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  1. From my experience, the music star is just a bit buggy with that. After failing the first or 2nd attempts, I could never get that third judge to give me the OK, no matter what else I did. Did you max out your stats while your tama was still a teen, or did you do it after failing the debut as an adult? The only way I could ever get it to work was to gets my stats super high as a teen and also do a lot of band practice while still in the teen phase, basically working like crazy as a teen to ace the debut on the first try as an adult. It's been years since I've played the music star so I'm not entirely sure on the specifics, but I ran into that issue a lot too so I feel your pain
  2. I'd love to see a ura tamagotchi anime! I always felt the tamagotchi anime missed a lot of opportunities by not delving into the weird lore from before. A long time ago i was messing around and drew some ura versions of characters who don't have one (not sure if I have the art anymore though ) and I'd think it would be really cool to play around with concepts and whatnot for a uratama anime
  3. I know scalpers are a part of the problem as well, i heard that's why the eevee tamagotchi's prices are crazy nowadays I agree too, they made a start with the p1/p2/mini rereleases, I hope they can do the same with the connections next (or maybe the devilgotchi or yasashii?? the prices on those are WILD)
  4. Glad you were able to get the music star! it's definitely one of my favorite versions (so much harder and more complex than the other connection tamas in my opinion) but yeah the pricing of them is getting ridiculous i remember they would be sold at walmart for only $15 when they were still actually available in stores, crazy how much the price has risen now. Same with the eevee nano, it was only $25 or so at launch but now its in the hundreds..... im always gonna be mad about scalpers and price gouging
  5. oh yeah id completely forgotten about the tamagotchi on app LMAO, i really hope that w the pix it does get a big update like that! it would be so fun for it to become its own little social media kind of thing, maybe like miiverse or something?
  6. joined the tamagotchi reanimated collab! real excited :D 

    1. tamastar133


      Based. I would join too but i can't do animations, your style is so bouncy and cool, so i look forward to seeing your part~

    2. Klonoa13



      Oh believe me, his animation is fantastic and indeed bouncy, just take a look at this particular one he did that I commissioned him awhile back. B3

    3. tamastar133


      Yeahhh ive seen his art throughout the years, we follow each other on tumblr and twitter. Real cool animations, he uploads his animations on youtube as well.

  7. Not sure if a topic about this has been made before, but I've been looking into the nano versions and it's kind of interesting to me. Tamagotchi has done a lot of crossovers in the past, but the amount of crossovers with nanos now is kind of wild, as well as the things they're crossing over with. Like, eevee and sanrio are understandable, pacman is kind of strange but i can see why they'd do that, but the crossovers with popular anime like demon slayer kind of baffle me. I think it's interesting and I don't hate the idea, ive just always thought it was strange and out of place if that makes sense? It seems like the nano is becoming one of main tamagotchis now for a lack of a better word, there's a surprisingly large amount of tamas in the nano series and it makes me wonder for the future of the tamagotchi brand. I wonder if it's gonna branch off worldwide like how color tamas are now? I know the jordy nano is south korea exclusive, which is pretty interesting. How far are they gonna go with the nano brand considering how successful it seems to be doing right now? The only nano I've ever owned was one of the original versions from 2010... from an aesthetic standpoint I can see why it's appealing, though from a gameplay standpoint I don't get it. It's round and easy to hold, and the way the screen was kind of sunken in looked kinda cool to me. Though there really isn't much in terms of gameplay, which i understand since it's just supposed to be an accessory kind of tamagotchi. I heard of other newer nanos having more games and things to do, though i'm not sure since i haven't looked into other nanos too much yet. I'd love to try out the eevee nano, but the price of it is crazy... Tbh, i understand the appeal to an extent, but I don't understand why there are so many nano crossovers (no hate to them tho!). I was curious about what other people think of nanos in terms of what it means for the whole tamagotchi franchise. Is it good that there's so many nanos? is it bad? Will it mean anything for the future of color tamagotchis (like the pix maybe)?
  8. LMAO yeah i feel the same way. im really hoping the touch screen buttons are meant to improve functionality (i know the mix and the on had really bad button lag problems) but i honestly cant see it turning out well, it just feels like cool technology being there just bc its cool technology. The tama profy toy had a pretty bad touch screen, but then again it came out like 10 years ago so im sure bandai has improved since then, but im a little uncertain about it all honestly
  9. first tama i ever played was my brother's v4.5, but the first one i ever owned myself was a music star. honestly though looking back, a music star really isn't really a beginner-friendly tamagotchi. at the time, i had a lot of trouble with it and could almost never raise it past toddler stage LMAO
  10. yeah same here. i wont lie, the mixing thing was really unique and innovative and i had a LOT of fun playing my mix and on because of that. though it does get kind of old after a while. I hope this version either doesn't have that feature or has it programmed in a different way, i feel like ive seen every single part of each character and it barely feels like im mixing anything anymore. I'd like it if they had the same number of adult characters that the mix/meets/on had (wasnt it like around 30 adult characters to marry on the tama itself?) but they were all raiseable characters
  11. ok anyone know how to actually upload photos here? anytime i try now, my files are either too big, or the pics dont show up to anyone else. i swear i used to be able to post things easily years ago but now i dont know RIP 

    1. Penguin-keeper


      My understanding is that each user is allotted a certain amount of space for uploading pictures. This is because bandwidth costs our lovely Admin money, and pictures use more bandwidth than text. Aside from uploading your avatar and profile banner here, it's better to use an outside image-hosting service, accordingly.

      Myself, I use Imgur, which does not require an account, and which provides the necessary BBCode to copy and paste straight into your posts here. Other users may have other recommendations to give you. :)

    2. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      ahhh ok, that makes sense. yea thanks!

    3. DraconicDetective


      i tend to post things to a personal discord server with myself and then open the image as a link, then copy the image link and paste it 🙂