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  1. i was wondering should i quit tamatown, youtube, fantage, tamatalk, facebook, tamablog, and tamazone? tamatown status - there has been some drama lately happening with my friends Sarah, and Emma who both have tamatown and there constantly say tht they hate there selves and quiting tamatown is a good thing i just need your opinion plz!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???? btw there is more FR's on tamatown like FR4238, FR4237 those r fake not me and like FR3264 NOT ME if u see them tell them to * removed - site rules * FACES thank you for taking your time to answer my questions !!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. this is me on tamatown click on it to really see it! I have a lot of fun on tamatown and if you have a tamatown account plz show me a pic of ur room and profile! sooo we can have fun together XDD and awards if u have them!
  3. tht seal is soooo cute where do u get it and tht perfume bottle tht sprays out perfume
  4. i remember when i was happy on tamatown :(

    1. xmichellex


      :( i remember myself happy on tamatown too. i miss le0920 and ts9523. :(
    2. Purimatchi!


      Not me? XD I miss TS9523 Too.

    3. xmichellex


      lol miss u too.

  5. umm I'm stuck on 5th unlimited silver again is there an easier way to get to 4th gold ither than playing in competitons and getting it from games or using the music star generator that doesn't work anymore?
  6. I can't link it or but I did screen shot it still does not work
  7. like when u look in the results it says 1st 2nd and 3rd all the way to 10 then it has the special on it then ur place
  8. No I'm talking about the reward of the special prize one u know, the one with the colorful crown on it whatever the rainbow one I CAN'T POST THE PHOTO IT WON'T LET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How do u get the special prize on tamatown from the competiton?