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    My fiance, tamas, dreadlocks, knitting, making peyote sleeves, baking/cooking, Etsy, my dogs, elephants, jasmine green tea, hiking, backpacking, hot springs/water, astrology, being a free spirit, and peace ☼ ...oh my! I forgot MUSIC, it's my lifeforce!

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  1. HippyFish

    TAMAGOTCHI + COLOR Hexagontchi

    Hey there! I actually have some files on the Hexagontchi, to include help with the mini games and some codes for some items that you can acquire also. I will try to message you and send them along Congrats on your new Hexagon! If you have any questions feel free to ask, as I know we've already talked about my log HF☼
  2. I voted for the new design. I think not only does the site need some "sprucing" up (and the new logo could do just that), but also, when guests are browsing the site from Google and the like, this revamped look could also help to pull new members in as they seem more welcoming and inviting and also give of the appearance of the site being a fun and modern place. I must applaud graficks on a job well done with designing these new logos, with an obvious intent of keeping the site looking spiffy and hip One suggestion or idea I had was with the Tamagotchi in the upper left corner. I'm not graphically literate and equally unaware of all the ins and outs, but I thought it would be fresh and renewing if the shell casing was ever changing in color (just as the animations sometimes change). Meaning, it would be pretty neat to be roaming around the site, going into different forums and every time a new page loads, the color of the tamagotchi changes as well. Hmmm, or even some shells with designs. I don't know if this is even possible, just a suggestion (what can I say, I like color )
  3. HippyFish

    2/2/12 Hatching (Groundhog's Day)

    Looks like the generation is coming to an end for some! Sorry for not posting yesterday... busy and hectic day! Unfortunately Joh passed on, but not intentionally. I couldn't turn his sound off and when we went to bed the night before, he was still awake. So I had to stuff him under some clothes... sadly, since he wasn't in plain view in the morning, nor did I hear him, I had forgotten he was there. Needless to say, he has since returned to Tama Planet! **Great job on your hatches everyone!**
  4. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    *Off Topic Update: Just sharing some new collection additions that arrived today! Days like these are so awesome
  5. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    • Day 14 (Part IV) - Remodeling Well, after one thing, a baby always wants another... ... strangely, what Wild wanted was an interior decorator... not food?! What kinda babytchi is this? Inside, he began, so articulately I might add, asking the carpenter all sorts of questions about designs & colors. I was curious to see what Wild had in mind... looked like a pretty in depth discussion! Finally after all the kinks were worked out... ... Wild revealed to us all exactly the design he was after. How earthy, I love it! But, as surprising as it may seem... ... the father who had walked out on him hadn't left him much to get by with "It's okay Wild, we'll find a way to get you your much needed remodel!" And so it was time for us to get out there and make some dough to fund Wild's expensive tastes!
  6. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    • Day 14 (Part III) - Baby! After some lunch I checked in on the new Daddy and his baby boy... ... but Duck was nowhere to be found, he had abandoned the new baby! Some men just can't handle responsibility. And the poor little thing didn't even have a name yet. Once he woke up, it was pretty clear that his Dad wasn't coming back, so I decided on his name, of course taking his father's as his surname... ... welcome to the world "Wild Duck". Since Wild was so upset that his father had walked out on him, I thought maybe the Celine Dion CD might cheer him up... ... uninterested, he turned away, guess he and his father don't have the same tastes. Then, I knew something that would definitely make his day... and mine! Ooooo Hexagon toy time! Which leads us to our first and most easily obtainable, letter N! And also a much happier Wild. Such a great start to the new little tyke's life... but we all know they're never fully satisfied
  7. HippyFish

    2/2/12 Hatching (Groundhog's Day)

    Well thanks for the great news Stefan ... lol, j/k ... I really had no idea, just assumed that all Tamas saw the matchmaker or mated to produce offspring... that's a bit of a bummer. Hmm, I wonder how long it takes for him to die? And yes, I figured this was a bad character... he was fed lots of candy
  8. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    • Day 14 (Part II) - Marriage?! With the weird and sudden reaction Duck was having to his "Love Chocolate" I wanted to keep an eye on him to make sure everything was okay. Unfortunately, parents get busy, other things come up and you just can't watch 'em all the time. When I checked in on Duck, the house was empty!! He was gone and I had no idea where my little Nonbiritchi had gone! I decided to go out and search the town for him hoping I might find a clue and I was shocked when I finally found him at... ... the MatchMaker's?! When I followed after him inside... ... to my surprise they were already discussing the details of his potential mate... OMG, was he ready?! And just like that the MatchMaker sent out Duck's dream girl... ...eh, Sebiretchi? Duck wasn't the least bit impressed and quite frankly neither was I... he deserved better. Onto the next Bachelorette please! Hmmm, Furawatchi? Was she meant to be Duck's soulmate?? ... he does look quite smitten After much anticipation... ... the deal was sealed!! Duck was finally tying the knot with adorable Furawatchi!! "Nice catch Duck " After the lovey dovey moment had passed, the real fun began... ... oh yes my little Duck-ling, the joys of being a parent... he looks so excited... After getting used to the idea of being a Dad, Duck started to warm up to the little guy quickly... ... aww, look at him bonding with his new son. Slowly, I think Duck was getting the hang of this new parenting thing... ... as I caught him covering up the sleepy baby, I knew he was going to make a great new Dad I couldn't wait to see what was next for this budding Father and Son pair!
  9. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    • Day 14 (Adult) - 6/Feb/12 We were on our way outside to check out our tree this morning when something strange happened instead... ... we ended up on the other side of the house with some strange apparition. I can only assume this was a snow sculpture of some kind, Duck was happy to see it though, but where did our tree go?! At any rate, since Duck was feeling much better from his 24 hr. bug, I wanted to take him around and have some fun... ... first we stopped at the park, and of course, he made another new friend... he's so popular The fun didn't stop there, I had more excitement for Duck up my sleeve... ... oh yah! Amusement Park time!!! Duck ran to the first ride that caught his eye... ... it appeared to be some sort of Haunted House? After what happened next, I'm pretty sure I was right... ... loud, shreaking, girly screams came from inside the one eyed monster's mouth... "Duck! Are you alright?!" I waited and waited for some sign that he was okay... ... finally he appeared from the abyss, sobbing. I don't think he'll be going on that ride again After that traumatizing little experience I took Duck home for one of his favorite pick-me ups... ...YUM - MEE!!! No complaints from Duck, though the chocolate did make him a bit gassy Hmmm, after eating the "Love Chocolate", it seemed to throw Duck into some sort of romantic trance... but I wasn't sure exactly what this meant...
  10. HippyFish

