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  1. Some people don't understand how immoral not respecting privacy is...

    1. Stefan Bauwens

      Stefan Bauwens

      Please find a moral way to fight justice.(if that is what you think you are doing). For example by ASKING people.

    2. TamaMum


      No one should have to put up with bullying or harassment at TamaTalk Stefan and you have been ASKED (repeatedly) to stop - by various members and staff. I'm just disappointed you let yourself down and betrayed our trust in you.

  2. Shell design contest closes tonight....

    1. *Hayden*


      I would but I have no time to do it, or maybe I'm just lazy

  3. Looks interesting. I hope I'll be able to join! Good luck to the other contestants!
  4. The remodel-shop restocks very rarely. So I would check it every time(3 times a day for the food, so check then), and maybe you're in luck. I'm pretty sure your current money has probably nothing to do with it.
  5. Yes, I can understand that if both don't know too much about each-other, and start a relationship, but only later on realize that there is a "mayor difference" and that the "in love-ness" may fade, since he/she isn't the one you though he/she was. So, yes, you can perhaps not fall in love with everybody, and there may be a select group of people(or maybe only one person) who is good for you, but this doesn't mean you cannot control yourself to not fall in love with someone. For example when I meet a girl, I could fall in love with her. But I can tell myself that it is foolish of me to fall in love with someone I barely know. Another example may be that I am already married, and I learn to know someone else. Any feeling of "in love-ness" I get towards that person I must and can stop.
  6. Yes, love can only really end if one(or both) change, which cause the other person to longer like that person, or of-course one of them was in love with something about the person that was going to change anyway(E.g.:looks), but that's not real love. Love normally shouldn't really end. Love is controllable since it starts out slowly. If you let yourself just fall in "love" with a random person you see, that's really your own fault.
  7. My opinion is that you mustn't per se seek love. I put my trust in God, and I'm sure He'll find someone for me when the time is right. But maybe I'll never get married too. That's a possibility, but I would like to get married.
  8. So, I noticed this on the app store: Unlike the Tamagotchi Life app, it is available in Belgium(and the rest of Europe I presume). It however is not free.
  9. So "my" server provider is having problems. The link I posted won't work, and I'm not sure when it will.

    1. Stefan Bauwens

      Stefan Bauwens

      You could retry the link in the morning. It SHOULD be fixed then.

    2. TamaMum


      If it is a personal link please don't re-post it anywhere on TamaTalk except in your signature message - as per our site rules? Thank you.

    3. dazzilitchigirl


      It's working for me now, and I read it.

  10. Many people think that Christianity and Evolution go together. "Sadly" not everything is best of both worlds:

  11. Been waiting the whole week for Wednesday, because it's my friends free day and we can talk together. Sadly she's not feeling too well. ;'(