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    Tamagotchi, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Vocaloids and other kewl (what the actual hell past me) stuff!

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    ~V2 (Lost)
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    v2,v6,v4,I DL
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    none... should I run my v4?

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  1. A Blue I pod touch with 32 Gigabytes!! I'm so excited
  2. They're cancelling it? Well despite the fact I enjoy Spongebob it'll be interesting to see reactions from a friend of mine (who is a little too obsessed with it.) EDIT: Yeah I just checked. They were false rumors.
  3. Plot Twist: nothing exists.
  4. Plot Twist: Without time space destroy's everything.
  5. Plot twist: The homework happens to be a time machine.
  6. Well that's the one I was talking about. Those pictures look just like mine
  7. I have that exact v3! Sadly it broke on me (for some unknown reason) It just started saying 'no battery' every 5 minutes even though there was definitely a battery in there... But yeah that was my one and only v3.