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  1. My lip rings have finally come in the mail. Yay.

    1. TamaMum


      Last comment by you removed. No swearing.

  2. I was horrible to my best friend. He will never forgive me. It's been 2 weeks.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KarinaBM13


      No he hates me he just said to me on skype :'(

    3. Moussette


      :'( give him some time *huggles*

    4. KarinaBM13


      Haha okay thank youu :'( *huggles*

  3. I was horrible to my best friend. He will never forgive me. It's been 2 weeks.

  4. What game is this, sounds epic.
  5. Walking home with my best friend [ who just happens to be my crush ;) ], and then I notice I have THE BIGGEST ZIT EVER on my forehead. Eww.

  6. No I'm sorry for swearing and being rude this whole time. Got a lot going on. Thank you very much for this help, now I have nothing to worry about knowing I'm getting the stamp soon.
  7. You f*****g liar. I knew you get another stamp after 48 hours. Why you giving me crap advice while telling others the simple truth? http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/185038-how-i-can-get-tamatomo-stamps/
  8. Uh no it's English :| I've only had an adult for about 12 hours maybe that's why?
  9. I have a stupid gozarutchi on my idl -,- When I put an afro on him he doesn't get a tamatomo stamp thingie. Why D:
  10. My iDL is annoying the crap outta me. STOP BEEPING FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!! >:(

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    2. tamagotchialice


      I dont get it...is it what Midorime said, or what JLou said? :?

    3. KarinaBM13


      What Midorime said. :P

    4. tamagotchialice


      lol then care for it xDDDDDDDD

      or just set the time to the time screen or make it sleep xD

  11. Yes, I know. I have already got that stamp. That was not my question.