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    Hmm.A tie between Nokotchi,Belltchi,Mametchi,Lovelitchi,Himespetchi,Hanatchi...I have so many,It would take all day to list them!
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    I have A Tamagotchi V6 (pink lullaby)
    and a Tama-Go running at the moment!

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  1. Terribly Sorry for any rude postings or Updates on my part. My Account has been breached,and the password guessed.It is fixed now,but anyways...XD

    1. ayan300


      Hackers are terrible. Welcome back!

  2. I'm leaving,the moderators/"Gides" here are so annoying,and are half the members,such as chasm,and booboo1,who pretends to be so clean,who swears because I made a bloody joke.This community IS a joke. Losers.

  3. March Break!

    1. </html>


      Ah,yes.Two weeks of nothing,FINALLY!

  4. Oh,wow! That's a bit much. The only thing I can think of is that somehow your Tamagotchi was lost in the crevices of the washing machine.If whoever you live with needs a change of dishwasher,then tell them to take it apart and search for the 'Tchi. No way,tamagal1,that V5.5 is mine! You will never own it! Only Joking.I hope you get that lovely Tamagotchi,and if you do,Good for you!
  5. May I query why you are sad? The chamametchi figure has a GIGANTIC TEDDY <3 Yeah...
  6. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/230770586203?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1426.l2649 Please put in a Bid of 1.50 USD if you can! I'll be sunk if you don't,as noone seems to like it! Cute Bruce plush,you guys HAVE to help me!!!
  7. Guys,I have a favor to ask.Please outbid me Bruce Neopets plush please put in 1.50 US dollars if you don't I'll be given a black mark if I win it

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    2. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      Why will you be given a black mark if you win it?

    3. Tamagotchi V6

      Tamagotchi V6

      I won't be able to pay!

    4. Owl


      Why did you bid on it in the first place, then...? o_O

  8. Well,If the poll showed,you should be able to vote.If not,I'll display it here... Well?
  9. As said,the batteries must be low. Open up the back of your ID,one is pictured here: I believe the ID takes triple A batteries,correct me if I'm wrong,which are the tall skinny ones, And...VOILA!
  10. Ok, With the information given,I only have one fix for this. 1.Locate your Tamagotchi.If it's a V3,it should look like this: 2.Flip your Tamagotchi over,and remove the back of it. 3.Make sure it has the correct battery in it.It should be a CR2032 battery,with 3 volts.Below is a Japanese example: 4.If all is currently in order,use a small screw driver with 4 lines coming out of the bottom,I believe a Philips Head screw driver,to remove the tiny screws that hold your Tama together. 5.Check that all is in order.You should then clean the contacts and surrounding with a tissue etc. and then screw the Tama back together. If the problem persists,I recommend that you either get a new V3,or find extremely cheap CR2032 3V batteries,lithum cell. I wish you well.
  11. Me and my husband do not want to leave yet.We love our daughter too much. I WANT TO CALL HER PASSION FRUIT OR CUPCAKE OR ICECREAM- BTW,this happened last night: IZ NOZ BATTRIES I HAD 2 GET NUU ONES LOLZ SHEELLLZ IZ LIEK DA SAME SHES AT HOME PAUSED LUL
  12. OMG,Kawaii! Yesterday I had a dream of you making a plush and showing TT.o.o What the cheese... Anyways,cooooowullllll!!!! <3 Xxx
  13. Sorry for immediate update,My PC won't let me edit...Anyways,THIS just happened.
  14. Hello and welcome to my Tamagotchi log! My previous one was an absolute fail http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/tongue.gif as I forgot all about it! If I forget this,someone slap/PM me.http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif Anyways,My Belltchi...Is a Shelltchi! Rhymes galore! I'm hoping to get Lovelitchi. My music star,A Kunoitchi,has married a Kuchipatchi and has had a baby girl! I named my Tamagotchi after my BFF. Shellie:Get me out of the cupboard! Oh shoot,I forgot to take her out... Shellie:HOP TO IT!!!! :@ Janey Mack,Shellie,wait. Shellie:HOW DARE YOU TELL ME TO WAIT? OUT OF ALL THE POSSIBLE CHEEK! I DEMAND THAT YOU FEED ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND ALSO GIVE ME A HA- There,now.Let Fathia speak. Hello! I am a Kunoitchi.I'm married to a Kuchpatchi! I have to leave this midnight,which will be really hard...Now,I'm going to ask TMGC V6 what she's going to name my sweet baby. I'm sorry to say I haven't named her yet.I simply haven't had time. Oh.I think that we need a name,fast!!! Darling,I want to call her muffin. No,Thank You.I think we need a proper,and sensible name for our daughter. But Darling,I- Oh,alright.We will name her an object of food.I am not sure about Muffin,but there are millions more types of food out the- CHERRY! PASSION! POPCO- Ok,Guys,we need to wrap this up...The log is getting a bit too long.
  15. Hello there! How are you all keeping? :)

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    2. Tamacake


      I need to get with the times...

    3. Tamagotchi V6

      Tamagotchi V6

      No,not many people know this phrase.You're perfectly fine.XD

    4. Tamagotchi V6

      Tamagotchi V6

      And by the way,That's great! :DDDDDDDDD