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  1. Reading your log is always really enjoyable and I love seeing your pictures and your adventures with your Tamagotchis. Keep up the awesome work!
  2. It's been over a month since I updated, and I definitely owe all of you guys an explanation. The thing is, when I started my log two years ago, I had a lot of time on my hands and school wasn't as hectic, but now, school is a lot busier with homework, studying, extracurriculars, and all that other stuff. I'm also really busy with friends, family, and a lot of other things, and I find that whenever I sit down to log, I just can't get those same creative juices flowing to write a new entry. And because I'm so busy, whenever I run a Tamagotchi, all I really do is feed it when it calls (if I even have time to get to it) and put it to sleep so I can do other things, and I think that's really not fair to it. It's also not fair to you lovely readers if I keep you hanging in suspense all the time about when I'm going to update next, and when I do, it's (in my opinion) a fairly boring entry at most. All of you guys are awesome, and I don't want to to do that to you. Maybe you're wondering if I'll start logging again. At this point, I don't really know. School hasn't gotten nearly as busy as it will be, and I can't really find the energy to log right now. I might come back to it sometime, but I don't know if I will for sure. So, in case I don't come back (which I hope won't happen, but you never know), I want each and every one of you to know that you are awesome people and so great for taking time to read this log and all my silly adventures with my Tamagotchis. It has been a great two years writing these entries and taking care of these Tamagotchis, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see that someone else has rated my log, someone has liked a post from log, someone liked my log enough to follow it, and someone wrote a sweet message to me telling me that they like my log. I appreciate it so much, and believe me, it's not easy to let this go. If you do want to contact me, the best way would be to find me on my tumblr (dirk-stricler.tumblr.com) and if you send me a message on anon, please let me know that you're a TT user. Again, I want to stress that I'm not leaving for sure. I guess you could say that this is a break of sorts. I've been thinking about running my 15th Anniversary iD L again (although it's so hard to get the toddler I want T.T), but time will tell, I guess. Thanks for reading, guys. You're the best readers and fans (?) I could ever ask for. All the best, Blue
  3. Hello, everyone! I'm so sorry for not updating lately =.=" I had to take the batteries out of my 15th Anniversary iD L because I had a lot of school stuff to work on and I just didn't have time between that and Tamagotchis. Currently, I'm running my V4.5. Her name is Pear and she's a Tamatchi. Hi!!!!!! I'd also like to point out that it's been 2 years since I started this log! It's been really awesome having all of you guys read this log that I thought wouldn't get that much attention, so if you're reading, thanks! I'm also going to bring back a character or two from 2011 in celebration of this and because we need Pear to have someone to talk to So, guess who's back for the month of December? Me! Sam the Sunnytchi! I was logging in December 2011 with Blue, and now I'm back! ...who are you? I just said so, right up there! Oh. Hi, Sam! So... Today Blue took me out to lunch! We had a quesadilla. I love quesadillas. You should've brought me some. Yeah, well, I didn't. And we watched Superman! Gotchiman's cooler. What's Gotchiman? Only the coolest superhero ever! He has all these super cool gadgets and this really neat car and he's just the bestest superhero EVER!!!!! Does he have any superpowers? Superman has X-ray vision and heat vision and he can fly and he has super strength! I-er...no... Well, he can't be a superhero without superpowers! Yeah, he can! Batman doesn't have any superpowers. He's a superhero. But...he's Batman! Gotchiman is like the Tamagotchi version of Batman. Ha! *smiles smugly* I still think Superman is cooler. Uuugh. Well, I think this is enough for today. We'll be back, right? I hope so. I love logging during the holidays. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  4. Two years since I started my log and joined TT! Time flies.

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      I've been with Tamatalk for four years. Time does indeed fly.

