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  1. Never mind, I was able to create an item. However I could not figure out how to make the green box around it transparent so it looked very bizarre on the system. If someone can point me in the right direction to fix that, it would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you SO much for clearing that up for me. While I am able to use downloaded items I am not sure how to create ones that are a specific tama's favorite. Do you know of one that has been made for her that I could download?
  3. It's been a while since I've been on here. Just recently unpaused my IDL. (I hope this is the appropriate category to post in..? I was confused between this and two others) Anyway, after connecting 30 times with my sister I evolved into a Giragiratchi and I cannot seem to find her favorite food for the happy symbol. It isn't the rice bowl / Ikura Don that everything lists... and from what I understand the happy symbols are obtained differently on the english version? I have received one for dressing her in the scrunchy, and playing with a turk rug.
  4. Tamagotchi Nano evolved into a Lovelitchi! :3

    1. TamaLey


      Yay...Finally. XD

  5. Can't wait for English ID L

    1. Zelly-Graywords


      Me either!!!! TYSVM!!! I love you!!!! <3

    2. Rainbowmetchi


      When are they to be released?? :o

    3. tamatown123


      They are already released. Check out the topic in Comments and Rumours :)

  6. I know that my friend actually did use glitter nailpolish. She paints directly on the back of official faceplates because she doesn't use them. She sent me one too... I should get a picture.
  7. I hope that this is the appropriate place for posting this, but my friend recently customized her new Tama-Go and it looks awesome. She doesn't have an account here, but gave me permission to post her creation as long as I credited her. So once again, this is not mine. You can find the original post over here at her tumblr: http://-ley-.tumblr....th-gold-glitter If you like it, please go on over and like it on her page, too. I know she'd appreciate it!
  8. My little guy unfortunately didn't make it further than age... 3? I think? I'd had him paused the majority of the time and the battery decided to give out. So I'm pretending he lived. I've successfully scared off two polar bear attacks (don't ask me how, I was pressing things like mad trying to get it to work xD) and twice the bear succeeded. But that mean old bear didn't take my little Droplet... from now on, I am only using batteries that I know are brand new. My mom gave me one of those little pill bottles full of batteries when I told her mine had died (she's where I got them last time) and half of the batteries were falling apart in pieces. yuck! None of them worked. I've decided that when I get the lil guy resurrected I shall name this new baby Drizzle. R.I.P Droplet. I miss you.
  9. Oh oh... my little Droplet is gone? :< Ah well... maybe this time I won't keep him paused almost 24-7... I bet that's what killed the battery. I was too paranoid to play it. xD That is pretty much the color it is.... I was disappointed because in all the pictures I'd seen, that model looked like water with ripples... if that makes sense? You're right, though, in the end it's not about how it looks. :3 Thank you for helping me figure out what was wrong.
  10. I LOVE that little knitted Tamagotchi in your avatar.

    1. purpurn


      Thank you! :3

  11. Thank you so much for the responses! I think it was that same problem: That's what mine looks like. Is it just the battery issue..? Changing them out won't wipe out the little guy, right? And also... looking at your Ocean, Purn... is mine discolored? I was so excited to be getting my favorite Ocean color but when I received it the color seemed off to me... and now I'm convinced it is.
  12. Just like my sister Zelly, I got my Nano too!
  13. I knew ahead of time that the Tamagotchi Ocean can die very, very easily and at random. However, following guides I found online, I was under the impression that he beeps at you before dying and that you see him in a submarine..? I glanced down at the screen and it's simply displaying japanese text. (I tried to translate the characters and it came up with "heaven and earth") I assume he's gone, but... I thought the death happened differently??? I don't think he beeped at all. Can anyone tell me what's going on so I know if I have to reset?