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    1. Japanese Clear Pink Clock P1
    2. American white w/ black P1
    3. Orange American P2
    4. Red and black American P2
    5. Translucent pink American P2
    6. Translucent white w/ red buttons Japanese P2
    7. Blue Japanese Angelgotchi
    8. Blue and white Mothra
    9. and 10. Smoky Mesutchi and Osutchi pair
    11. TamaOtch
    12. Brown Tamagotchi Morino
    13. Pink Arukotch
    14. Blue Mezamatch
    15. White with fire V1
    16. Light pink V1
    17. Hot pink with orange stars V1
    18. Metallic purple V1
    19. Cosmic blue V2
    20. Pink star V2
    21. Pink flowers V2
    22. Lifesavers V2
    23. Tropical Island V2
    24. Translucent indigo V2
    25. Metallic pink V3
    26. Wavy blue V3
    27. Green with flowers V3
    28. White with flowers V3
    29. Green with Mametchi V4
    30. Jinsei Swimming V4
    31. Blue with Mametchi V4 (BROKEN)
    32. Blue with characters V4
    33. Dark blue space V4
    34. Green splat V4
    35. Dark blue and white with waves V4
    36. Translucent pink V4
    37. Earth Map V4.5
    38. Pink and brown Argyle V4.5
    39. Fire V4.5
    40. Pink butterfly V5
    41. Black jewels V5
    42. Yellow Tama Pet V5
    43. Purple crowns V5.5
    44. Red and silver V5.5
    45. Red piano Music Star
    46. Black disco Music Star
    47. White with pink notes Music Star
    48. White leopard Tamagotchi Friends
    49. Pink gem Tamagotchi Friends
    50. Green TamaWalkie
    51. Blue gem Tamagotchi Friends
    52. Blue Flowers Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town
    53. Green Tama-Go
    54. Blue Tama-Go
    55. White Tama-Go
    56. Black Tama-Go
    57. Pink Tama-Go
    58. Purple Tama-Go
    59. Pink hearts Keitai
    60. White and red strawberry Keitai
    61. Pearlescent Black Keitai
    62. Yellow Sweets Keitai Akai
    63. White snowflake Entama
    64. Indigo star Entama
    65. Pink and yellow Entama
    66. Red Hanerutchi Entama
    67. Pink lace UraTama
    68. White with stripes and flags UraTama
    69. White Tamagotchi School 2
    70. TamaFure
    71. Blue Home DekaTama
    72 and 73. Checkered TamagoChu pair
    74. Yellow with flowers Nano
    75. Passionfruit Nano
    76. Green Apple Mini
    77. Light blue TMGC+C
    78. White TMGC+C Hexagontchi with red front
    79. Silver blue iD
    80. Melody Crown iD
    81. Purple iD L
    82. Yellow iD L
    83. Princess Spacy iD L
    84. Royal pink 15th Anniversary iD L
    85. Yellow P's
    86. Pink 4U
    87. White 4U
    88. Baby Pink 4U Plus
    89. iD station
    90. Pink Spacy M!X

    Tama-Go accessories:
    Memetchi Gotchi Figure
    Chamametchi Gotchi Figure
    Ichigotchi Gotchi Figure
    Ringotchi Gotchi Figure

    P's accessories:
    LoveMelo Pierce
    17th Anniversary Change Pierce
    Kiraritchi, Yumecantchi, and Pianitchi Gashapon plugs
    TamaTomo Strap DX Love Set

    4U accessories:
    Aikatsu Touch Card + Faceplate
    Tamatomo Faceplate
    Blue Leopard Faceplate
    Pouch from a Tamagotchi magazine

    Electronic toys:
    Talking Chamametchi
    Talking Lovelin
    Singing Lovelin Car
    Pink Melody Violin
    Sopratchi Melody Pet
    Pink Tama Profy
    Himespe Phone
    Blue Yume Kira Bag
    Talking Yumecantchi plush + Yumecantchi charm with bonus Dorikawa cards
    Pocket Designer + Mezzo Piano cover
    Smart Piano Pad
    Miracle Friends TamaTomo PC

