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  1. Hi do you own tamenagerie? I want to purchase something on there! Please message me when you get this.

  2. Hi do you run Tamenagerie? I want to purchase something on there. Please reply if you got this.

    1. TamaMum


      I've sent you a private mssg :)


  3. I finally got me one of these to help with my Idl trasfers! Purchased from Cutie Pie Kawaii. I just transferred and realize all the IDL items names are in JP once it got over. Has anyone ever tried to personally use the phone to beam on computer/ laptop if possible to get the English ver of the files? (I've already copied down numerous JP guides & translations on paper and printed.) But I really want them in English once beamed w Irda. Please help.
  4. Just curious. Do these Usb devices on the site you showed me work w Windows 10? Cables Unlimited USB IrDA Wireless Bridge - chrispilot2293 Grand Irexpress USB IrDA - jordboss Sweex UFIR Stir(2.0) USB IrDA dongle
  5. Yes thank you! I prolly need to know where can I get those phones. I need a list of them!
  6. Hi i know im kinda late but just now getting back to my Tama english Idl. I heard that Usb irda adapters are not working well w Win 10? Is that true? Or what device should I get to get my transfers over?
  7. There was no inscription on the Usb device, The only thing i done was emailed the Ebay seller. They aren't getting back with me for more info on the device. What should I do?
  8. Hi I already have a Usb device. I just want to know more about using Blutooth. Are you sure that was the right link for Blutooth you provided? Showed something different.
  9. Every now and then, I come across in forum heard of Past random tama users who can actually transfer over Tama Idl downloads by beaming over their blutooth & worked! They bragged about it proud!😅 I know this Isn't the usual way to get transfers Idl, but can somebody show me how to do that successfully? Or know of a certain way using blutooth?
  10. My other 1st adapter i ordered online years ago, came new in package, which was successful with Windows XP Tama downloads. I got what i wanted yes! But NOW this 2nd one I ordered (the black one in pic above) only came by itself. No other Cd/Software included, Plus I no longer have Win XP anymore, Just Windows 7 and 10 now.
  11. What's difference b/n Dongle and Adapter? Which one is better for download?
  12. Hi i have a new Win 10 laptop. I tried downloading items following instructions 4th icon Download. Nothing seems to come across on computer screen or on Tama! What do I need to do? Someone please help me! Nothing is showing up after i plugged in UsB!
  13. I meant afterwards when we download the English patch for the japanese idl. Can this usb irda with no name be used for regular English Tama idl downloads?
  14. When the Japanese idl had become English thru this phase, does it still contain any glitches? Meaning will anything get in way of it attaining Tamatomo/final stage gotchi destination?