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  1. Really?? I can't find a pre-order on the site. But if this is true it would be amazing to see a Tamagotchi in stores again. Assuming it's English maybe it would be like the TamaWalkie and only released in Oceania.
  2. I'm really grateful for all the people I met and memories I made here!

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I'm grateful for meeting you, EMF!


    2. tamapalace
  3. I cleaned my room a tiny bit and found some things I had been looking for.
  4. I found some of my Tamagotchi plush pouches I had lost!

    1. mametchi-isa-cutie


      good for you if only i could find my two tamagotchi friends games so i can play them again, of course with out some way to search boxes with put opening them thats impossible.

  5. What color do you associate Tamagotchi with most? For me, it's blue and yellow. Of course this may be because of Mametchi and the Connection logo, but the blue I associate Tamagotchi with is actually a lighter shade--the same color as my very first Tamagotchi. And I have a lot of light-medium blue Tamagotchis in general. Also, Mametchi merchandise such as the watch and deco-ratchi kits of him were light blue. I also associate Tamagotchi with red because the anime logo is red, but probably also because of infra-red communication, and red hearts appearing on Tamagotchi products. How about you?
  6. It has been a long time since they were sold in stores, and as time passes, more and more people buy them online and they possibly end up in bad condition or thrown away. So it's becoming harder and harder to obtain those Tamagotchis, especially new in package.
  7. That part with Zukyutchi is indeed very cute! I've liked Zukyutchi a lot ever since I was young, I'm not entirely sure why though. I think he has nice eyes ^^
  8. This might be an oddly specific question. But I am just curious about other Tamagotchi fans. On the Tamagotchi Version 4, during the Jumping game, you can press any button to jump the rope. But which button do you personally use? I added a poll to vote on. Personally I like to press all the buttons in a pattern. I press A for one jump, then B for the next, then C for the next, then B again, then A again. When I was younger I mostly just used the A button. How about you?
  9. Today, I started my Morino Tamagotchi for the first time.

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I started mine 2 weeks ago and I love it!

    2. Tamadonut
  10. Country: Australia Apparently some states got Tamagotchi Friends in Toys R Us and The Reject Shop, but there are no Toys R Us around where I live and my The Reject Shop doesn't have them. We do, however, have fake Tamagotchis in discount stores and even departmant stores.
  11. Since I live in Australia, maybe Oceania V4s aren't glitchy but American V4s are...?
  12. Yeah, I have one of them, and it's actually has pretty fun! The characters are really cute and it's really decent for a non-Tamagotchi virtual pet.
  13. The lid looks kinda cool. I've seen that giraffe and bunny sprites so many times omg. That programming seems to be in a ton of different design fakes.
  14. My Tamagotchi V5 evolved into adults today, and I got Mumutchi, which is good because I had been wanting to try and get the Meme Family.
  15. The characters in order from most liked to least liked for me are: Mametchi Himespetchi Melodytchi Neenetchi Spacytchi Candy Pakupaku Lovesoratchi Orenetchi Memetchi Lovelitchi Kuromametchi Kuchipatchi So, I vote out Kuchipatchi.
  16. What do you think is the Tamagotchi with the most or the worst glitches? My datemate said he heard that Version 4 is full of glitches, which really confused me since I have a bunch of V4s and none of them have had any problems over the years I've owned them. Aside from a time several years ago my teenage character on my V4 married a V4.5 adult via connection. Personally I think Version 5 is glitchiest. Here are things I have experienced with mine: The Download/reset screen appears for no reason; I press 'download' but it still resets the whole thing and I have to put in the time, my birthday, username, etc. Occasionally they make a random weird beep instead of the beep they're supposed to make when I do something. A couple of mine have a problem where I push a button and it registers as being pressed a whole bunch of times; a problem with the buttons I guess. This problem remained after I cleaned them. One time I married a V5 character to a V5.5 character via connection. The V5.5 character jumped up and left my screen to go marry the V5. But then my V5 said the connection failed and went back to the main screen without the wedding happening. My V5.5 character was neither married to my V5 nor returned to my V5.5. She was just erased into oblivion and that was really sad to me. Her siblings still remained. What are your opinions?
  17. Does anybody else like the Hasbro animated webseries, Hanazuki? When you watch the first episode, it may seem juvenile and boring. But the show gets better and better as it goes on, and more characters and plot points are added. I think not only is it very cute and aesthetically pleasing, but also full of neat concepts and I like the humor. Here is trailer, you can also find the episodes on youtube by searching Hanazuki. They're on Hasbro's official channel. There are 18 episodes so far; there are set to be a total of 27 in the season. My favorite characters are Hanazuki herself and Dazzlessence Jones!
  18. My new icon is a rare image of me.

  19. I have all three but I haven't played with my Morino Tamagotchi much yet. The Angel and Morino are very simple compared to the Uratama. The Uratama has multiple games, a lot more characters, and generally more to do. But of course, it is in Japanese so you'd have to read some guides online. However, the Angel and Morino have their own appeal in their simplicity and something's charming about them being angel-themed and forest-themed. Personally I'd say to go for the Angel since the characters are cute and the concept is neat, and it seems to be relatively affordable. ^^
  20. It's an Australian shell design... it was the first Tamagotchi I ever had!
  21. I've seen it before! I think it's an Australian design.
  22. I've got 7,700 posts

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      That's a lot of posts

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      Cool! My sum of 284 posts is just a small portion of yours