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    My bed, it's so nice and comfy, Sugoi~
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    I am really interested in girly animes, though I am a fourteen year old boy. I love Suite PreCure, LoK, Card Captor Sakura, MLP:FiM, Tokyo MewMew, Soul Eater, One piece and that is about it for animes, though I do love Once upon a time, which is over until next season :c .

    I am heavily into music and art, My DA is in the AIM contact method and my BO and MO are in the two below that. I play violin and a little of piano.

    I also love Pokemon and Tamagotchi's of course! I love the psychic type and ice type, so if there is ever an RP with Pokemon, I will have Psychic and Ice types, accordingly. I love Caitlin, she is my favorite character from Pokemon, in both D/P/Pt. and B/W.

    I love Cinnamon candy and other cinnamon flavored things. I love spicy, sour and sweet foods, but bitter can stay the heck away from me, because I won't eat it. I could live off of Aloe juice, Top Ramen, Hot Cheetos and fruits.

    I am also into sports and keeping myself fit, I don't to get chubby like I was last year, which I thankfully worked off over this year. I love track and field, though, I don't join the sport, I just do the P.E., required things, though, from what I have done, it is a very fun sport.

    I was held back in 2nd grade due to math being a math failure and being very, very talkative, I remember being told I wold have to re-take 2nd grade, I cried the entire summer, dreading the day when I would have to go back. But, I did get over it and now I am much better in math and talking.

    Well, thank you for reading the extensive about me or interests or whatever this may be.

    That is all.

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    My Blue ID L
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    Madonnatchi and Uwasatchi
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    My blue ID L, it is currently on it's second generation.

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  1. I just felt like going on Tamatown with my Music Star, and I didn't know, but it is shut down and has been since February 6th! So sad, so many memories...

  2. You could say that, but I am really quite a floater around these parts at the moment.

  3. My new avatar is amazing right? It was made by someone on DA, I love them so much now!

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Welcome back? lol :D

    2. FelazingAround


      You could say that, but I am really quite a floater around these parts at the moment.


  4. PekoPekotchi is so cute! She is my new favorite Tamagotchi character from the P series. Yes I made my avatar, I can make you one if you'd like~!

    1. DJYellow22


      Pekopekotchi would be cute giant.. ^^

  5. Cucumber Quest! So, this is my favorite, on going web comic by far. It has plot, great character development and it's for all ages! It's about a boy, who is about to go the most prestigious school in his kingdom, but his plans are interrupted when the Oracle and his father get in the way and tell him that he is the chosen one to take down the Nightmare Knight. To find out more, if you haven't read it yet, it is right here! Most Recent http://cucumber.gigi...chive/page-238/ 1st Page http://cucumber.gigi...archive/page-1/ So far, I am in LOVE with the series! If anyone else reads it, please comment bellow so I know I am not the only one!
  6. love, i'm sorry you're leaving, but honestly, i wasn't forcing you to! i was just recommending a few new options for you to do on tama zone! i really don't want you to go feeling bad or anything, i feel awful right now, i'm so sorry. i really, really didn't mean to seem like i was forcing you to leave. :C

  7. Guess it's time for me to leave Tama-Talk and scoot on over to Tama-zone then~

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      Why not stay on BOTH sites? :)

    3. FelazingAround


      Because Mew told me too leave, and, I just feel so unwelcomed right now!

      I mean, I say good bye and I don't know, I guess I was expecting a barrage of

      No, don't go's and such, but no, I get a bye bye! Visit us sometime too! also

      when going to her new topic about the entire issue, I read the Jason had made a

      remark about me making a certain status update, which I did, witch really

      shot me down... I guess I am just feeling like no one here... c...

    4. TamaMum


      Wow... well... seems a shame to leave just because Mew told you to or because you didn't get a barrage of "No, don't go" messages... maybe it would help if you checked our guidelines on departures topics with it's suggestions on what to do if you feel you don't have any friends? : http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/30517-tamatalk-departures-rules/


  8. So tired of all of this Hetelia stuff, wish the fandom would stay on a site about the fandom, not a place where it is totally irrelevant.

    1. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      If a fandom is that popular, it won't be possible to stop them from spreading.

    2. mew0099


      love, i know sometimes the amount of hetalia here is sometimes a little overwhelming (i'm sure it's a great anime, but it isn't really my thing either). heck, i'm a homestuck, i'm not even into tamas anymore. just try not to be too rude- these people do have the right and freedom to do what they want and like what they want too. if tamas are more your thing, stay in the tama area. if hetalia is your thing, stay in the non-tama area. problem solved!

  9. SHOPPING & GROWING HAUL TIME - - - - - - - - - - - - - First off, what grew in the garden! [sweet Potato - Hot Tea Set - Kobasu Purin - TamaMori Tree] Then, what we bought at the TamaMori! [Overalls - Tuxedo and Afro] And, Finally, what we bought at the TamaDepa [sports Car!] Night all!
  10. June 1st, 2012 Hey all! Wow, my log looks a little dusty, sorry I have been away, but this picture will hopefully sum it up for all of you... Yeah, Shogun Gozarutchi died. I was really broken about it because I had a good streak going, but, all things come to an end sooner or later... Well... Onto the log I guess, hehe... Well, when I restarted I got a little Nittobotchi and then he evolved into a Kaubotchi, then a Bokuhoshitchi and then... [shutotchi!] Well what happened today was this! We went to his favorite restaurant and bought some fish and chips! [He got his blue happy symbol!] After that we went to the beach! [Horrible day for the beach!] He got his pink happy symbol from the sports car, but I misses the picture. Then he bought his wig and got his green happy symbol! [Wigs are the new hip, ya' hear!] To be continued with a little shopping haul!
  11. Glad to see Another boy in the 13 - 14 range! Enjoy your stay :)

  12. June 21, 2012 Hey all! Today when Samurai Gozarutchi and I woke up, we went outside and it was clear skies! It was so wonderful that we took a little day trip around town, first hitting the Park. We met Majorette at the Market, she sold us a crown! Yay! Also, we had some seeds and what came out were these little candies! [mugicha - kintarouame] We also went out and bought a Microphone and a pack of seeds! [Microphone - Pack of Pickling vegetable seeds] To end the day, we planted a pack of spicy food seeds! [Ah, nice and not raining] Night all! Credit to Ichiro for translations!
  13. SHOPPING HAUL TIME! - - - - - - - - - - - So while we were out on the town, we bought some new clothes and toys! He sure enjoyed it! So first we got the clothes: [Wanpaku suit] Then the Accessories: [Kaerutchi hat - Panda hat - Dinosaur hat] Then the Toys: [Television!] Oh... and a pack of seeds: [spring bean seeds] I now have 1000 GP. left... and with that, Night all!
  14. June 20, 2012 Hey all! So I didn't get Kuchipatchi, I got Gozarutchi... again. I got a to many care misses! I slept in like an idiot and since on the ID L everytama wakes at 7:00 A.M. I was a tad late and got like, 7-8 care misses. I guess this was good because now I can get all four happy symbols and get the Stamp as he is dressed in his Henshin-Jo outfit. Anyway, onto the log! - - - - - - - - - - - As I said earlier, I got three out of four of his Happy Symbols I also took him to the Henshin-Jo and when he came out he looked adorable! Samurai is the new fashion, didn't you hear? TADA! I changed his home to the Samurai theme and he was delighted! To be continued with a shopping haul...