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    Bad Comebacks (remake)

    You don't even know what the word "that" means.
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    The word game thing.

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    Musical Experience?

    I compose music. I play keyboards.
  7. The Ultimate Doomer

    What's your current MAJOR pet peeve?

    The sheer number of creepy people online is depressing. And the fact that so many, pretty much most of, the MLP fans support or approve of the inappropriate fan arts and stuff. It's...disgusting. I at least decided to actually be reasonable and disapprove of indecent stuff. Too bad the same cannot be said for those who have decided to just keep digging and digging themselves into the ground. And those who think that people cannot realize their mistakes and change. Maybe that is true for many... But I used to not completely disapprove of bad stuff like the MLP fan art, thanks to the many "fellow bronies" of whom I talked with who acted like it was okay. But now I hate it and will never return to any of that terribadness. Thank heaven for saving me from it.
  8. The Ultimate Doomer

    1000 Sleepover Pranks

    25. Give 'em bunny ears headband and a carrot while they're asleep. They must have transformed into Bugs Bunny while sleeping. o:
  9. The Ultimate Doomer

    Rainbow Dash's Map - short story

    Everything started when Rainbow Dash woke up on the floor in the middle of her room. This was the fifth time this had happened. Dash grabbed an empty cider bottle because she thought it would make her feel better. Before Dash could continue, she realized that her beloved map was missing! She decided to visit Pinkie Pie. In Dash's opinion, Pinkie was both attractive and abrasive. When Dash visited Pinkie, Pinkie said that she had been using the map. Dash had no idea why Pinkie would use the map. Before Pinkie could use the map again, she heard Dash playing an electric guitar. Then Pinkie sneezed on the map. Dash looked at the map. "You ruined it!" Pinkie did not say anything. "YOU RUINED MY MAP, PINKIE!" Dash's mind went blank and she could not comprehend it. She fainted. She woke up on the floor in the middle of her room. This was the sixth time this had happened. "How did I get here again?" Pinkie was there, and she said "I brought you here because you fainted, and I will try to fix the map." "No. You sneezed on it, and once that happens it's ruined forever!" "Get a new map," said Pinkie. So Rainbow Dash looked around Ponyville, and found a map of Ponyville. "I have a new map!" she said. Dash was so happy that she fainted. Rainbow Dash woke up on the floor in the middle of her room for the seventh time. Dash grabbed her map that was nearby and it made her very happy. "It can be difficult to know where to begin," said Dash. Pinkie was there again, and she said, "Continual enlightenment can be found elsewhere, but I'm unconvinced about the feeling." "Fine then," said Dash, as she threw the map at the wall. "I'm certain that was a removal attempt." Then Dash noticed the map had gotten a tear in it. "I TORE THE MAP!" she wailed. "I will find more maps!" said Pinkie. So Pinkie went out and returned with maps of different places around Equestria. "YAY!" said Dash who was happy again. This time Dash decided to draw and scribble on the maps. She drew happy faces and other things that made her happy. Dash would be very careful not to tear the maps now. She fell asleep in her bed this time instead of the floor, while grabbing her maps that she scribbled on. THE END
  10. The Ultimate Doomer

