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  1. Yum yum Ramen noodles~! ^u^

  2. It depends on my mood... But usually I'm a night owl!
  3. Green with a tint of brown and grey. :3
  4. For unknown reasons I just HATE it when people think Italian is Spanish or Spanish is Italian.
  5. We have a real one, which we bought from some guy who sold trees. And we put up some tinsel ,baubles and stuff. :3
  6. Tomorrow's 2013 :o Happy new year everybody!

  7. Gave mah crush a Christmas present. :3

  8. Profile picture changed. MISSION COMPLETED.

  9. Mametchi's birthday today. Who wants omelette?

    1. tamatown123


      Me - Also some Mame Blocks. xD

  10. Out comes Owl City. *Inserts Justin Bieber*