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  1. Christmas is coming and so is my IDL :)

  2. Excited for the new Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

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    2. Iceland <3

      Iceland <3

      It's not exactly a tama.... Or any virtual pet for that matter..

    3. dazzilitchigirl


      I'm not really excited...

    4. Orandatchi


      tamagotchi lie

  3. Ive created a Facebook 'Like' page for the new Tamagotchi L.i.f.e Be sure to check it out and share any news/gossip/rumours
  4. I really don't get "Love is Fun Everywhere" how much did they pay the person to come up with that?? Beyond excited to see the overall hardware and software design! Fingers crossed its a coloured screen
  5. Beyond annoying!!!!! TamaTown hasnt been working since Christmas day Hope Bandai sort it out soon!
  6. Hey Tama Fans, So its been 2 days now and im still unable to access TamaTown very annoying as i only just created my account on Christmas day. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  7. That's Violetchilluvr3 hopefully it will be working again soon
  8. Hi everyone, Im new to TamaTalk and TamaTown. I managed to log onto TamaTown yesterday but today it keeps coming up with "Sorry but we lost your connection" im using Firefox as my Internet. Is anyone else have problems?
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! I got a Tama-Go yaaaay! Was so excited opening it and already playing it Hope everyone's having a lovely day
  10. Yay I got myself a Tama-Go for Christmas : ) sooo happy Merry Christmas everyone
  11. Yaaaaay I got a Tama-Goto today! So happy UK Fan x
  12. As I've mentioned already I'm back in my home town (Birmingham, UK) for the Christmas Holidays, since my return I've been on the search for my original Tamagotchi from 1996. Unfortunately I've not been able to find it however, i have manage to find my stash of tamagotchi magazines, my digi pet and my Furby Baby. I've added a video of YouTube for anyone that maybe interested. Officialluke
  13. On the hunt for my original Tamagotchi . .