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  1. Can you imagine how disappointed Spacytchi was when he found out he wasn't going to be on the Spacy Mix with Himespetchi?

    1. Rorys_Tamas


      heartbroken utterly devastated his life is ruined forever

  2. do toys of Tamagotchi Friends still exist where i can get them at retail stores?

  3. Finally, after probably a decade, i give myself a profile picture!

  4. uhh so is Eternal Mametchi Fan still active?

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      You can PM her to find out, or just post on her profile feed.

    2. Meg&Dia


      16 days ago isn't too long, i think a lot of us go through phases of going in and out of tamagotchis/tamatalk. she'll be back soon enough i expect

  5. Someday i'll sub the tamagotchi anime myself when i get better at Japanese because nobody ever did. Although, most of the episodes for the first anime aren't around anymore :(

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      You might be able to find them on obscure anime websites if you dig hard enough. I just concluded the reason they weren't subbed was because they didn't interest the main audience who usually does fansubbing.

    2. bowchilala


      obscure anime fansites? like what?

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I meant generally anime websites that are not frequently mentioned and probably don't pop up in the early pages of search suggestions. I've found the not all anime websites have the same selection. Coincidentally yesterday, I found an old status linking to a website where Tamagotchi episodes were in their raw Japanese, but the website's down. Perhaps you might have to scour Japanese websites as it just occurred to me most will not post content that has no English aid.

  6. Tbh, i'm somewhat against the idea of bringing back a very old tamagotchi with LESS features since we haven't even gotten a color tama yet, but since it's doing so well, perhaps i'l wait and see if this can bring new money to the table for that sort of development...

  7. Does anybody know where i can find the original full episodes of the first anime? A lot of places only upload a few and i can't find any DVDs on sale

  8. Listen, nobody has subbed any of the tamagotchi anime's and this is a CRIME

  9. Oh wow, i haven't been to this place in years...

  10. I think the only downside of this gen is that there are so little gen 6 pokemon
  11. Sneaking up my mom's iPad.... AGAIN >:D

  12. i still have to wait until wednesday/thursday to get pokemon X here in indonesia, but it is SOOOOO hard to avoid spoilers D: surely some people feel the same....?
  13. DEAR GOD. i just had a dream last night with greninja without the tounge scarf! ehem....well i guess i understand JG. everybody has opinions (i try not to hate a single one lol ) oh btw,even if you dont use the kalos starters, i still suggest having a balance between types that are strong against water,grass and fire. who knows? oh and you can get the elemental monkeys early in the game
  14. pokemon x and y isnt at indonesia yet D:. if somebody knows where to get a gardevoir/zoroark/confagrigus mega stone (if any) please tell me!

  15. As much as i still love chespin despite the evolutions that everybody hate. I just wish it was dark brown instead of white though. But i still lile all three starters. Why are they getting so much hate?
  16. To box (my phone cant reply): Are you SURE thats real? I think it is fake. Why? Well, i have been seeng some leaks of x and y, and aerodactlyl (i think this is how its spelt?) was a mega pokemon. Aerodactyl was not in the list, so im assuming this list is fake. Altough, a mega confagigus and zoroark would be awsome! sombody please awnser this: if genesect EVER becomes a mega, just WHY didnt those five genesect in the 16th movie mega evolve?! D:
  17. Um.... I am too. Love the graphics, and the pokemon, mega evolutions... (sorry! ) Hopefully the storyline will be as good as the black and white series
  18. I am currently in tropical wilds and stuck in the seesaw blocks thing. I managed to find out how to get my yellow pikmin onto the mushroom bouncy thingy but they never land on the high block. Can sombody help as i dont want to take to long in this place! D:
  19. Ooh, the little tamatalk intro is moving!

  20. Ooh, the little tamatalk intro is moving!

  21. Its english names have been revealed. Chespin evolves into quiladin Fennekin evolves into braixen Froakie evolves into frogadier
  22. Hey guys... What do you think of frogaidier (is that how you spell it?),braixen and quilladin? I love quilladen the most. Its so cute, and think about it, its evolution stage is probably like bagon! (cute-shell-BADASS) I noticed braixen's tail lookes like a broom and it uses. The stick as a wand so im guessing its final form will be fire/fairy or fire/fairy.either way, i like the design quite a bit and i love how they are trying something new Didnt like frogadier at first because the shape of its mouth, (i know...) but after seeing the trailer, i started to like it!
  23. Ah.... Sorry that i was always talking pokemon lately... :(

  24. Who else loves quiladin? :D