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  1. i cant wait till sunday *Better Angels*

  2. whats your celebbrity crush

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    2. anniekb10


      Omg he's so cute I can't wait to see him in the hunger games

    3. anniekb10


      But Dakota goyo is cute too

    4. anniekb10


      I can't decide :/

  3. Spongebob has been around foreva and what's you fav episode???? Mines when squidward draw the line and spearate Patrick and Spongebob.
  4. Lost, adventure time, regular show, the walking dead, icarly, toodlers in tiaras.
  5. Omg I'm in love with Dakota goyo hes so cute
  6. Check out pen assassin and then go their channel they might be stupid but there funny too
  7. cant wait for feb 12 amc!!!!!

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    2. anniekb10


      This might sound dumb but its the rest of season 2 of the walking dead

    3. graficks


      I'm excited as well - very good series!

    4. anniekb10
  8. I really hope they don't stop I Love tamagotchis as well as evryone eles
  9. Recently I have started to watch the walking dead its a very good show what do you think?? And whats your fab character??