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  1. Heyo, I had a similar/ the same issue with my Umino and then some message appeared in Japanese. I'm guessing it said to change the batteries. Anyway I changed them then it was all cool and the screen hasn't been shutting off ever since So it may be the batteries. If not I wouldn't risk this but maybe it's some loose component in the tama, otherwise yeah, if it continues after that I highly suggest you send the seller a question. Or even refund it if possible if all hope is lost haha Hope this helps!!
  2. I think they're just called 'Tamagotchi bean pets'. You can definitely find these dolls on eBay e.g. Masktchi (except at the moment there isn't much of a selection), and you may also find them on Amazon .
  3. Certain places in Europe, (probably Italy and Greece since my grandparents came from those two countries) and Japan sounds awesome too.
  4. I'm really sorry for replying this late!! :S And happy birthday for the 5th! Okay, so I hatched a Yurapatchi a few days back, and I attempted to take a photograph of this little dude, Nannokitchi: Welp, hope you had an awesome birthday!! -MusicalAngelgotchiOfLove
  5. The Plus Color or the Anglegotch, but I'd go with the Plus Color.
  6. This image isn't the best, but oh well. The Conan iD looks pretty awesome
  7. I haven't seen this design before... And to be honest, I doubt it's an actual Tamagotchi seeing as though there isn't the BANDAI logo at the back of the shell. The only design I've seen on the internet is this one: Still, cute design though
  8. I actually haven't used AIM before, but I have used Skype. I don't mind Skype (although I rarely use it). If I'm going to use some sort of video calling application I usually use FaceTime
  9. I love Christmas so much!! Just thinking about it makes me excited To be honest, I don't have a clue on what I'd like...
  10. Hmm. Yeah man, I mean it has the BANDAI brand name at the back but honestly, it looks 'off' to me.
  11. You shouldn't keep the batteries for a million years because they may start to leak! Well, I mean, that's what I've been told... but anyways. I've never thought about how they can be trouble for the environment. I've always just thrown them out.