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    Tamagotchis and singing!

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    v4 and v4.5
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    Makiko! She's so cute!
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    A v2 called Rose
    A v2 called Mango
    A v3 called Troy
    A v3 called Cali
    A v4 called Dylan
    A v4.5 called Kim
  1. because Smicalissa Goldsworthy despises spitting and thinks it is a disgusting thing to do. why do I love Smicalissa Goldsworthy so much?
  2. ^ i kinda like trains... > loves Smicalissa Goldsworthy and knows who she is even if everyone else doesn't v owns: a. A hamster b. A pink blanket c. A poster of Smicalissa Goldsworthy
  3. cause I don't have it why is smicalissa goldsworthy so talented
  4. ^ nope > is amazingly happy because something amazing just happened (sorry but i can't say what...) v knows who smicalissa goldsworthy is???
  5. ^ depends on the type of pie > has a v4.5 tamagotchi v has at least 5 tamas running?
  6. You're banned for owning more Tamas than me!!
  7. Because Music Stars rule the world. (But not as much as v4.5s) Why do I always feel like I have a hamster sitting on my shoulder?
  8. My v4.5 Tamagotchi just arrived! YAY!

    1. ZuZu


      :) awesome.
    2. Kierra


      I called her Kim! She's a Kuribotchi


  9. Because mippy is wearing a pink tutu. Why is Memetchi orange? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  10. You're banned because you have violetchi in your name
  11. You're banned for banning someone.
  12. i thought germany was real you dumbsicle? I wish people weren't so weird
  13. ^ Is weird > actually looks like Memetchi v is ALSO weird
  14. 38. Lie in the middle of the supermarket floor. 39. Crawl around and tell everyone you're a hamster. 40. Bring all your friends and dress up in crazy costumes.
  15. Cali has turned into a Young Mametchi! I will upload a picture later :-)