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  1. I Just bought a yellow I'd L off ebay!! I got a great to deal. After I ordered it I looked to see where it's shipping from, turns out it's coming from a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean... lol Oh I hope that doesn't mean another long shipping time.
  2. Well I'm waiting for 5 pierces from Australia..I think it was. It's been a month an a half..has anyone from the us ever waited that long for something frome australia? I'm also getting a anipalz hamster and penguin, and the jellyfish, tropical fish and Dolphin aquapalz. Also I'm waiting for a tamago, v6, Kurt figure, v3, and entama. *Hope they come soon..I don't like waiting, and looking in an empty mailbox week after week. Lol
  3. Lol you've got to tell us what tamagotchi perfume smells like
  4. Wow is that all the characters you can get on the tama friends?

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Those are all the adults, yes. There are 24. Music Star and Tama-Go only had 20 adults.

  5. And this is when my ninya guy baught a ticket to the resort.. lol here he was playing in a waterfall, I wish id gotten more pics. The tama-go has some of the coolest animations ive seen in any tamagotchi..thats including the color tamagotchis. Theres was alot of work put into this tama, i dont get why most people think its boring..owell
  6. I took some pictures of my tama-gos activities today, here we go: This is when i baught the travel ticket from makikos shop for tour of the USA: He had to fly to our world to get to the USA, lol. I guess this is our world from the sky, lol. And heres the places he saw, basically all our main government building in the USA. The white house?.. ..and ill continue in the next post in case i run out of pic space.
  7. Ya maybe ill try that, thanks. I let yall know if I got it working again..
  8. So heres the bad care ninja i got on my tama-go, lol. Its ok ill try harder next time, i think the same glitch that gave me the extra money, aged my tama so i couldnt train him. My baby character was like almost 2 when i started this generation. N e ways, lastly i wanted to show yall this adorable pic of a real puppy in a teacup! Have a great day yall (p.s.) i do not own the picture of the dog)
  9. So today im not logging, im just going to talk about the pets im going to be expecting in the mail in the next week or so. :# Im excited and ashamed at the same time..because I love vpets but this hobby has a life of its own. Lol im feeling like a tamahotchi hoarder again! Oh no :') So n e ways, let me tell yall whats on the way.. ive got an entama, tama-go, v3, music star, and kuromametchi figure on the way from a trade I did. A used green tamagotchi-p from ebay for a steal, and last but not least a penguin and hamster anipalz, and a dolphin, jellyfish and tropical fish aquapalz coming from the uk. Shipping from the uk was pricey..but I got the pets for a great deal. Im sure ill b on here posting pics real soon, yay.
  10. Random question, what do you think of the aquapalz?
  11. What does everyone mean by figures for the tamagotchi friends? What am i missing?
  12. Ive got a love/hate relationship with this tamagotchi collecting... lol. its always on my mind.

  13. Woops i left out the pic of the generation of my tamago