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This is from March 20th, 2013, and I thought I'd lose it if I didnt always have it so I kept it here it is:

I had a weird dream last night.... I was in this old band room, except they used it as a meeting room or something, and people were sitting in chairs and all quiet while some old guy like Master Roshi was talking into a microphone, but it was also dim light, I dont know why. Either way everybody was getting mad so I got this pearl/tan colored glass ball that I had like 7 of them, I got one adn threw it up to the center of the roof to make the sun explode, and it glowed like the sun, then the ball and the sun both glowed red like it was about to go out, but then they both got brighter and brighter until you couldnt see then it exploded and everybody was freaking out and a lot of people got hurt, one of my friends in the dream got a gigantic gash on her leg because we were watching the sun from a glass window to see it explode. Some guy in yellow came in a truck to help everybody and their cuts and injuries but we all left, like me and my 2 other friends who I dont know in real life drove to a restaurant in a car, then I got out and hung out with other friends which were people from Sugar Rush for some reason, and they gave me these chocolate bubblegum candies you could swallow. I dont remember anything else of that dream except that I erased something on paper lol