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    So I am a university student, doing my degree in Computer Games Art, it's really fun but also really hard, but the work is rewarding.
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    I enjoy making jewellery out of Polymer clay and I sell bits and pieces. For example Tamagotchi necklaces.

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  1. Bllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! So I haven't updated in 9 days...Sorrryyy! I've been super busy with Uni work and also shopping in town So I had to make all but 2 of my Tamas sleep cos I just can't handle them all. Nora got married and had a kid who is a boy. He's a child right now. He's not as cute as her but oh well. Loki got married and has a kid but I paused her so that Cobs could catch up. Cobs is 99lbs cos all my boyfriend does is feed her snacks XD. Well, most of the time. Ummm just updating cos I was reminded to XD. Just sat painting my naiiiils <3 I bought a ton of new stuff but I can't really talk about it here cos its meant to be a Tama log not a Sandti's Life log. Oh wells. I'll hopefully update sooon <3
  2. Update your log! ;D Hehe

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      Is there a specific log section or do we make our own?

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      You make your own log in the log section

  3. Oh my.... I cut my hair off, I spilt red nail varnish all over my Mum's friends new cream carpet.... There are loads of things like this. EVERY kid does something wrong to get them in trouble. You can't go through childhood without doing something wrong because thats how we learn.
  4. I'm running 4 right now, but I might have to cut down because I'm starting a big project at Uni soon :/
  5. Mine was a Shiney Ponyta which was blue flamed. Not gonna evolve it, it's too sweet <3
  6. Cobs and Loki evolved. Cobs is now a Ichigotchi, but I'm not sure what Loki is. They both just graduated from Pre-School and I'm waiting for their school invites to come in the mail. Just started up the V6 I got in the mail. I got a boy and I named him Stew. He's a Guitarist I think? I think its random? Anyways I fed him baby food and now I'm feeding him some Baby's milk and playing with him. He's now content until he evolves. Trying to get Cobs and Loki into school currently. Waitinf for Marly and Elliot to evolve but I don't think they will until tomorrow It should be about time soon. Stew is just playing with his robot <3 Sent Nora to the park <3 The matchmaker should be coming for her soon right?
  7. I went a bit OCD on the spending spree but I think thats going to be my lot for a while :3. I may buy a book though :3
  8. The post man must love me today, this is what he brought me on his second round <3
  9. MUAHAHAHAHA! So.. I got my ID L in the post today!!! Happy days!! <3 So happy, going to start it up in a bit <3 Anyways, an update from all my other Tamas. They've pooped a lot and eaten a lot. Bought Nora some new food. Hamburgers, Noodles and more pears. Gave her some cereal for breakfast. Loki recieved some poop in the mail yesterday which took her hearts right down so I had to cheer her up by giving her cakes and playing games with her. She also played with her Lion Doll and went to preschool. She's so clever Her stats are 9 24 15 and shes not even a year old yet She also weighs 24lbs. Just gave Cobs a bath cos she was stinky. Cobs stats are; 5 15 3 She is 0 years old and weighs 46lbs.....Lots of snacks I think XD Nora evolved this morning and I didn't even notice. She is now a Lovelyitchi. She is such a cutie <3 Elliot and Marly are both doing good <3 I think they evolve tomorrow. I'm wondering what I'm going to get. Post man came again and I have new figures and a V6 brand new <3 <3 Happy times <3
  10. Thats soooo cute I finally got my ID L in the mail today... still trying to figure out how to open it XD
  11. Got my ID L in the post today!!

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      Awesome! Sooooo much fun, ♥ mine!

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      You'll love it for sure, have fun!


      congrats! you'll love it so much more after the oh, first 10 seconds. ;)

  12. I licked a little bit...It tasted good at first until I tasted the vaseline ; _ ;
  13. Boyfriend is officially obsessed with his Tama and has been sending Cobs to preschool, playing with her and feeding her a whole bunch. It's sweet He got 900 Gotchi Points from the king. I bought Tacos and A Lion doll for Loki which is so cute. Bought some fries, more sausage and bananas for Nora. I also bought something else for Elliot and Marly but I don't know what it is. Loki's Stats are 4 19 10 Not sure what else to write for now. Hmmm ah well. Love Sandti
  14. Boyfriend has Hyjacked one of my V4 and called her Cobs....; _ ;

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      ;o; Mr. Tama killer..

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      My boyfriend hyjacked my V1 and named him Herb!