! But back to topic. So I only had maryland unlocked- And well needless to say I was bit of a loss when kuchipatchi was the only one showing up when I played at the park there. Turns out.. Since kuchipatchi is the only male there, Sanriotchi could really only encounter him since she was an adult. Disappointing but it makes sense since my melody is a girl too. So off to the app we go. After awhile I settled. Yes settled, I found a few spooky pumpkins but decided since I am working towards a sanrio like character to stay away from making both my magic and sanrio identical. I ended up with a jellitchi descendant for a partner. I asked another one before him but was auto declined a few times. So my daughter came home with her new child. Whom i lovingly named Kaiyotchi- Oceantchi (a boy) since I want the jelly fish body for the time being. I will have to work to unlock star land tonight as well as build friendship will all the current sanrio characters I have unlocked. So thats about the update today, and since I married them off around the same time of day they will evolve together, and become adults together- Flora's family tree is to become a pumpkin based family (or ghosty) and Kaiyotchi is to become a sanrio based family. One day I will have the heart to mix their family trees but for now they'll remain tight friends and visit many of the theme parks together! I will update you all when they become adults again! EDIT Okay so here's the deal, the night I originally wrote this I lost power, which was 11/11 and Due to this I didn't get many pictures of the kids to reserve power on my phone, and plus I thought I lost the draft, but its edited. Today they evolved after class but I will write something Thursday about them. I won't say much because that will ruin the surprise. Plus I wanted to share a tip with ya'll that I shared with another user on reddit. So any crazy tama parents out there running 6+ tamas (or 2 they can be a handful) Best way is to throw them into the app.Throw them in for an hour at a time, this will raise their happiness, and they can ALL be in the phone at once. What you do is one by one send them in and force disconnect on the phone's end and throw in the next tama, send them in for an hour and bring them back. Do this about 2-3 times a day if allowed to get max happiness. If they're adults this a good way to keep them young as well as if you work two jobs like me, be guaranteed they'll be alive when you get home, and if you take them out before midnight they will still age.
  19. ALLLRRRIIGGHTTY GUYS ITS HERE THE MASSIVE UPDATE! So between school and work I have been keeping up with the Tamas and well.... THERE IS A LOT. So lets start where we left off, so Emerald grew up with those cursed ears and eyes (Just like her dad oh the worries) And by god it was hard finding more pumpkins!!! So I worked for a bit and ran into two beautiful Spooooooooookky bois, one mean purple boy and of course the sweetest little pumpkin boy who shared the love. Thank you mr. pumpkin!! I won't lie Emerald grew on me, even though she didn't stay green for too long she did become a spooky pumpkin like her mom, it was a shame though she inherited dad's looks, and I mean she inherited them hard. It will be awhile before I lose those ears probably. So little Emerald 2 days ago became a mom, to two boys. And with my luck I will see many many more twins. So what to name two yellow boys? Cinnamon and Mint. I added an I to Mint's name so it sounded better with the 'tchi part. I was enthralled just like their mom by them, and annoyed 45 minutes later when they became fart clouds. That's right. Fart clouds. So... I am not a bad mom by any means, its just when you forget to turn on sound after class, it becomes hard to find your lost child in the house. VERY HARD. So many missed care calls later, boom. Fart. Cloud. I was depressed and couldn't wait for these boys to look cuter. Dead right I was now they are mini ghost bbys. They're teens right now but they'll be adults probably by tomorrow at the latest. And they're still the same colors surprisingly. Matching their names here is Cinnamon and Mint! I am in love with them and they have been surprisingly easy to care for, of course I did realize I don't have the date right so I need to correct that soon. And then it happened. This showed up where my pizza should be. A DHL man came to my door with the very thing I was missing. A SANRIO MEETS. Ooooo boy this is going to be hard juggling two cuties in one house! So first off, thank you to all the folks here and on Reddit who gave me advice on what to know before they came in. It was a breeze setting up and trying out the features. I will be heavily focusing on the Sanrio model until I unlock most of the locations. Which will be a challenge since I cannot read Japanese. But lets get on with some images. I got a girl guys. Like an an actual girl for the first generation. Woooooo!! In my magic on if you are barely tuning in, most of my tree starts if not all (I just checked all of them) are boys. Nothing wrong with boys, I just keep gettting mametchi out of bad habit of you must take wonderful care of pet. Since the V4.5 trained me hard in that. So I didn't catch a picture of her as an infant but I got her toddler stage while she was upset for funsies. (If I showed you my kids smiling all the time that would be a lie, they're complainers and needy) Anyways with the holidays coming up what are you guys anticipating this holiday season? Are you guys planning on adding another tama to your tama family? And how do you think she will come out!? I'll keep ya'll posted about both munchkins! BONUS PICTURE! I do have more tama related stuff lying around but this is what i can find right now
  20. So is it me or is the tamagotchi app down? ;'-' been trying to get on it for about 30 minutes now.

  21. Lol i don't think anyone has, but I think I have seen the listing XD
  22. So guys. I came across a list of "rarest tamagotchis" while browsing and I had to know because of the title being like "We're concerned if you paid this much for a tamagotchi" or something or other. Anyways heres the image. What do you all think? I can't stop laughing and genuinely being concerned of who listed this as well as wrote the article, which if you google "Rarest tamagotchi" google makes it the first link. Have fun!
  23. Thank you ❤️ and I probably will lol, not sure how the sanrio works so I will be doing hw to look for the cutest first partner on there. So many choices..
  24. Hey guys, after a few days of being down and out after Rui's and Yuzue's death I was pretty destroyed, honestly I worked hard to get such cute boys and had a nice wife line up for Rui, the one with horns for clarification and Yuzue had the cream on the head. They got sick at some point while I was at work, and I do check up on them about every 30 minutes to an hour, so it struck me as odd that they progressed so fast. Sadly they went on Oct. 30th, around 8pm, now I know the more ghost the less of a chance they'll make it. It was a hard lesson to learn, especially since they were at full health and max happiness. Here are some images of the last day I had them. I couldn't bare wasting time and staring at their tombstone, so my newest family head was born. Another boy a Mametchi, and I went to town raising a healthy boy. I didn't take many pictures this time of my Mametchi but that was fine, I dropped into the app today and found him a wife within minutes, a kind user shared the genes with him and got me back into spooky business. While I don't plan on copying Rue and Yuzue I did really like the pumpkin linage, and hopefully can get lucky with the gene distribution again. And thus today Emerald was born, a green little girl. She's needier than her father, in fact got sick 3 times before evolving, typical for a baby but I paid the price for missing the last 2 care calls and shes having a bit of a hideous toddler phase. And hopefully the ears goes away too. She at least isn't green anymore. I can only imagine what she will get, hopefully majority of her mom's genes. On another note despite their passing I had finally reached my savings goal and was able to order a Sanrio meets, so between the Retail Holiday Schedule (work) and the holidays themselves. Ill be updating this log pretty soon with more than just Emeralds tree, and of course I have to make a case for the incoming tama, it'll be here any day now actually! Thank you for all who comment on this and let me know, will my first sanrio tama be a boy or a girl? And if so who do you think I'll end up raising?