    2. Amat Gotchi
    3. CheesyNoodleTama
  5. Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for liking our last post! Ugg Boot evolved into Mametchi. Perfect care! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ You're STILL calling me Ugg Boot? You were so vocal about being called George Clooney. You begged for a different name. And you got one. *huffs* Can I change my name back to George Clooney? You hated that name. Still. I want to change it back. How about you tell the world what you did during the weekend. Blue went to all these places with food and did not share and she is being a meanie and still calling me Ugg Boot and I want to hit her but I won't. I thought Mametchis were supposed to be polite! I'd be more polite if you named me George Clooney. Don't be ridiculous, Ugg Boot. Blue also changed my living room so that I'm not living in an aquarium anymore. The squid kept trying to scare me. It didn't work. Oh, please. You screamed so loud when he tapped you on the shoulder. And now my living room is outer space, which is super cool because astronomy is cool. And for the record, I did not scream. I...made a surprised sound. Screamed. If I say I screamed, will you name me George Clooney? Yeah, sure, whatever. Okay, I screamed. Alright, George Clooney.
  6. Hello! I've tentatively decided to stay with logging for now, but expect short, infrequent updates as I pretty much have 0 ideas lol I'm currently running my 15th Anniversary iD L. I have an Ahirukutchi named George Clooney. Which is the lamest name in the universe! It is not! It's funny! Why couldn't I have been named something else? Something normal? Because someone suggested I name my Tamagotchi George Clooney, so I did. *hangs head* I hate having someone who can decide on my name. And what I eat. And what I do. Why can't I decide? The point is that I get to decide. This sucks. I could also change your name. Wait! Really? Yeah, if I wanted to. Well...well...you should! Why? Because I feel stupid being named after some human who is apparently famous. That's not a good reason. Well...I might get bullied because of this stupid name! Yeah! *puffs up* You don't go to school. You don't interact with anyone except for me. I just feel stupid, okay??? I hate this name! Change it to something, anything! Just not George Clooney! Pleeeaaassseee??? Hmmm...okay. Yay! Your new name will be...Ugg Boot. Great, that's...Ugg Boot?? That's worse than George Clooney! You said to change it to "something, anything! Just not George Clooney!". That's something, that's anything, and that's not George Clooney! Can you change it back to George Clooney, Blue? Please? Not a chance, Ugg Boot. Ugh.
  7. Hello, everyone. It's been two weeks since I've last posted, and unfortunately, I haven't unpaused my Tamagotchi since then. I simply haven't had time for them. I've been seriously debating whether or not to start another one up, because I feel like I'm sometimes being unfair to them by pausing them and never playing games with them. I feel like I don't pay enough attention to them when I'm running them, and they are using up batteries just so I can keep this log going. Don't get me wrong, Tamagotchis are really fun to run and this log is fun to write, but I just don't know if I have enough time for it this year. I've been a lot busier with homework, friends, and a lot of other things this year and it's just getting a lot harder to keep a regular log going like I did almost two years ago. I've been thinking about running my 15th Anniversary iD L again and trying to finish my TaMaToMo book, but I never get the baby or toddler I need to get the adults I need. I thought about running my V4.5, but those die way too easily and I really don't like having Tamagotchis die on me. Thoughts on which I should run? Thoughts on if I should continue logging? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Expect a post on whether or not I've started a Tamagotchi and if I'll continue with this log for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading and sticking with me, guys. I really do appreciated it.
