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    My name is Alyssa Nicole. I love tamagotchis. I have two v4's, one v5, one v6, and one Tama-go. I also love Justin Bieber. I'm specifically 12 years old. I have been collecting Tamagotchis since I was in 2nd grade, and now I'm in 6th grade! Thank you very much for reading. You're awesome if you read this.

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    Familitchi and Tama-Go!
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    V5-Ahirukuchi, Sakuramotchi, Mattaratchi
    V6-no battery
    Tama-go:no battery
    Total: 2 version 4's, 1 version 5, 1 version 6, and 1 tama-go.

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  1. i miss tamatown *cries*

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Yeah. ;^; Hey, long time no see!

  2. way kool i was reading ur thing i thats what happed too me but i dont like justin bieber! sry i just dont but i do love tamas! call me tamagirl im LK0217 on tamatown!

  3. Here in Manila, our country sells fake tamas. They're cheap though. The battery gets busted everyday. So better not buy it. It sucks like hell! Those arent even tama characters! Those are cats, dogs, rabbits. It has the same shape of the v3. It sucks. Reply if you're against cheap tamas!
  4. Oh, I thought 12 was the oldest age for Tamagotchi. Cuz my parents tell me Im too old for it! And you're 40? My gosh. That means I'm still not yet old Yesssss!
  5. You see, I really need some cheats for my tamago. It gets boring now and i really want it to be rich so that I could buy many stuff for my tama. Could anyone help me please? Thanks Help by posting the codes/cheats in the reply box. Thanks for your help!
  6. Awesome now I can buy more not just my Kuchipatchi figure So excited for it to come here in Asia I just don't know why a Tama-go would be so fat anyway it's good!
  7. You see here, Tamatown still doesn't work in our place. I really want to get stuff for my Tama-go but it still can't connect to our server. Any Asians who know anything about this? Please do help me and you'll get a reward If you have a v3, v4, v5, and v6 Tama you can go to It has the exact same Tamatown as the american one. But still, the Tamatown for Tama-go doesn't work. Please do ask binary or the admin! If this also happens to you, do comment! Check out my profile and my posts. Thanks
  8. Hai guys! I have a question, am I too old for Tamagotchi? You see, I just turned 12 last December 19. I'm wondering if I should buy a new Tamagotchi iD L or what. I really really really want one. But my parents say I can't cuz I'm too old for it Can you guys help me? This is a petition. Please comment if you think I'm too old or if you think I should go for it. Thanks kids Do comment and add me as friend! Check out my profile too
  9. Tamatown's still not yet back in our server :(

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      I don't think it's back on my server either.

    2. Tamagirl1124


      I'm gonna check but i dont know cause it usally works for me... I hope i was gonna go on

  10. Example: Name: Hotdogtchi Description: It looks like a hotdog. It's favorite food is hotdog. Very friendly Compatible with: Tamagotchi iD L It looks like ichigotchi
  11. Do name your character and include the following: -Name -Description -Compatible with (v4, v5, v6, Tamagotchi Color, Tamagotchi iD L, Tama-go) -Include the "It looks like" and include the smiley. ( ) Thanks! Please do submit! Submit by writing a comment
  12. Tamagotchi's Name: Justin Tamagotchi's Age: 6 years old Date of Birth: March 1, 2009 Date of Passing: March 8, 2009 What Generation? 5th generation Other Information? It was cute. It did have a lot of money and stuff. Had 13 friends. Your Comments: I can't believe I killed my first mametchi. It was a Mametchi! How stupid can I get?!
  13. Is Tamatown for Tama-go working? I hope it is cuz I really want to go back and play! My currrent Tama is Violetchi!
  14. My Tamagotchi just reached 5th generation!

    1. Orandatchi


      My iD L's on 29th. ;P