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    I enjoy snowboarding, sledding, swimming, hiking, and everything in between.

    My favorite stuffs: Steven Universe, Tamagotchi (even though I don't have stuff for it anymore, sadly), Gregory Horror Show, Hatoful Boyfriend, and other things.

    Feel free to talk to me about stuff if you'd like!

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  1. Totally Original Status Update

    1. bunbutchi


      3original5me bruh

  2. Dang this site gives me memories.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I REMEMBER YOUUUU! Do you remember me? :0

    2. lesbianpride!


      Aah I vaguely remember you :P hii

    3. kuromametchibeast


      Hallo, and yes, I remember you Mametchi Fan.

  3. How come you haven't been on for a while???

  4. At my school for Pi day, we had to recite the most numbers for Pi. Well, i recited the most and the prize was... apple pie (omg who knew!)

    1. KuroMame


      Someone at my school got 180 numbers 0.O

    2. Tamacake
  5. This game is where you push something, and something happens! Example: P1: Press button to blow up the world P2: Press pasta to have Italy Like that Heres mine: Press bomb to explode
  6. Ive been sick for a while... gahhh

    1. kuchipatchi.is.blue55
    2. Amber-Cakes


      me too, it's that time of year. Hope you feel better!

  7. Puzzle said 2 - 4 years... only took 1

  8. I was sick today and had to miss a party....HISSSSS!

  9. I wonder which tamagotchi's are very mean. (lol)

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      None are, lol. They're all cute and nice :)

    2. Violetchilluvr3


      Makiko is mean...

  10. I would turn him into a waffle and give him to EMF. Then I would change him back.
  11. I got my new router. An tamatown...WORKS! YAY!

  12. Question: If you get a bad teen like monpatchi, could you still get a good character like kuromametchi?