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  1. A mysterious tamagotchi like toy appeared on ebay recently and the seller has no information on it at all. But from what I can make out of it is that it has something to do with health and fitness seeing as to how I can made out the word "diet" and I see flying food and even a scale on the packaging. What do you think?
  2. R.I.P. My 9yr old p1 Tarakotchi... you deserved better :(

    1. ayan300


      So sorry for your loss.

      :( Tama Funerals always make me sad.

  3. Does anyone happen to know about how long the 2 lr44 batteries in the p1 / p2 tamagotchi lasts? I know the connections cr2032 batteries last anywhere from 3-6 months. Also, how much battery life do you think it will gain with the sound turned off? -Thanks
  4. Thanks guys! The slight turn to the right made a click sound making the rest a bit easier!
  5. Taking tamagotchi to work... I'll tell them it's just a watch XD

  6. R.I.P Bloo... My Ufotchi...

  7. It's a bit early to judge but, there is a new Monster Simulator / RPG for the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch that may peak the interest of fans of pokemon and virtual pet sims. It's called, "My little Monster", and I Havent gotten it for myself but you can take a look at it here on youtube:
  8. I have recently decided to boot up my old p1 and p2's but have noticed that the screws on all of them feel unusually tight and stubborn. But the big problem is when I attempt to unscrew they won't budge and I fear that it will damage the phillip head groove on the top, which will only make it harder. Help please?
  9. My theory is that they eventually shifted to a factory in another location where it is cheaper to make them, a common tactic among a lot of small plastic toys.
  10. Great! I'm still trying to get a firm understanding of the value of tamagotchi's, so this glad to hear I actually lucked out!
  11. Today on eBay I saw a lot of 3 1997 tamas (1 was a P2 the other 2 were P1's) on sale for 19.99. But I noticed that was the buy it now price and that she also took "best offers". So I shot her an offer of 15.00 ready to get rejected and to my surprise she accepted. I was very happy because the lot contained a camo P2, My first tamagotchi, so there was a lot of nostalgia value there. Good deal? Bad deal? Average deal? Let me know what you think
  12. The first Update for the P1 Tamagotchi-esque Hatchi app for Ios now has it's first update! Check it out! The app hasn't even been out for a month and it's already updated in accordance to the users feedback... wow! What started off as a rather bland Tamagotchi P1 ripoff is now shaping up to be a rather robust virtual pet! Support these people and get this app for just 99 cents!
  13. About to go to work, better pause tamagotchi... I still remember last time -.-;

  14. Checked my v2 this morning, and to my surprise I had a ufotchi!