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    Tamagotchis! Pokemon! Cats!

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    Tamagotchi P's with the Royal Change pierce and I have preordered the Funghi pierce
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    Tamagotchi iD l English
    Tamagotchi iD l Princess Spacy version
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    Tamagotchi P's
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    Gozarutchi, shimashimatchi, sebiretchi, pekopekotchi
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    Tamagotchi iD l English version

    A pokemon pierce...Why not?

    This would make me so happy... That is all I have to say

    How easily can the gems come off the P's?

    well they don't come off too easily... although I've never tried... but they haven't fallen off of mine on their own so i would assume that they used a type of adhesive to keep them on there... I bet if you tried you could get them off with some effort

    Pocket designer help

    Oh my god! Thanks soooo much I really appreciate it!!!

    Pocket designer help

    So I got my pocket designer and so far it's been hard to figure out because I can't read Japanese... So far I can make things and transfer them to my p's and I have figured out the sound settings and brightness and so on. But I can't figure out the Mira cle shop game thing... Is there a way to know what the characters want without reading japanese? Also if I sell more will I get better designs and items? Thanks!

    Where to Buy Tamagotchi's ?

    I would say ebay is your best bet, they have just about every version and you can often times find fairly good deals! Amazon has a few tamas with prices ranging from standard to too much so I wouldn't highly recommend it although they are a very trustworthy site. Next if you're looking for Japanese websites try cd Japan or hobby link Japan or ami ami they often have good deals but also have limited stocks and go out of stock often... Now as people have said most store don't carry tamas if any did it would be a flea market of sorts or like a second hand shop.

    What's your mental age?

    I got 31

    Tamagotchi P's. Another new tamagotchi in Japan?

    How much does the pocket designer cost in usd? And is there a place where I can preorder it?

    Tamagotchi P's. Another new tamagotchi in Japan?

    When does the pocket designer come out? Also I can't wait to see the Disney pierce and he anniversary pierce!!

    Best Tamagotchi Character!

    Boys: Gozarutchi Kuromametchi Shimashimatchi Girls: Sebiretchi Pekopekotchi Violetchi

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friend Codes & Town Visits

    Pm if you want to trade friend codes... Don't want to put it up here for everyone :3

    My lil' Tama Nest

    So I've decided to log every other day from now on... So there will be less posts I'm sorry and pics will come and go per the usual! Anywho let's start with Cleo... So as my previous post showed she became an adult, amiamitchi, and I really like her sprite but when she's enlarged her hair looks a bit creepy... Anywho she's awesome and poppin and yeah... Well tomorrow she will have a child and leave me but life will go on! She has two of her four happy puzzle pieces so far from the crown and the sewing machine, I'll keep you updated on my p's next time. Now for Callie, she's now five years old, I don't know how old they are when the match maker comes... We'll just wait and see... But the pokemans are doing pretty good they are ranked 10th overall in jazz music so that's good! All her stats are now at 999 yayy that's normally where they are before they have pro debute at least all the times I've raised a v6 so I was a little slow in doing that :/ but I guess we'll see you next time! Byyyyeee!

    My lil' Tama Nest

    So.... here are some pictures!!!! lets start cleo and the P's, her pictures are of just her and a slight outfit change... take a look... ^Original ^Changed Next lets see Callie on my v6.... here she is... something else i liked about the connections and such was that there were different color schemes and patterns so that you and your friends could have the same version but completely different looking tamas... Now the Pokemans... and there they are they are currently ranked 33rd(on the tama it says 33th xD) Anyways thanks for reading stay tuned for more and have a good day/afternoon/night! Byyyyeee!

    My lil' Tama Nest