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  1. Darn computer isnt working

  2. Darn computer isnt working

  3. ^ is just as tired as I am > about to pass out V wants to google something stupid
  4. I'd just be friends with you WYR tell a random person you hate them or love them?
  5. I have an intense crush on my boyfriend =] I may be a scene girl, he may be a jock, but he's amazing lol
  6. Can a bugger be sneakily hidden in my favorite food? 0.o
  7. Really? That sounds so cool xD I'm a little outdated in the tamagotchi world. Lick the rock two hours for sure., WYR go a week without music or without water?
  8. Dear Tongue, I'm sorry I made you lick my shampoo. I was curious =[ Sincerely, Kit<3 Dear Cupcake Scented Shampoo, Y U No taste like cupcakes?!?! Yours truly, - A sad sad tongue
  9. One that works xD no need for identity theft. WYR wear all pink for a day or all yellow
  10. I personally don't like them as a band. I'm majorly into hardcore, post hardcore, and screamo but how they look doesn't really fit too well with how their music sounds? Like if they played heavier songs to match their look, I'd love them. Andy Biersack is a little full of himself, in my opinion. And that's being nice compared to what other people say. I get that he may be joking around and comes off that way without meaning to. I watch many many interview videos of them and other bands( ranging from 10 to 40 minutes long). I don't really hear much about the other band members =/ I love their music tho. Pretty good =] It's like Kiss, great great music, awesome looks. Do I like them both together as a band? In this time period? No.
  11. I'm trying to juggle Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic (the new MMO), Skyrim, Assassin's Creed (Starting from 1), and World of Warcraft) O.O not easy...
  12. Im using an Assassin's creed inspired one right now =] I love it, I might try editing some parts tho
  13. Epic for a second WYR get a paper it on your tongue or hug a dog-sized-bee