  8. Thanks to newtamamama for following, I really appreciate it! Thanks to anyone who has liked posts! A huge thanks to all readers for getting us up to 14 000 views!! You guys are amazing! I haven't updated in so long....;A; Anyway, I started up my V5, because I can get multiple Tamas talking with only one Tamagotchi. ...I hatched only one. -.- Arthur is a boy. He's currently a Mousetchi. I have no siblings! It sucks! The whole point of this stupid Tamagotchi shell is to have siblings, but noooo, I'm an only child! It's just me, my parents, and Blue. Well, I was kind of disappointed too. Your dad was an only child too. Sniff...I hate being an only child. It's no fun. You don't have anyone to argue with. You can have all the food. You get all of your parents' attention. I have nobody to talk to, I don't eat that much, and I get too much attention. I can only talk to you. ;u; A fate worse than death! Hey! What? It's true. And you never share your food with me. You could've given me a little spoon of mashed potatoes, or a crumb of garlic bread, or even *sighs* a piece of turkey! But you ate it all for yourself! I'm a human. I'm hungry. And you have tons of food too. I even bought you a new snack! Pfft. It's not even that good. I spent Gotchi Points on that rip off TV Shopping show that you watch all the time! It's not a rip off! And it's not just a show, it's a lifestyle. It's just a show. Like how Attack on Titan is just a show? Yes. (My brilliant comeback did not go as planned. Must think up new ones in spare time.) *looks over Arthur's shoulder* Is that a diiiiary? *slams notebook shut* Noooo!! It's...a...log! To send back to Tamagotchi Planet! Why use that log when you can use this one? Because it's stupid. Rude! (Humans are equally as bad at comebacks. Interesting.) I knew it! You are keeping a diary! Lucky for you, you don't have any siblings to tease you about it. But, you have...me! A fate worse than death. You said that already. Still rude. (Human #5722 enjoys the word rude. Must look into it.) It's time to go, Arthur. Do you have anything you want to say? H E L P M E Never mind. Thanks for reading, everyone!
  9. Thanks to all of you for 13 809 views! Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for liking our last post! I'm so sorry about not updating! As usual, we can point fingers at school. -.- Zebra (15thA iD L): Evolved into Meistertchi. I have all the Henshin Jo transformations from Kujyakutchi (I forgot how to spell his name haha) and Sunnytchi, so whenever I get those teens I kind of just go through the motions and end up with a perfect care. Blue is a meanie. All I did was sleep this week. I'm really busy! But today was okay so far, because Blue bought me a pack of seeds and I planted them, and she's going to buy me a new hat. Hats are cool. Super cool. And Blue changed my living room theme so now it's a jellybean kind of thing. I like jellybeans, but the letters in the back spell out "Jerrybeans". I think it's funny. And I think it's embarrassing. Change it, please. No. Why not?? Because it's cool. That's a dumb reason! Take me to the decorating place and get it changed! Now!!! Magic word? *sighs* Please, oh great Blue, supreme ruler over me and all other Tamagotchis? Hmmm... No. Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh. I can't wait to get married. Actually, come October, I'll be taking your batteries out. Whaaaat?? Well, I want to run different Tamagotchis, but I can't run my iD L and another one at the same time. That's too much work. So, every month, I'll run a different Tamagotchi. (hopefully) But...but... I want to run my iD L and another Tamagotchi but it takes too much time and I don't have enough for Tamagotchis. You're already suffering as it is. Yeah, just a little. It's the 28th. 2 more days. :< Aw, don't worry. Your batteries will be back in before you know it. Hmph. ... Well, thanks for reading! Sorry about the lack of updates, hopefully I can get one in before the weekend this week. *pokes Zebra* Do you want to say bye? ... Okay, then.
  10. I have not updated in so long, I'm sorry. ;A; School and just life in general have gotten in the way, and I haven't really found a good time to log when I'm not tired. But, on the bright side, my Tamagotchi has not died! (yet) I think there will be lots of random updates like this because I can't really update every day anymore. I'M ZEBRA AND I'M A DAIYATCHI AND I LOOK LIKE A DIAMOND AND BLUE SUCKS Thanks for reading this super short update, I'm really sorry about this bad updating. x.o
  11. Yvette became Mikazukitchi! I'm going to try for Meloditchi again. AGH MY HEAD IS SUPER HEAVY *falls over* Does your head glow in the dark? *muffled* How would I know? *rolls over* Blue, I can't sit up. Let's see if you glow in the dark! *turns off all the lights* You do!!! Blue- Now I can use you as a nightlight! BLUE I CAN'T SIT UP! Oh. Why didn't you say so? *pulls Yvette up* Yay, now I'm sitting- *falls down again* Ow. So, like I said, I'm aiming for Meloditchi- AND YOU TOOK ME TO THE CAFE AND I WAS LIKE YAY THIS IS NICE BLUE IS TREATING ME TO A SNACK AND THEN YOU SHOVED TEN DIFFERENT THINGS IN MY MOUTH AND I HAD TO EAT THEM IT WAS TORTURE I TELL YOU TORTURE WHY DID YOU DO THAT NOW I'M FAT Because the only way I'll get Meloditchi is through feeding you 20 or more snacks! I hate being a teenager. You feed me too much food, my head is heavy, and you won't stop turning the lights on and off so I can glow in the dark. What? It's fun! You light up just like a...a...lightbulb! Laaaaame.
