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  1. Helllloooooooo Its only me today cuz Bella....Bella....died its not my fualt i went on camp and i 4got to puase her so i will start again a im gonna get a girl so i can get it married to my friends tama so....Bye
  2. To:Mametchi From Luviltchi Yeah what do you wanna see?
  3. Ok i think its time we intraduce u 2 ......... Bella ( me) im a hostitchi just like ur mother...... I miss her but im with her in tamatown and ppl gave me a gift Air <3ed u very much Was she nice? Of corse i raised her
  4. Air Alex Me Bella Aww hello Bella Who's a good lil girl GAH! Her names Bella ​which means beautiful cuz she is of course ..... gof... what is it air i gotta leave tomorrow you dont have to you can----- No i need to log her on no im staying ill unpack the bags...... YAY NO!!!!
  5. Alex Air Me Introducing....... The Kuramametchi..... Alex!!!!!(thats me!) Yeah i married him yesterday Hey air i <3 u I <3 u to Ok please stop being mushy together 0_o Air you know what im thinking? Oh yeah! Oh God I got passion in my pants and i aint afraid to show it .... IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!! If you cant beatem join em WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE YEAH WIGGLE WIGGLE YEAH I DID THE WIGGLE YEAH I DID THE WIGGLE YEAH! MissTama that is so inaproriete who would eer sing that song its to inappropriate everyone sings Tonight Tonight I like singing Titanium Since you soung that sing... OFF TO YOUR ROOM!!!!! Ok go a lil softer its a newborn after all BTW im having a egg tomorrow And BTW im making a Family tree like so Violetchi(Air)--------------------KraMametchi(Alex) | ( Baby goes here) I DONT WANNA LEAVE MY BABY WAAAAAAAAAA Air its all right i will make the family tree and i will send it to you when you leave and if you go on my profile it will show what he/she is It will be ok sweetie and when he/she gets married has a baby we will go in tamatown to see them plus she will log them into tamatown Ok i <3 you Alex you so nice I lovw you to
  6. Hey guys if you want a tam drawring comment on my profile witch one you want

    1. MissAnimeTama


      also say if u want human, human and tama, tama and Anime

  7. Hey guys if you want a tam drawring comment on my profile witch one you want

  8. Air: im kinda angry Me: Same Air: Tama why can't i get married yet > Me: thats the first time you called me tama anyway someone here on tamatalk said ou could get married when ur 5years old!!! they also said you have to wait 48hours so hopefully tomorrow Air: well im angry now and said anyway lets talk about Me" well im agry that we dont have any followers WAAAAAAAAAA no one likes us!! Air: this sucks
  9. if your lucky you could get a violetchi or a luvlitchi to get them just answer there calls and make them happy and make sure there hearts are filled if you keep doing this then you could get them or if not you could get memetchi or chrmametchi also it dosnt matter what there parents were it just matters on how good you take care of them and so far you have had all perfect care chacters good luck MissAnimeTama
  10. Air: MMMM Me:she still played with you to times and at least you went to someones house Air_ yeah i dont care Me- even if this kills me mad ust sing sexy and i know :/ AIr: im sexy and i know it Me: awww....................
  11. Goin to Eyfies house be back soon

  12. Air: im really happy Me: why? Air: cuz i get 2 see Ann before i get married which will be tomorrow but i get to see her today im really happy Me: yeah she is a shelltchi like you were Air: i rember when i played with her when iwas a teen Me: yeah i cant wait to see what she is tomorrow my friend wants luvlitchi cuz we havnt had her yet Air: she will probs be me if she takes perfect care i mean i wanted to be luvlitchi but im not her Me: yeah but she still could~~~~~~ Air: IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT I I WORK OUT !!!1 mE Air: I got passion in my pants and i anint afraid to show it ...IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! Me: umm you dont wear pants Air _ ok then i got passion in my flowers and i aint afraid to show it ...IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT Me: more like Airs not sexy and she dosnt know it.... Air: lets just end this now Me: ill right after my BFF's house bye aIR: BYE
  13. September 9th awesome i got a diary maybe i can write in my music thing in here cant wait!!! Meloditchi
  14. Air:Yay guess what i am....,a VIOETCHI Me: yup i ahve taken perfect care seriusly i was jumpin up and down when i saw you Air and i met your friend and she has belltchi and shes really nice mE: BUT DO YOU REMBER WHATHAPPENED Air: oh yeah THAT Me: ( Flashback to a hour ago) Me: da dun dfada da da da DUM! Air:: makes a face like this Me and my BFF: (starts luaghing) Air(her smile dops) what????????????