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  1. Thanks guys! I'm glad to know its a normal thing and not a glitch on our tamas. I'm still very new to the whole IDL thing and since they were far from cheap I tend to freak out easily. xD
  2. So recently my sister and I both got english IDLs, we married our first gens together and have both just started our second (toddler stage) So today when our tamas wake up both hers and mine have the happy birthday banners. Neither of us is born in October, nor do we share the same birthday, so I am wondering if this is a common glitch that others have encountered, and if there is a way to fix it without resetting entirely. If resetting is the only way to fix it both of us are willing to allow our tamas to think we were born on Oct 25 because neither of us want to lose our progress so far. But I am curious if this has ever happened to anyone else.
  3. -Baby tamas require almost constant care, as it gets older the amount of care it needs should lesson. -I've heard varying things on this so I'm honestly not sure. -Unfortunately no, there isn't an option for inputting names on Tamago -The website was Tamatown, but it has been down for a long long time now. -I believe as they get older and their training gague goes up they do become potty trained. -Tamas can work when adults if you hook a gotchi figure of the same type to them. -Not real sure on cheats, but odds are there all some.
  4. I love my IDL E!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. TamaLey


      ME TOO....I just came here to post the same thing, but I already kinda did. XD

  5. That robot.... MUST FIND ONE! I collect robots and that one is adorable!
  6. why does downloading to IDL have to be so tricky. :P

  7. I already have the usb, it was ordered just after the IDL E was ordered so that isn't a worry. Thanks for the other links, will definitely see if I can get it to work once my tama wakes up.
  8. So I got the IDLE in the post today, and have the infrared usb to connect to it, but I am confused as to how to put files on it and what files I should be putting on it. I thought I had the right files from tamazone (I downloaded the english package for the english IDLS) But I am not sure what I should be doing next? Any help would be nice as I am not real programming savvy and a bit confused as to how to do all of this.
  9. Today in the post I got a Tamagotchi ID L in english! I can't describe how happy this made me.
  10. IDL E is here!!!!! *happy dances*

    1. lovelitchi_4950


      when i got my iD L E is was happy dancin' too! have fun!

    2. TamaLey


      It is hard to contain the excitement. :)

    3. kikasbombshell


      yay really happy for you!! :D

  11. Jhud - That is beautiful! I never even thought of using nail stickers... Of course I am so afraid I'll mess things up so I'll probably just stick to making face-plates for my Tama-go... Maybe sometime I'll decorate my first Angelgotchi since it has issues with its appearance already and decorating might actually improve it.
  12. Wish I had control over the mail. :P

    1. TamaLey


      I know..but I bet we are more then half way through the wait!

  13. Yes you are that friend. So no worries you'll be able to see yours glowing in the dark as soon as I get it shipped, I tried getting pictures of them but without a blacklight glow in the dark things don't photograph well. I plan on decorating my ID L some when it gets here, I've put some beads on my Nano but I'm not entirely happy with it. Once I get my ID L I'll do some major decorating on my tamas.
  14. So I decided in an attempt to get in the 'Halloween spirit' I'd decorate my Tamago. This is what I came up with... The eyes and mouth on the 'jack'o'lantern face' glow in the dark, not that I'll play it much in the dark but... *shrug* xD After I made this, my sister Hannah asked if I could make her a Halloween faceplate for her Tamago and so I made this: The moon and star glow in the dark on this one. Finding that I still wasn't out of ideas I made this one for a friend: On this one the jack'o'lantern faces and the moon are all glow in the dark, and I hope to get it shipped off to my friend soon.