  12. Thanks to CheesyNoodleTama for liking our last post! Thanks to all readers for getting us up to 13 600 views!I I'm really sorry about not updating for so long! I just haven't found the time to sit down and log. I've taken out the batteries in my TMGC+C because I don't think I can run more than one Tamagotchi right now. I'm currently running my 15thA iD L but that will change because I want to run multiple versions while school is going on. Yvette (15thA iD L): Kusatchi. Well, it's just you and me, Yvette. Booooring. You're the most boringest boring person in the world, Blue! I wish I had a brother or sister. No, you don't. Hmph! You're not the one stuck with only a boring human to talk to. Yaaaawwwn. You don't even use a colour! You just use plain old boring BLACK! Tell the readers about your day. Okay, well, today I was born and I was a Marutchi which basically means I was a yellow blob and then my daddy abandoned me and left me with Blue, and then Blue took care of me really badly and didn't share her food with me and then I evolved into Kusatchi and now I'm a talking flower. The end. Booooring. Don't tell me I'm boring! It's supposed to be the other way around! *throws petals at Blue* You do know petals aren't weapons? Aaaaaargh! I don't have any arms or legs! I AM A PLANT! I HATE THIS! It could be worse. You could become Mikazukitchi and have a super heavy moon for a head and fall over a lot. At least I'll have arms and legs and I won't be a plant! Blue, this room is boring. Can we change it? But I like it. It's a library. I've wanted to use it for a long time. But I don't like it! I'm the one living with it! I'm the one who controls your Gotchi Points! Why, you-
  13. Thanks to whoever rated my log, whoever liked posts, and for getting us up to 13 500 views!! So sorry for not updating. I've been super busy cleaning stuff up and school and just getting used to spending time with like a million other people every day Vick (15thA iD L): Is Sunopotchi. Tasha (TMGC+C): Got married and had a boy, Umbrella. He's an Oyajitchi. Pierre (TMGO): Took batteries out because 1) I need AAA batteries and running three that require two AAA's drains my supply, and 2) I don't have time for even two Tamagotchis anymore. Alright, you each get two sentences. I'M A PENGUIN AND IT'S AWESOME AND I LIKE ICE CREAM AND BLUE IS A MEANIE I DON'T HAVE ARMS IT SUCKS Sorry for the sucky post, I'm really tired right now. -.-
  14. Thanks to whoever rated for your input! Thanks to tamastar133 for liking our last post! Thanks to Tamacass for following! I really appreciate it! Photos today! Unfortunately...Tessa died. -.-" It's been the second time in a week! I feel really bad about it. So, I hatched a boy, Vick. He's currently Ahirukutchi, and will evolve soon. Tasha (TMGC+C): Will be getting married soon. Pierre (TMGO): I lied, I haven't gotten to his baby hour yet. I've been really busy cleaning up and I'm not sure if I can run a third Tamagotchi because of school. SHAME ON YOU BLUE SHAME ON YOU YOU MADE MY SISTER RUN AWAY HOW COULD YOU AND NOW YOU LEFT ME WITH ALL THESE...BOYS! Hey! What's wrong with boys? Boys are the coolest!! *puffs up* I'm a girl! YOU DON'T COUNT YOU'RE A HUMAN But I'm still a girl. Whatever. HEY GUYS TODAY I VISITED THE MAGICAL MOUNTAIN OF MAGICALNESS AND I GOT THIS MAGIC POTATO! That's a small potato. DON'T