    1997 Tarakotchi watch
    Mametchi Gotchi-Gear watch
    Kiraritchi watch

    Tamamori letters, stickers, and sets:
    Tamamori stickers 123 ver
    Tamamori stickers Family Restaurant ver
    Tamamori stickers Monomane ver
    Tamamori stickers Sanji-no-Oyatsu ver
    Tamamori stickers Tama Burger ver
    Tamamori stickers Pop Harmony ver
    Tamamori stickers Royal Harmony ver
    Tamamori stickers Kanamoji Sweets ver
    Tamamori stickers Celeb Restaruant ver
    Tamamori Stickers Autumn Birthday ver
    Tamamori stickers Winter Birthday ver
    Tamamori stickers Tama Pet Salon ver
    Tamamori stickers School concert ver
    Tamamori stickers Spring concert ver
    Tamamori stickers Royal Henshin ver
    Tamamori stickers Gigakyun Star ver
    Tamamori stickers Love Handmade ver
    Tamamori stickers Gigakyun Otome ver
    Tamamori stickers Love Fortune ver
    Tamamori stickers Sweets Parlour ver
    Kirakira Tamamori stickers Dress Up Dream ver
    Kirakira Tamamori stickers Kira Dream ver
    Kirakira Tamamori stickers Love Dream ver
    Kirakira Tamamori stickers Dream Tamagurumi ver
    Tamamo Letter Odekake Melody Set
    Tamamo Letter Melody School Set
    Tamamo Letter Odekake Gigakyun Set
    Tamamo Letter Gigakyun Lunchbox Set
    Tamamo Letter Lovely Sailor Set
    Tamamo Letter Dream Kiraritchi ver
    Tamamori Tama Heart Notebook
    Tamamori Himespetchi Notebook
    Himespetchi notebook pages
    Melodytchi notebook pages
    Himespetchi Tamamori Room
    Bedroom Tamamori Furniture
    Tamamori DX Bag Set

    Tamakeshi erasers:
    Mametchi Tamakeshi eraser
    Himespetchi Tamakeshi eraser
    Harptchi Tamakeshi eraser
    Kiraritchi Tamakeshi eraser
    Yumecantchi Tamakeshi eraser
    Julietchi Tamakeshi eraser

    Tamatomo figures 11-pack
    Tamagotchi Friends figures Dream School 5-pack
    Tamagotchi Friends Kiramotchi playset
    Tamagotchi Friends Julietchi figure
    Tamagotchi Friends Amiamitchi figure
    Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi Music Star figures
    Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi PC pack minifigures
    Tama Cafe Pencil Topper figure set
    Tamagotchi School playset with Mametchi and Mr. Turtlepedia minifigures
    Game Center playset with Kuchipatchi and Yattatchi minifigures

    Plushes and plush-pouches:
    Mametchi plush
    Himespetchi plush
    Lovelitchi plush
    Melodytchi plush
    Deluxe Ura Violetchi plush
    Chestnut Angel plush
    Melodytchi plush pouch
    Mametchi plush pouch
    Kiraritchi plush pouch
    Violetchi plush pouch
    Memetchi plush pouch
    Shimashimatchi plush pouch

    Tama Depa-exclusive set of metal keychains
    Mametchi and Himespetchi figure charm set
    Mametchi plush charm
    Himespetchi plush charm
    Lovesoratchi plush charm
    Mametchi gashapon charm
    Hapihapitchi gashapon charm
    Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi 4U+ bath bomb charms

    Games, CDs, and DVDs:
    Tamagotchi: The Movie DVD, region 1
    2 Tamagotchi: The Movie DVDs, region 4
    Tamagotchi anime Melody Collection DVD
    Tamagotchi Version 5 activity DVD
    PC Pack game CD
    Happy Happy Harmony music CD
    Ready GO! Tamagotchi music CD
    Tamagotchi: Corner Shop DS game
    Tamagotchi: Corner Shop 2 DS game
    Tamagotchi: Corner Shop 3 DS game
    Tamagotchi Party On Wii game
    Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi 3DS game
    Tamagotchi Dokidoki Dream Omisetchi 3DS game
    Tamagotchi Classes of Dream School 3DS game
    Guruguru Tamagotchi 3DS game

