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  1. Hi does the tamago points cheat generator not work anymore? I tried typing in various logout codes for my tamago various characters adult/ teenage stage. It still won't work!?
  2. Tamago food Shop is still empty!? After so many days!! Whats going on?
  3. Thank you so much! I did not know! All these new pets coming out... and different functions.
  4. Does anyone know how to pause Touma pet game? Also turn it off w/o losing data? I kno it charges w cable
  5. Yes i had reset it at the tama clock screen. Right niw is 3rd day. Stil nothing in shop. 😦
  6. I jus tried resetting it those times you mentioned. Nothing works!? I even tried waiting the whole day. Right nows the 2nd day. (I did put my tama to sleep btw.) Stil everything in the shop is labeled as "Sold". Please help!
  7. Hi does anyone know the times for the Tamago food and remodel shops to restock?
  8. 1. Can someone please give me a list of trading groups for 5.5.? Even if it is Expensive. As i never been to it before. 2. Also is there anywhere online that sell Used 2nd hand 5.5's?
  9. I jus found Instagram to have alot of selling tamas too. Does anyone know of its reliable? Is it safe to buy from them?
  10. It worked thank you so much!