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  1. I have some new ones to write down. Immature man-babies who, for whatever reason, feel the need to draw a penis on everything they see. When a band changes its lead singer(s), there's always this crop of whiners who feel the need to come on to every tweet, Facebook post, YouTube video and album review that the band puts up so they can write things like, "It's not Nightwish without Tarja/Anette," or "Tristania without Vibeke/Østen/Morten is dead," or "Flyleaf without Lacey is like a bird without wings". OMG, STFU!!! This one isn't current, but at the secondary school that I used to attend in England, everyone pushed. I hated queuing up for things, because people would always push, and cut in the line. There was no such thing as personal space. I kept on coming late to class because I was too polite to do it back. When I started at college in Norway, it felt so weird when people would stop to let me pass, and wouldn't push me out of the way so they could get to class. Rage-quitters on online games. It's the reason why whenever I set up a death-match on Ratchet & Clank 3 online, I always set a timer so if all my opponents quit on the rare occasion that I'm actually winning, I can still win. I hated it so much when I'd be doing a 1-on-1 death-match, and the other person would quit when I was a few kills away from the frag limit, meaning that I couldn't win because there was now no one left to fight against. People who compare The Hunger Games to Twilight. People who compare Harry Potter to Lord of The Rings. Seriously, they are not that similar!!!! People who force their religion on other people. People who force their lack of religion on other people. People in the UK who STILL blame the UK's failure in Eurovision on political voting. The reason the UK keeps failing is because in the years since the juries were reintroduced, they've sent has-beens and nobodies with generic pop songs. I think one thing that would change it for the UK is if they sent a CURRENT world-famous performer. The UK has plenty of those. One Direction or Adele. And don't write a song specifically for the contest. Just take an upcoming single from an upcoming album, and push the release date to the time of the contest.
  2. Oooh are you from Norway? What's it like? c: (I'm very far away ; - ; )

  3. My first favourite Tamagotchi character ever is Mimitchi. My first Tamagotchi character ever was Tarakotchi.
  4. :D I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS!!! :D I only started playing it last year, and it's already one of my biggest obsessions.
  5. I voted "Other/ Combination". I live in Norway, although I was born in the UK. I have no intention of ever moving back to the UK. I'm going to be staying in Norway forever! And because of that, I'll be speaking Norwegian to any kids I have. I can already speak Norwegian pretty well. But I'll be sure to teach English to them as well. It would help them do well at school.
  6. I've converted to back to a regular TamaTalker! :D

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      welcome back :]

  7. People who wear a cross when they're not Christian. :angry: My Mum STILL moaning about me liking Tamagotchis. My little brother Gabriel constantly singing "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO. :angry: My older brother James giving me obnoxious and sarcastic answers to questions I ask and making me feel dumb.
  8. You are not the only one. I love that song too! It's Number 2 on the singles chart here in Norway right now. And that's it's 14th week on the charts.

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  10. And now it's back to V4.

  11. WOOHOO!! :D Those look totally awesome!! Nice job, graficks! ^___^
  12. And now I'm using a V2...

  13. Yeah, that is definitely true. Quite a few awesome websites seem to be going out of date in their information because they are being abandoned. It's such a shame. :( Even BanDai doesn't seem that fussed about them anymore.