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  1. It could be -4 degrees out and you'll still see me drinking iced coffee.

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      I love Starbucks butterscotch Iced Frappachino

  2. I've been showing my BF on how to care for a tamagotchi and he thought the baby was a piece of poop and tried cleaning it up lol!

  3. So after a long day of classes and being at work all night last night, I finally managed to sit down, take some photo's, and update this log. I woke up to the sound of her making the transformation beep and she turned into a UFOtchi. She's very cute but she filled up her training bar quickly. She called for no reason a couple of times and cried once. Then she was discouraged for whatever reason so I praised her and that is what filled up her training bar. Puff also got to play with her friend Luna today, who transformed into a young Mimitchi. Their friendship has grown stronger but Luna still likes to pull pranks on Puff (especially with snakes) Puff was not to happy about that. Other than the pouting and calling for no reason she's been very good! She just turned two yesterday so she'll either turn three tomorrow or the day after that. There is not much to say in this log since there hasn't been much activity other than feeding, pooping, and playing jump. There will be more updates soon! ~Shop
  4. I have a V1 that is coming in on Friday that I'm pretty hyped about. It'll be new to me because I never had a V1 before.
  5. My boyfriend is absolutely wonderful for supporting my tama addiction lol!

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      So is my husand its awesome! XD


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  6. If anyone is wondering who bought that harambe cheeto it was actually me. I couldn't resist.

  7. Okay, it is day two of this log! I left Puff on pause for a while this morning because I had classes to go to but my professor let us out early due to dangerous snowy conditions (If you live in New England, you know what I mean) Anyway, when I got home I un-paused Puff and started to play with her. She is awfully cute. I learned from Puff that she loves to tumble around. Most toddler tamas do but the girl LOVES to tumble. I caught her doing this five or more times today and she definitely tumbles more than the others did. You can tell that she is a very happy tama! She also managed to make a new friend today named Luna. Luna is the daughter of my other V2 tama Ricky, who left last night to go back to his home planet. So now I'm currently taking care of two toddler Tamagotchi's and others. Luna can be a little fresh sometimes. She likes to give Puff snakes as gifts but can also be nice enough to give her her toy ball as a gift. ​Sometimes Luna & Puff will get competitive with each other but I can see a great friendship forming between the two (even when they pull pranks on each other) Here you can see Puff and Luna having an eating contest. Puff won this round but Luna has won many others. As for Puff's training she only has three bars. She doesn't call that much and is very laid back. She called for no reason once today so I disciplined her and she had a meltdown. I then praised her & that made her her happy, tumbling self again. Other than that she is a very well-behaved little tama. Even my boyfriend has grown a bit attached to Puff and asks about her. I'm hoping to fill in more training bars tonight. In other words, I want her to act up so I can properly train her and she'll be a good character in her adult years. I have no classes tomorrow so I'll have a lot of time to spend with her. I've also played Jump with her many times to keep her weight in check and she seems to enjoy that a lot. We'll be playing together and connecting with Luna until she has to go to bed at 8:00pm. That is about it for today and I'll check back in tomorrow! ~Shop
  8. Tamagotchi's Name: Ricky Tamagotchi's Age: 7 years old Date of Birth: Jan. 28, 2017 Date of Passing: Feb 7, 2017 (Did not pass away; left earth) What Generation? 1 Other Information? Mametchi Your Comments: Ricky was a Mamatchi on my first V2. He was a very good tama with full training bars and was the absolute cutest thing ever. He turned 6 when he fell in love with a Butterflytchi. He then had a baby girl with his wife and named her Luna. When he turned 7 he left to go to his home planet. Luna will be very well taken cared for while Ricky is living in Tamagotchi planet with his wife. I'll miss the little guy. Have fun in Tama planet!
  9. Hi there! I figured since I haven't started a log is a very long time I would start making one for my V2 Tamagotchi named Puff. Puff came in the mail today around 4:30PM and I was very excited to see that the tama was running very smoothly considering that it was well loved but gently used before. After she hatched I fed her and played Jump with her until she was at a healthy 6lbs. She also connected to my other V2 Ricky, who has a daughter of his own. He will soon leave earth to leave me with his daughter and Puff will befriend his little girl. I kept a very close eye on puff considering that tamas at the baby stage are needy and need the attention. After being well cared for she turned into a Hitodetchi. She is currently sleeping since it's past her bedtime and tomorrow will be her play day. Hopefully I'll be able to fill in some of her training bar tomorrow and there will be more to this log. ~Shop
  10. My new v2 just came in the mail and I'm so surprised by how responsive it is. It's perfect!

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      Aw how fun! Enjoy!

      V2s are one of my faves, so many cute animations :D

  11. I made the username 'shopgirl998' when I was 15 and now I absolutely hate it lol!

  12. It's a good day to be a Patriots fan!