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    Hey there, I'm Richard. I'm 22 years old, I live in Canada, and I love it. :) I'm a university student who studies languages, but I only have one semester left. I like speaking French and German, playing my 3DS, smoking, and watching horror films. I love cats and the colour green.

    I have a log, it is currently on hiatus so don't hold your breath;

    Tamagotchis: Sky blue V3, white Tama-Go.
    Wishlist: P1/P2, V4.5, V5.

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    Loved the crap out of my green season 2 Digivice as a kid. :)
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  1. Lieber wöchentlich Deutsch Vokabelnquiz: NEIN. BITTE. ;_;

  2. Germany was awesome, hope I get to go back sometime soon!

  3. Final exam tomorrow! German grammar, you will be the death of me. Going to celebrate my studies in Germany drawing to a close with cheap beer and new headphones. Yay!

  4. Harvest Moon DS is amazing! You've all gotten so far in the game, I'm a little jelly.
  5. Exactly a week left in Germany, 2 days of classes, one final exam, then back home to Oh Canada. Gonna miss this place and the people I've met. :(

  6. Oh, kids these days and their animes.
  7. Summer school in Germany has been extremely difficult, but also extremely worth it! Back home to Canada in 2 weeks, sigh of sadness/relief. :) :(

    1. ayan300


      My summer hasn't even started yet!

  8. Of course I do. That's why I'm here studying right now. Even though I go back home in 2 weeks. ;_; Bye bye cheap beer.
  9. Germany tomorrow for 6 weeks of summer school :)

  10. 12:30 am, German final tomorrow, crap I knew I shouldn't have napped today. XD

    1. Aliciavz88


      lol i remember those days.

  11. Brain is melting, haven't slept, 4 more hours to work, lovely. :) :)

  12. Oooooooh, Canada. Few pictures of my T-go, might do my V3 later.
  13. Finally in a stable financial situation. Which means I finally want a 3DS! But white isn't released in North America yet. :( To go with pink, or to not go with pink. Opinions?

    1. rbarnett


      PS I <3 pink. But I had my heart set on white ever since I heard they were making the 3DS.

    2. Asiangotchi


      There doesn't seem to be any notice of white coming to NA right now.. You might as well go for pink, or another color :L