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  1. So.. a lot of things have happened in the past couple days in my life and and my Tama's lives. The biggest thing with the Tamagotchi's though, is that Rose has passed away. I actually got a new puppy yesterday and he needs a lot of attention and I guess Rose needed my attention as well but I couldn't get to her at that moment and she is now gone. It's saddening because I really liked Rose and her as a Dorotchi. I will continue posting with my V4 and I am not sure about the V3. I hope to have my actual post up sometime today letting you what's going on with Leo. Goodbye Rose, I'll miss you. <3
  2. Hello lovelies! So yesterday, Leo evolved into an adult. Yeah! I'm a Tarakotchi! I'm so happy I didn't get a universal adult even though I'm still ugly Awe, Leo, it's okay! You're not ugly either. Let's show everyone what you look like! Also! I got a job at the bakery! I'm so excited to eat sweets all day Oh I don't think so! I'm not going to let you get fat. Not EVER! You'll ruin your close up Rose on the other hand didn't evolve until today! She was 4 when she evolved which is later that usual :\ So what, I'm a little slow.. Who cares if I evolved into a cute little Dorotchi! I'm adorable! AH!!! <3 Yes, I do think you're quite cute! Let's show everyone! That's it for today! BYE -Caillie & Leo & Rose!
  3. Okay so I'm a day late in posting but I was kind of busy.. so here we go! Leo has evolved as you already know into a hawainotchi or something and has Ms. Flower as a teacher. He's 2 years old and is around 20 lbs! I know, I know, I got a universal character I was disappointed in myself but I guess it's good in a way because I've never had it before! I saw somewhere that universal teens can evolve into any adult, universal or not, so I'm hoping but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Anyways, Rose is also a teen and is a hinatchi! She is also 2 years old and around 20 lbs. I love this character and don't get it very often! That's it for today! Leo should be evolving tomorrow and possibly even Rose as well! Goodbye for now -Caillie & Leo & Rose
  4. BONJOUR! I started up Stuart and Lily's babies today! But first, here's a picture of Lily leaving her baby.. The baby is named Rose.. I kind of have a flower theme going on for the names with this Tamagotchi. Here's a picture! She is now a Kuchitamatchi I believe but she went to sleep before I could take a picture :\ She'll talk in Red. Stuart's son on the other hand is named Leo. Short for Leonard but we'll be calling him Leo. He will talk in Dark Green. Here's a picture of him as a Mohitamatchi! They're both sleeping now because it is late but they can talk tomorrow. I will also have more pictures. One of Rose as a toddler and pictures of both Rose and Leo as teens since they will be evolving tomorrow. I'm so excited! I want Leo to get into a group other than the Mame group. That's all for today! More tomorrow, bye! -Caillie & Leo(sleeping) & Rose(sleeping)!
  5. Hi there A really weird thing happened the other day. Stuart's name on the Tamagotchi is Stu right? Well now it's Qtu.. How weird right? Must be a glitch xD Anyways, Stu got marrrriiiieeeddddd to a lovely Pukatchi I believe. Doesn't he looks like of herp derp-ish? Cross-eyed for sure! Anyways, he had a little baby boy Here's Lily as an Adult now finally! She also got married to a Billotchi or something x) Lily had a beautiful baby girl.. Today or tomorrow they will be leaving their children though so this will be the last post! So I liked being a part of this log and even though I'm now 'Qtu' I'm glad to have been in Caillie's care and to leave my little son with her. Goodbye Tamatalk! I also enjoyed being part of this log. I loved being here for Christmas and the holiday's. I hope my daughter will grow up to be strong and beautiful. Goodbye! AWE, okay, that's it for today. Goodbye for now! -Caillie & Stuart+baby & Lily+baby
  6. OMG sorry for not replying sooner! I was at my friends house with no internet! But anyways, let's get to it. Lily finally evolved into a Pyonkotchi or something. Haha. She is now 6 and will be seven tomorrow along with Stuart. I don't have pictures today but tomorrow for sure. Stuart accidentally got a job. I opened the [!] mail and it took me to a school and I thought it was going to be when Stuart says goodbye to his teacher but it totally skipped it! I accidentally went and applied for a job at the school instead so Stuart is not pleased at all. Lily is sleeping right now so only I can talk but OMG I'm so mad! I really hate being a teacher. I like comics and books not kids and chalkboards. UGH! It'll be okay Stuart. You can always get a new job! But you and Lily will also be getting a visit from the Matchmaker! Isn't that exciting?! KIDS?! NOOOOOOOOOOO Oh Stuart, shush up. You'll be fine. Goodbye everyone! -Caillie & Stuart & Lily(sleeping)
  7. BONJOUR! AND Happy Boxing day! I didn't buy anything, but it was still fun going out to the mall. ANYWAYS, Stuart has evolved from a young Androtchi and is now a Zukyutchi! I think that's what it's called. He was thrilled when it happened. Here is Stuart as a teenager.. And now, here's Stuart as an Adult! Lily, at the moment, is still a Patapatachi and I am hoping that she evolves soon! She's been 3 since this morning so I don't know why it's taking her so long.. Well that's it for today. I'll update again tomorrow. BYE! -Caillie & Stuart & Lily
  8. It's almost Christmas day where I am right now and excitement is in the air! I thought I'd give you a mini update (sans photos) and let you know how the little Tamas are doing. Stuart, my V4 and Farrah's son, is doing quite well as he evolved into a young Androtchi and got into the Mame family just like the rest of his family. We were hoping for the Meme family but that's okay. He'll be 2 years old Christmas morning and will be becoming an adult in no time! He is attending school now and chose Mr. Canvas. He isn't the most social boy but really wants to become a Zukyutchi. Lily is the same age as Stuart and became a Patapatachi. She's quite happy with her evolution and is hoping to become Mimiyoritchi. She looks like a cute little girl and Lily is so sweet and innocent so it suits her. They can't talk right now because they're sleeping and it's 12:02 in the morning so I should go to bed too. To anyone celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas! I won't be posting tomorrow but for sure the next day, hopefully with pictures.. BYE!
