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    I like tamagotchi (lol, obvious), dogs, gardening, cooking and baking, artsy stuff,fashion, and journals( weird, right? I can't stop buying them..).

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  1. Had to perform emergency tama operation on my angel. Not fun. A screw was stripped, but the batteries had corroded, so I had to rip the back off and replace it. Too bad.

  2. Polyvore, clothes, litas, fashion, food,puppies,diablo III,dragon age, elder scrolls,lots of other stuff.
  3. I love the angle! You can japanese ones for around 20-30$. I got for 25 including shipping. They're really a joy to run. Unique characters, not too needy, not to un-needy, cool features.
  4. Ehehe....Whoops..he died, I forgot about him for like 6 hours...I'll be hatching him again tonight, but this puts me out of this hatch.
  5. Okay! I remembered. So I hatched my morino at approximately 9:30 ish. I chose the white egg, so I could try some growth patterns. I am actually quite embarrassed to say that I haven't gotten this tama to an adult yet, but then again, I've only run it twice so far. 5 minutes later, and I had a little baby! Adorable! This is really the only thing I hate about the morino.... The screen saver comes up in like 9 seconds! Well, anyways~ I decided to name him Dewey. I love the morino babies! They're not like other tama babies, these are super easy to care for, like teen level, but stay until in baby form until they gain enough weight. Here's his diet at the moment: Leaves for now, but as they grow into different characters, and at different times of day, they have different food options. He got stepped on by the foot 2 times today, because I was busy kneading pasta dough....whoops. Here he is as a cripple. That's it for today, I will try to get emotion, eating and game pics tomorrow.
  6. I'll join with my morino and/ or my angel!
  7. I definitely agree! After playing vintages and older connections, newer versions just feel like a game, instead of a pet. Which I guess is why I tend to favor ancestors.
  8. Angel is my fave, then P2, then I just got my morino, so I can't tell from my first run yet, but it's definitely up there.
  9. Since I take online school, it can get pretty lonely. I didn't expect to have the small feeling of attachment that I have to them.
  10. "Swooping..is..bad"

    1. i<3froyo


      Apparently, I am the only one here who has played dragon age... o_o'

  11. Yay! My morino arrived 2 weeks early!

    1. Jazzijk


      congrats :D my 15th iD L arrived a week early, i know the feel <3

    2. rainbows.
    3. Orandatchi


      Lol my nano came 3 weeks late... ;u; **fail**

  12. I use a eyeglasses screwdriver. Sometimes, the screws take a little bit of work, but if when you bought it, it was previously used, the screws may be stripped. If you think this is the case, you COULD rip off the back and hold it with tape, OR you could take it to a watch repair service.
  13. Congratulations Graficks! I especially love the portal to the site!
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes Froyo!