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  1. So occasionally my tama seems to be receiving an envelope containing some sort of card with a cake on it. My tama takes it and the words "happy" jump up and down on either side of her. What is it? I get it every few hours.
  2. Thank you! I figured out that the reason I couldn't access it was because it hadn't opened yet, lol! It was like 9 am or something hehe.
  3. So I've started my Tamagotchi P's up again after being on a hiatus, and trying to find the school/daycare option for my teen. The problem is, the option is greyed out in the menu! How do I access it again?
  4. Thanks! I've decided to buy a Tamagotchi P's!
  5. Hello everybody! I was quite obsessed with Tamagotchis when they became popular in my school (I was 6 or 7 years old). My first one was a v.4, and I later got a v.5 but found it VERY high-maintenance. Yesterday I found them lying in my drawer and felt really nostalgic, and decided I should buy a new one, with colors. My question now is, which one should I buy? I thought the 4U was a good choice since it was relatively cheap on Amazon, but after reading some reviews it turns out it gets boring after a while if you don't have a device with NFC, and that the Touch Cards are expensive as well. The iD was supposedly not as fun either since there aren't many characters, but the iD L was an improvement. From reading a bit more, I found out the P's was superior, but it costs A LOT, is it worth it? Also, is the m!x any good? There are many choices, but I'd like one with cute characters that is fun to play. Should I buy the iD, iD L, 4U, P's or M!X?
  6. thanx but the thing is, im just borrowing this from my friend and i wanna help her!!!! Hopefully ill get to borrow it again!?
  7. Ok thanx, but how long do ya think im gonna have to wait?
  8. Everytime I try to login at there comes a sign which says Sorry your connection to the server is lost. Please try logging in again ! What should I do?