    Books, manga, and magazines:
    Tamagotchi 1997 record book
    Tamagotchi 90s manga
    Acchi Kocchi Tamagotchi Town manga volumes 1-4
    Acchi Kocchi Tamagotchi Town manga - Ciao Valentine's Day special
    Acchi Kocchi Tamagotchi Town manga - anime special
    Tamagotchi novella volume 4
    Himespetchi Punipuni Book
    Tamagotchi Friends Vol. 2 magazine
    Tamagotchi Fan magazine premium issue

    Art and school supplies:
    Miracle Friends pencils
    Miracle Fiends scrapbook
    Miracle Friends name labels
    Tamagotchi deco tape
    1997 Mametchi pencil
    Tamagotchi coloring book
    Tamagotchi Crayola Color Wonder
    Paint-with-water book vol. 3

    Fast food restaurant toys:
    McDonald's Himespetchi house
    McDonald's Memetchi basketball game
    McDonald's Lovelin stage
    McDonald's Mametchi game
    McDonald's Kuromametchi game
    McDonald's Lovelin water game
    McDonald's Melodytchi toy
    McDonald's Hapihapitchi and Chamametchi toy
    McDonald's Mametchi car
    McDonald's Kuchipatchi car
    McDonald's Nyorotchi P1 keychain
    McDonald's figure straps of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Violetchi
    Red Rooster plushes of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Violetchi, and Gozarutchi

    Everything else:
    Mametchi face handbag
    Vintage-based shoulderbag (from Tamagotchi Fan premium issue)
    Tamagotchi anime money tin
    Magnet board + Lovelitchi and Melodytchi magnets
    Coffret Palette stamp kit
    Purple Royal Familitchi lanyard
    Tamagotchi mousepad from PC pack
    Tamagotchi microphone from PC pack
    Tamagotchi Yume Kira Dream fabric
    Tamagotchi Miracle Friends fabric
    Two Tamagotchi rice bowls
    Tamagotchi 2015 calendar
    Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi Deco-ratchi kits
    Yume Kira Dream promotional stickers
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Mametchi and Himespetchi
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  1. You Died??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  3. Really?? I can't find a pre-order on the site. But if this is true it would be amazing to see a Tamagotchi in stores again. Assuming it's English maybe it would be like the TamaWalkie and only released in Oceania.
  4. I'm really grateful for all the people I met and memories I made here!

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I'm grateful for meeting you, EMF!


    2. tamapalace
  5. I cleaned my room a tiny bit and found some things I had been looking for.
  6. I found some of my Tamagotchi plush pouches I had lost!

    1. mametchi-isa-cutie


      good for you if only i could find my two tamagotchi friends games so i can play them again, of course with out some way to search boxes with put opening them thats impossible.

  7. What color do you associate Tamagotchi with most? For me, it's blue and yellow. Of course this may be because of Mametchi and the Connection logo, but the blue I associate Tamagotchi with is actually a lighter shade--the same color as my very first Tamagotchi. And I have a lot of light-medium blue Tamagotchis in general. Also, Mametchi merchandise such as the watch and deco-ratchi kits of him were light blue. I also associate Tamagotchi with red because the anime logo is red, but probably also because of infra-red communication, and red hearts appearing on Tamagotchi products. How about you?
  8. It has been a long time since they were sold in stores, and as time passes, more and more people buy them online and they possibly end up in bad condition or thrown away. So it's becoming harder and harder to obtain those Tamagotchis, especially new in package.
  9. That part with Zukyutchi is indeed very cute! I've liked Zukyutchi a lot ever since I was young, I'm not entirely sure why though. I think he has nice eyes ^^
  10. This might be an oddly specific question. But I am just curious about other Tamagotchi fans. On the Tamagotchi Version 4, during the Jumping game, you can press any button to jump the rope. But which button do you personally use? I added a poll to vote on. Personally I like to press all the buttons in a pattern. I press A for one jump, then B for the next, then C for the next, then B again, then A again. When I was younger I mostly just used the A button. How about you?
  11. Today, I started my Morino Tamagotchi for the first time.

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I started mine 2 weeks ago and I love it!

    2. Tamadonut
  12. Country: Australia Apparently some states got Tamagotchi Friends in Toys R Us and The Reject Shop, but there are no Toys R Us around where I live and my The Reject Shop doesn't have them. We do, however, have fake Tamagotchis in discount stores and even departmant stores.
  13. Since I live in Australia, maybe Oceania V4s aren't glitchy but American V4s are...?