  9. Hey everyone! So today is the day! The day that Farrah's son is now going to be logged and another Tamagotchi too! Let's get started! I started up Farrah's son and named him Stu but his name will be Stuart as it didn't fit. He was a lovely little baby and is now a Petitchi. He weighs 11 lbs and has 2 trainings. Here's a picture! My new Tamagotchi that I'll be adding to this log is a version 3. I was excited to add another Tamagotchi in so that my V4 had someone to play with when my boyfriend isn't around. I started it up and got a little girl. I named her Lily after my cat and she is now a cute Mizutamatchi. She kind of looks like ice cream.. here's a picture of her too! They should turn into teenagers tomorrow morning sometime Stuart will talk in Orange and Lily will talk in Lime green. I will always be speaking in black. Hey! What's up Tamatalk! I'm Stuart and girls are icky... HEY I'm not icky. You're gross Stuart.. you pick your nose! I do not.. *pick pick* MOM make him stop! Alright now children.. stop it or I'll make you go to your rooms! Okay, Okay, Okay! Good! Okay, time to go! BYE! -Caillie & Stuart & Lily!
  10. HELLO! SO I didn't post yesterday because we decided that we weren't going to start the new babies until Friday morning since Dawn (the other Tamagotchi I mentioned sometimes) is a little behind due to battery malfunctions. I will post again tomorrow when the babies are up and going or when we have children. Here are some pictures: The first one is Farrah and her baby boy and the second one is when she was leaving him to go back to Tamaplanet. That's all for today though. I'll be back tomorrow, bye! -Caillie
  11. Hello! Last night Farrah turned 6 so I set the time to 6:59 and waited and waited and then finally the Matchmaker came at 7:00pm and brought Farrah a Simasimatchi. The big, fat striped dude that reminds me of a bumble bee. Farrah loved him and so they got married and had some bouncing baby boys. I was ecstatic as this is my first boy on this Tamagotchi since I started it up. Farrah will be leaving her son tonight and tomorrow I will be raising it. The next generation. I will also be adding either a V2 or V3 into this log tomorrow as well. I hope that's okay. I've had a log before on a different account with up to 4 Tamagotchi's. I will probably only get up to 3 on this log though. I just thought that I'd say goodbye to all of my viewers since I won't be able to talk to them again after tonight. I am thankful for each and every one of you and will miss Caillie and being on earth. I will miss my new baby most of all though. I will watch him grow up on Tamaplanet. I never did become a model or get a job at the TV station.. but I feel as though I had a full life. Goodbye everyone! Awe, that's was very sweet Farrah. I'll miss you too. <3 That's it for today as I have to head home for the holidays and my ride should be here any minute! I'll try and snap some pictures tonight of Farrah before she leaves. Goodbye! Xoxo, -Caillie & Farrah & Baby
  12. Bonjour! Nothing happened with Farrah yesterday. She helped me film some videos and I took her out to the mall and such but that's about it. She turned 5 and tonight will be turning 6. As soon as she turns 6 I will set the time for the Matchmaker to come and bring her a boyfriend! Maybe this time I'll get a boy! Tis the season to be jolly.. and talk to Christmas trees I guess, as I see Farrah talking to Mr. Christmas a lot. I decided to draw a picture.. Haha, Mr. Christmas is never very decorated is he? That's all for now. We'll talk to you again soon. Goodbye! Bye! Xoxo, -Caillie & Farrah
  13. Heyhey! Today Farrah left high school and was off to go find a job. First she tried the job at the TV station in order to get herself out and there and possibly be seen by modeling agents but there was no such luck. She was rejected by all 3 judges. Next she went to the recording studio to become a pop star and was accepted! She's happy enough with this job and is still hoping that it could lead her to modeling. Farrah has also turned 4 and will be getting a child within a couple days! I feel like I just got Farrah and now she's so close to leaving me Here are Farrah's stats: 9/9 Training Intelligence-58 Artistic-185 Social-26 31 lbs That's all for today, Ciao! - Caillie & Farrah
  14. Hello! I have Dawn and Farrah with me because once again my boyfriend has an exam so I'm taking care of his Tamagotchi. Farrah evolved into Maidtchi and I couldn't be happier! Well.. unless she was a Violetchi.. *ahem* I usually don't notice when my Tamagotchi's evolve because I always keep the sound off and today was no different. I was sick and when I have rolled over to check on her she was a Maidtchi. Farrah also turned 3 today. Here are her close ups! She wants to be a model.. So yeah, I want to be a model as Caillie already told you but like.. apparently it's not an actual job in the Tamagotchi world. So I might have to get a real job and do modeling on the side It's not fair. Tamagotchi's should get to do whatever they want and not be discriminated against. Oh Farrah, relax. You'll do fine at whatever job you decide to get and we can always let you do modeling on the side. Thanks, I appreciate it. Well, we should go. More updates tomorrow! -Caillie & Farrah & Dawn