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    I love LazyTown, cats, cheerleading, gymnastics and TamaTalk!<br>I'm 12 years old and i live in california. cali's so awesome! too bad i'm moving to illinois soon.... :(

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  1. I just take it to school with me...
  2. i will search them up on googlw right now.
  3. what a very interesting story! i like it! btw, what do u mean by "defective ones"?
  4. i put before that. i can't remember since i haven't played w/ mine for so long becuz the battery has died.
  5. mine is 46 lbs! lol i can't seem to get it any lower no matter how much i play games! lol
  6. i debugged my v1 tama about 4 months ago, and i used a rubber band to get the pencil off of the debug thing, and something horrible happened! My v1 chose a random character BY ITSELF and went into hyper-time and didn't stop! does any1 kow what happened to my precious v1? please help with any info! thanks, *Karly*
  7. i don't know whether it's good or bad, but I think it's cute!
  8. I put Forestgotchi becuz i really want one!
  9. congratz! i want a devilgotchi, too....
  10. I've nvr had one, so i really can't tell ya... but i really want one, too!
  11. wow. i've nvr heard of such a thing. cool
  12. *Karly*


    i agree with you! lol srry.