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    I love memetchi.I refuse to have anything to do with anyone who loathes memetchi.Joking,but I wouldn't be too keen.

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    V5.The skill!
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    None at the moment.Oh well.

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    Hmm.A good tamagotchi name!

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  1. My life is a waste of time.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more

      don't feel like that! we all have our purpose in life, sometimes it just takes a bit of time to find it.

    3. Tamagotchi V6

      Tamagotchi V6

      Don't say that! You are important,as is everyone on earth.

    4. Ribonitchi


      you can't say that we all live for a purpose and thats y were alive to find that purpose if there is a god he chose us for a reason so there is no waste nothing in the world is a waste because everything means something

  2. Can someone link me to tBay?

  3. Im bored.Tamagotchi is ready to be shipped.;)

  4. Gosh Darn It...It's been 6 days yet my Tama hasn't arrived...I hope he is there when I get home...If not...AIIEEEE

  5. Good,but how would it be released soon if no ideas are allowed?
  6. That's not the case.When I press mine,it turns blue,but it's a legit tamagotchi,and proven.
  7. Memetchi Fan


    ...OK? Could you try Vlogging on it or something?...
  8. Hi guys.Annoying people have theived a memetchi charm and Tamagotchi my BFF had in her bag as a surprise for me.Right,once I find them...

    1. rbarnett


      HAHA no kidding. I'd probably skin them alive if I caught them.

    2. zacksims123


      that sucks. im sorry

  9. I.Have.A.Tamagotchi in the mail.Pfftt....All my friends think I'm wierd because I hate tamas ¬.¬ You just see ugly boys "tamagottti! thery stoopid".Ah,at least my BFF understands.:P

  10. Keeps. Drops a Sheikitchi (sp) on the person below me.
  11. Anybody else really happy? I woke up 6:00 and fell back asleep,not wanting to get up.I emerged from my covers later,checking Tamatalk.I realised that I had not checked eBay,While grimacing,as I was pretty sure that I had lost.Won,saving money.Dancing now. Anybody else like this,dancing when they win? XD
  12. No,but I believe you get it from "Jump to the Music." Btw,what's your high score? Mine's 1182.