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  1. Question: I’m thinking about getting the JAL Ai Miyazato, I’m wondering how many of this shell were distributed? Or how many JAL shells were distributed in general? Thank you!

  2. Have you guys tried the diving update yet? I love it, I'm so glad diving came back from new leaf!
  3. Yes! Lately I have been listening to the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast. I started listening because I watched the animated series based on it, The Midnight Gospel.
  4. New Leaf was essentially my first Animal Crossing game as well! I did have Wild World but I never got into it. I poured around 700 hours into New Leaf! I also tend to go with the flow to some extent! I do have some general themes in mind though. I've seen some amazing and detailed map planning from some people in the community, but I wouldn't go that far myself without knowing exactly how much can be done with the terraforming!
  5. Did anyone watch the Nintendo Direct today? The new land forming features look amazing!
  6. Weren't the villagers the same height in new leaf? Regardless, I do like the look of the taller villagers!
  7. Same here, I feel like I've been waiting for this game forever! I would also like to see amiibo support, it was really fun in the Welcome Amiibo update.
  8. The AC Switch is so nice! I was hoping they'd put some sort subtle of animal crossing pattern on the joycon, instead of just plain blue and green. But they don't seem to have done anything like that for any joycon, as far as I'm aware.
  9. I haven't pre-ordered yet because I haven't decided where to get it from! I was originally going to pre-order from Target, because I thought the pre-order bonus was cute (it was a journal) but now when I look online, it won't let me pre-order anymore. I'll probably end up pre-ordering from GameStop.
  10. I was surprised to find that there wasn't already a discussion thread for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Do you plan on purchasing this installment when it releases in March? What plans do you have for your island?
  11. I added you if that's okay. Your profile looks really sweet~

    1. Tinkalila


      aw thank you!!

  12. Update. As of right now, if you try to access the link to the website, it will no longer take you there, and will redirect you to the github project page instead. I've seen rumors that Luc has stopped working on this project because he was afraid of getting involved in a potential lawsuit from Bandai.