    2/2/12 Hatching (Groundhog's Day)

    Okay, so just a short update for today! Joh evolved into an Adult (Nyorotchi) this morning, yay.. he's kinda cute, but reminds me of something else, so kinda awkward! So this is him now at 5 yrs old... just had to share I guess it might take him longer to marry than the iD Ls?
  11. HippyFish

    What are you listening to now?

    "Karma Police" - Radiohead
  12. HippyFish

    The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

    • Day 13 (Adult) - 5/Feb/12 Another lovely morning waking up to special moments with Duck... Uhhhh hahaha, are you kidding me?! Who's gonna clean that mess up?? Apparently not Duck! I really thought he was old enough to go to the bathroom on his own by now, after all, he is an Adult... (real cute how he tries to hide and act like it wasn't him) So after that little fiasco, you could only guess what was next. I mean, what was I supposed to think, he's filthy and the room is covered in poo... was he playing in it?! Ugh gross! Without a moment of hesitation, I scrubbed and showered him down, and Duck was back to his sparkly self... well, sorta... he's beginning to become more and more of a grump in his old age, just like his Uncle Pond. And eww was that bath water filthy when we were done... I don't even wanna know what was in there! I thought it would be fun if we bundled up in comfy clothes and just curled up on the couch to watch some old movies .... Lol, but Duck had a better idea... ...a "let's get sick, throw up everywhere, and cause my caretaker even more stress" idea. Boy oh boy was I excited, everyone loves cleaning up vomit. What a really bad day for Duck... he cried every time he had to take his medicine too After I gave him some time to rest up and get back on his twiggy legs... ... I thought going to the theater and hanging out with his friends was a good way for him to start feeling better. Though when he was on stage, he did get that look on his face like he was going to ralph again... Luckily for us (and by us, really I mean me) that didn't happen. We made it home just in time... ... to get Duck's sickly little tree head to bed... how awful, he was so worn out and weak. Sunnier days tomorrow big guy With any luck he'll be able to shake this bug that's got him by tomorrow, cuz he needs a wife! I just hope I can find him one that doesn't mind an adult male that craps on the floor
  13. HippyFish

    2/2/12 Hatching (Groundhog's Day)

    Hey! Glad to see everyone is doing great on their hatches!! Sorry for such a late post, but better late than never right? Waking up today, I found Joh basking in the aroma of the present he had left for me... obviously his discipline and potting training aren't going as well as I'd hoped. So we had some breakfast... (I think he looks so cute here with is mouth/snout open) ...and with a full belly Joh was good to go! We attempted his favorite (only) game once more... (and started to get the hang of it... turns out it's not completely random). As you can see, we didn't do great, but at least he's somewhat happy... without candy Other than that, not much else to report on Joh. Not sure how long it takes for a P1 to evolve, but he is 4yrs old right now and from what I'm guessing, in the Teenager stage... hope he evolves into an Adult soon so we can mate and marry him off. So for now, this is Joh saying nite nite & sweet dreams... until tomorrow @Violetchilluvr3: Awww, sooo sorry! I didn't realize that if I deleted them off of photobucket, that they would show up here for everyone else... and I deleted them off computer too it's so weird that I can still see them though. Ah hah! I still had them in my trash box... guess I can't clean out my photobucket or they won't show up here. Thanks for letting me know
  14. HippyFish

    Orignal Tamagotchi(P1) questions

    I'm running my P1 right now for a hatch.. though, it is the first time I have EVER ran a P1. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem that weight affects him... I feed him candy when I don't have time for the game... his weight increases, but that's it. I have not timed the time it takes for meals and happiness to decrease and I am already at the teenager stage (I think), but I did have the skull this morning due to neglecting him a good couple of hours without anything to eat/happiness plus there was poop beside him, which I can only assume appeared there prior to the skull appearing. I will try to pay better attention so that I may be able to help, but P1s are just as new to me as well
  15. HippyFish

    I cannot send an email to Bandai.com

    Hey Stefan, I attempted to do the same and after I click the "Send" button, my computer takes me to an uninteresting "Connection Reset" screen. This is a little odd, but perhaps Bandai is just making some adjustments/updates to their server? I'm not quite sure, but I highly doubt it's cause to think they are "closing down". I would continue trying, if I can get through with a test email I'll let you know and be more than happy to get your email to them HF☼