INSULT THE MAGIC POTATO! Hey, let's make mashed potatoes! *dumps potato in pot* NOOOOOOOOOOO- I am the Potato Genie! Who dares to summon me? I do! Well, then, you have 3 wishes. Only three? Well, then, I wish- THAT I HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD *snaps fingers* Yay, I have...BUNNIES???? Yes, you have all the bunnies in the world! That is what you wished for! Next wish! No, I said- I WISH THAT I'LL HAVE AN ENDLESS SUPPLY OF RAVIOLI *snaps fingers* YEAH, I HAVE...TORTELLINI? I wished for ravioli! 1 more wish! Next one! I WISH THAT UM UM UM UM I GET A SMALL POTATO *snaps fingers* YAY I HAVE A SMALL POTATO KSDLFJDLKSJFLSDJLFSJ *flashing light* Whoa! I evolved into Sunnytchi! My service is fulfilled! *disappears* Ugh! What am I going to do with all this tortellini? What am I going to do with all these bunnies? I GOT MY WISH I GOT MY WISH I GOT A SMALL POTATO YAY I didn't get a wish, and it was my idea to cook the potato, which summoned the genie. ... ... ... WHATEVER NOBODY CARES (okay so I didn't finish resizing my entire batch of pictures but I'll post the ones I did finish ok) IT'S MY ANCESTOR I THINK SHE'S MARY POPPINS AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT Now that you bring it up, she does look like Mary Poppins. There's Tessa. Thanks for reading! GOOD BYE DEAR READERS
  15. Thanks to whoever rated for you input! Sorry for not updating! I was- WATCHING ANIME AND IGNORING US I was not- You were! You were all sitting in the chair in your sweats and staring at the screen until your eyeballs fell out. My eyeballs didn't fall out! What were those giant scary humans??? Titans. PSA DON'T WATCH THAT ANIME IT'S SCARY It's not that scary- THOSE GIANT TITANS WERE EATING- *claps hand over Tasha's mouth* They don't need to know. Anyway, updates: Tessa (15thA iD L): Evolved into Meloditchi, yay! wow haven't had a perfect care in so long Tasha (TMGC+C): Still Maidtchi! Pierre (TMGO): ...I promise I will take care of his baby hour today. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE PHOTOS OF ME RUDE I don't have photos of Tasha, either. I only have really old ones of a Maidtchi using an umbrella, which is like an ancient version of Tasha. Rude!! No wonder you didn't take any pictures of me! I mostly have photos of Tessa. HA! IN YOUR FACE! You play favourites, Blue. No, I don't. You could've taken care of my baby hour, but instead, you sat there and watched anime and read fanfiction! Do you know how stressful baby hour is? Well, no... I don't want to take care of it, plus I need to document when you poop in order to get your training bar filled up when you're older. ... We didn't need to know that. What? Never mind. WHEN ARE THE PHOTOS GOING TO BE DONE I WANT THE PEOPLE TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL FACE When Photobucket stops being a butt and uploads the last photo. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER CAN'T WE JUST TAKE AN AIRPLANE AND YOUR CAMERA AND SHOW ALL OUR READERS THE PICTURES Good luck with that. GAAAH THIS IS SO BORING I'D RATHER LISTEN TO TESSA TALK ABOUT HERSELF OKAY SO THIS ALL BEGAN WHEN- *claps hand over Tessa's mouth* Nobody cares! Can we just go and do photos next post? I guess so, since it's taking so long. GOOD BYE ADORING FANS AND DO NOT WORRY YOU WILL SEE PICTURES OF MY MELODITCHI-NESS VERY SOON