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  1. Tinkalila

    TamaTown being revived!

    Update. As of right now, if you try to access the link to the website, it will no longer take you there, and will redirect you to the github project page instead. I've seen rumors that Luc has stopped working on this project because he was afraid of getting involved in a potential lawsuit from Bandai.
  2. Tinkalila

    Connection V3 Help?

    I've heard V3's can live forever if you take good enough care of them! The farthest I've gotten is around 30 I think. Here's a growth chart!
  3. Tinkalila

    Sumikko Atsume

    Yeah, you could say that, since a major point seems to be collecting things (hence the name "atsume"). I just think it's fair to call it a v-pet since you still are taking care of the sumikko gurashi characters like pets! I wonder what defines a v-pet if it being a pet isn't enough? Regardless, I would be very interested to see more modern devices similar to this with focus on being a cohesive game that you could complete over a longer period of time.
  4. Tinkalila

    Sumikko Atsume

    I understand that! I worry I might lose interest since I know it's supposed to be very easy to care for, and I don't think you can die at all. But from what I've seen, the games look really fun, and the mechanic of shaking it to make things happen occasionally looks really unique!
  5. Tinkalila

    Sumikko Atsume

    Sumikko Atsume is a virtual pet based on Sumikko Gurashi, a set of characters produced by San-X. I've been considering getting this v-pet but I'm still unsure because it goes for around $60, which is on the higher end in my opinion. (But it's just so cute!) Do any of you guys have a Sumikko Atsume? What do you think of it?
  6. Tinkalila

    TamaTown being revived!

    Yeah, I always feel like I'm not getting the complete experience that I used to when I'm playing with my connections. Same here, I used to spend hours on it as well! I hope they're successful too, his name is Luc Rubio, you can find info on the project on the github page linked above!
  7. Tinkalila

    TamaTown being revived!

    Same here, the Music Star / TamaGo one was so unique, I loved seeing other people online and walking around!
  8. Tinkalila

    TamaTown being revived!

    I do as well. The most concerning thing to me is the sheer amount of necessary missing files that are listed on the github page. I wonder if there is any way to find these files, or if anyone possibly has them.
  9. Tinkalila

    TamaTown being revived!

    Wow, I never accessed either of those two myself, you could consider contacting him about it sometime! I'm also very interested to see if he could make item codes work, that would be extremely helpful.
  10. http://tamagotch.org/tamatown/ Software engineer and dedicated tamagotchi fan Luc Rubio is working to reconstruct all versions of TamaTown and make them available on the website linked above. I found this from Tama-Palace on Tumblr, here's a link to their comprehensive post on this: https://tamapalace.tumblr.com/post/172004493601/ Rubio is detailing his progress on this project on his GitHub page: https://github.com/loociano/tamatown This is really exciting news! I made a status update a few months back asking, "I recently discovered that even though Club Penguin has been removed by Disney, many people are hosting rewritten versions of it on private servers. Is there any reason that somebody hasn't done this with any of the versions of TamaTown, especially the TamaGo one? I miss those so much!" I'm so happy that this is actually being done. What are your thoughts?
  11. Tinkalila

    My Tamagotchi Forever

    This just recently released in the US! I've been playing it and I really enjoy it. The extreme amounts of advertisements and micro-transactions are annoying, but I'm happy to support bandai creating something tamagotchi related.
  12. Tinkalila

    Dream town not working...

    If I remember correctly, Dream Town has been discontinued.
  13. Tinkalila


    https://ooblets.com/ have you guys heard about this game? it's set to release in 2018, and it's self-described as "a game about farming, creatures, and adventure". i've seen it compared to animal crossing, harvest moon, stardew valley, and pokemon a lot. although a lot of the "ooblet" creatures do remind me of pokemon, several of them feel like they could easily be tamagotchi character designs if they were in the tamagotchi style! it seems like a really casual game that centers around these tamagotchi-like creatures, so i can imagine it could appeal to a lot of people here on tamatalk. i'm personally excited to purchase this game when it releases, what do you guys think of it?
  14. Tinkalila

    Hellooo and please help meee!

    hey, welcome to tamatalk! "topic" is just a word for what you created just now, and posts go within topics. when people reply to your topic, they're posting.
  15. Tinkalila

    Can you delete topics you have started?

    No, but I believe you can report them to request for them to be closed Edit: Although I remember this being mentioned by a guide, I can't seem to find it stated anywhere in the site rules? Here's a post that might be helpful though, as it mentions editing posts and threads: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/88461-what-do-tamaguides-do/