    The Moon Shone Like Walking Donkeys

    Final Chapter! CHAPTER THREE: An Industrial Donkey To Touch Rainbow Dash thought something was a little off when Pinkie Pie tried to hug her. However, Pinkie proved to be admirable and seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with licking. Rainbow soon learned that Pinkie had promised herself never to touch another pony. Rainbow still had the squidgy map that she had found. She studied the map and looked at Pinkie. Pinkie was like an industrial donkey to touch. At first, Rainbow felt like ranting about Pinkie's hooves, but she got used to it. "It's not that I don't love you," said Pinkie, "but I want equality. You owe me a larger bedroom." Rainbow glared. "Do you want me to shove this map somewhere?" "Oh fine then, I don't want a larger bedroom anymore," replied Pinkie. Rainbow grabbed a bottle of cider that was nearby and began drinking it. Suddenly, Pinkie lunged forward and grabbed the bottle of cider from Dash. "I want some of this!" Pinkie shouted. Pinkie drank some of the cider and then collapsed. Moments later, Rainbow passed out too. Many hours passed. Rainbow awoke, and looked at her surroundings: The wet map, the damp towel, and the cider bottle. "I feel happy," she said. "I feel happy too!" said Pinkie, who had also woken up. "That cider was like a party in my mouth!" Rainbow and Pinkie engaged in serious hugging, while still wondering about what had happened. "Pinkie," Rainbow spoke, "I didn't realize it before, but we are ever-present. We should look within and recreate ourselves. We exist." Rainbow began self-actualizing, entering infinite curiosity that transcended understanding. She didn't know how it begins, but she knew the totality is over-flowing with reactions. "You may not realize it, but you are sensual," said Rainbow to Pinkie. "Interconnectedness requires exploration. With synchronicity, we will continue to do this. The amazing experience we call joy is actually a fundamental reaction that I find amazing when it happens by using methods that are actualized into reality with our friendship. I am immersed in understanding. This is complex, but the maturation of this will always fade without realizing it, even when self-aware." "I think we drank too much apple cider," said Pinkie. "Hush Pinkie! Only a pony of pink can integrate this uprising of flow without letting it extinguish our dreams! The paradigm shift is now happening!" Mere minutes later, Rainbow and Pinkie were passed out again. This time it did not take long for them to regain consciousness. "Let's never drink that much cider again," said Rainbow. "Agreed," said Pinkie. Rainbow happily grabbed the wet map and squidged it. Rainbow and Pinkie were still friends. They were still ponies. Donkeys still existed. "This took a lot of understanding," said Pinkie. "I need to have a shower in the morning," said Rainbow. She grabbed a ruler. It was a passionate evening. Rainbow smiled because she was happy. "I have the wet map to squidge, your hooves are fuzzy, and now I have a ruler!" The End
  11. The Ultimate Doomer

    The Moon Shone Like Walking Donkeys

    CHAPTER TWO: The Sleet Rained Like Sleeping Donkeys Rainbow Dash walked over to the window and reflected on her creepy surroundings. The sleet rained like sleeping donkeys. Rainbow took a deep breath. She was not prepared for Pinkie Pie. "I am here because I want a larger bedroom," Pinkie shouted, in a happy tone. She slammed her hoof against Rainbow's chest, with the force of one hundred dustmites. "I freaking love you, Rainbow Dash." Rainbow looked back, even more ambivalent and still poking the soft, damp towel. "Pinkie Pie..." she replied. They looked at each other. Rainbow studied Pinkie's fluffy hooves. Eventually, she took another deep breath and said "I'm sorry, but I can't give you a larger bedroom."
  12. The Ultimate Doomer

    Last Post Wins

    This thread is just Steven Universe now.
  13. The Ultimate Doomer

    The Moon Shone Like Walking Donkeys

    CHAPTER ONE The moon shone like walking donkeys, making Rainbow Dash afraid. She grabbed a wet map that had been strewn nearby and massaged it with her hooves. "Look Rainbow," growled Pinkie Pie, with a noble glare that reminded Rainbow of cold-blooded rabbits, "I hate you and I want sadistic revenge." "This map isn't mine!" said Rainbow. "Why are you talking like that to me?!" replied Pinkie in a different voice. "I'm annoyed!" replied Rainbow. "Now get your skinny ears out of here before I hit you with this wet map." Pinkie Pie looked relaxed, her party cannon raw like a tense, tight toy. Rainbow could actually hear Pinkie's party cannon shatter into thousands of pieces.
  14. The Ultimate Doomer

    CTRL + V Game (remake)

    Enhanced Cacodemon
  15. The Ultimate Doomer

    How old is to old for a Tamagotchi?

    There are adults who watch magical colorful cartoon talking ponies, so you can never be too old for Tamas either.