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  1. Right now, im on first gen and with a sweet violetchi called Dejana (Dee-YA-na). She hasnt had her pro debut yet v-.-v
  2. Yenna is still sleepinq but shes 2.YAY!Evolution time! I cant wait *screams and runs* Edit; She woke up
  3. Ringotchi Hasnt evolved because I have paused her during school. Its the weekend now so more logging I promise!? Lots Of Views. Suggestions and fanmail would be lovely ;D
  4. Turn Out I cant, My mum said Im grounded so no pocket money for 2 weeks ;/
  5. She evolved into a: RINGOTCHI! Uh Huh! Uh Huh! *Does Adventure Time Dance* YERSH GHEE!VIOLETCHI HERE I COME!
  6. I took her to school, and she was sick twice, and had 2 poos when I checked on her at 12.
  7. http://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/other/auction-417171146.htm Idk...I might get it...?
  8. She HAS DIED, after becoming ringotchi-She died, 6 Poos was the last thingy I saw. Then I reset her, mainly because it was easier to reset her then watch Her die.Now I have Yenna ;D Well still on the "NAME" Screen, I will start tonight, VIOLETCHI HERE I COME!
  9. Shes A Tamatchi! Yes! Just what I wanted. Yay 6 Views! Better then nothing ;xxx
  10. Hi everyone! The Tamagotchi I will be logging is a Music Star.She just hatched, and her name is Beatrix. Say Hi Bubba. .Goop. (;. Her first word.Goop. Adorable! Anyhow, these are her uhm "Stats" Beatrix 0YR 5LB Hungry:♥♥♥ Happiness:●●●● Stress:00 Tone:0 Rhythm:1 Original:0 Classical Music Petitchi 3000GP 1G User: Poop Tuh Duh!Keep Reading Ghee, Cos Someones Doing The Pee-Pee Wiggle Dance! Shes on duh potty. Im going to make her become, VIOLETCHI! How do you do that? You take bad care right...? Or Average? Idk.... Bye!I will post photoes when she evolves ;xxx
  11. Thank You! I named her Beatrix because my old dog was called Beatrix.
  12. On the box it says 8+ so this toy isnt for 5 year olds. Tell them that the whole orange doesnt belong to them. Everyone who lives on the orange has a very tiny speck of it. We share the orange. Or just say that "You Shouldnt Blow Out My Candle To Make Yours Brighter" Though, being me I would insult their mum and stuff but you know...
  13. What is a good female tamagotchi name? Im about to name my v6, and I have left it on the "Name" Screen for atleast an hour D:
  14. RPing! Yay. Well waiting for joins but still...